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 James Madison Hart

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James Madison Hart was born in Tennessee in 1852, and was in Briggs, Burnet County, Tx from about 1882-1917 for a total of 35 years except for  two years spent in Oklahoma from 1892-1894 during the land rush.  He had 600 acres in Oklahoma; however, he hated it, gave it away and came back to Briggs, Burnet County, Texas.  He lived in Briggs for the rest of his life.  He married  Emily Ethridge, who was born 19 Feb 1854 in Hardin County, Tennessee.  She died 17 July 1928 and is buried in Briggs next to her husband, in Mt. Moriah Cemetery.  See tombstone photo here.

James Madison Hart died in Jefferson County, Texas 19 April 1917 while visiting his daughter.  He went there to help her out with a family disagreement.  The husband, J. D. Stevens, shot him in the back hip, afterwhich the shock and loss of blood ended up killing him. His body was brought back to Burnet County, Texas where he is buried at Mt. Moriah, Briggs, Burnet County, Texas.  Newspaper clippings of shooting here.  More clippings on file at the Herman Brown Free Library in Burnet.

James and Emily's children:

1. Mary Francis (Fanny) HART was born Jan. 1877 in Lexington, Henderson, Tennessee, and died in Waco, McLennon County, Texas. She married Joe "J.D." STEVENS 6 Oct 1900 in Burnet, Burnet, Texas. He was born abt 1857. She later married UNKNOWN HEATH.

2. Eva Jeanette HART was born 4 Mar 1878 in Lexington, Henderson, Tennessee.  She married Moab Stephen Taylor, son of George Washington TAYLOR and Queen Victoria MANEUS. He was born 15 Jul 1875 in Tennessee, and died 16 Aug 1948 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas; buried on 18 Aug. at Mount Moriah Cemetery, Briggs, Tx.   Eva Hart Taylor died 28 Jan 1968 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.  She was buried on 30 Jan at Briggs, Mount Moriah Cemetery.  See Moab and Eva Taylor's tombstone photo here.

Children of Eva Jeanette HART and Moab Stephen TAYLOR are:

(1) Leola (Ola) TAYLOR was born 11 Oct 1898 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 26 Nov 1978 in Mahomet, Burnet, Texas. She married Ivan C. GREER. He was born 20 Feb 1899, and died 16 Jan 1979.
(2) Clyde Dayton TAYLOR was born 7 May 1900 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 1 Jan 1978 in Texas.  He married Sallie BAKER.
(3) Jimmie W. TAYLOR was born 19 Sept 1902 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 16 Jun 1912 in Briggs, Burnet Co., Texas buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery.
(4) Lela Van TAYLOR was born 27 Nov 1904 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 20 Apr 1971 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery. She married John T. BAKER.
(5) Velma (Toad) TAYLOR was born 12 Oct 1906 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 26 Mar 1962 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas at Mount Moriah Cemetery. She married Laudie W. STEWART.
(6) Sam A. TAYLOR was born 15 Oct 1910 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. He married Ruth TANKSLEY.
(7) Goldie TAYLOR was born 30 Apr 1913 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. She married Robert GLASS.
(8) Curtis M. TAYLOR was born 4 Apr 1916 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. He married Vi LIMMER.
(9) Roberta TAYLOR was born 6 Aug 1919 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. She married UNKNOWN FREYDENFELDT. She married Fred HASHEM.
(10) Weldon W. TAYLOR was born 8 Sept 1923 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. He married Edna Earl PERCY.

3. William Franklin HARTwas born 13 Nov 1880 in Lexington, Henderson County, Tennessee, and died 18 Apr 1961 in Johnson City, Blanco County, Texas.  He was buried at Mahomet Cemetery, Burnet, Texas.  [He married Gussie Viola Shell in 1900 in Burnet County.  Gussie Viola was the daughter of George W. Shell of Burnet.]   See Gussie Viola's obituary and the couple's tombstone photo here.

Children of William Franklin HART and Gussie Viola SHELL are:

(1) Victor Floyd HART was born 29 Apr 1902 in Briggs,  Texas, and died 7 Jul 1965 in Marble Falls, Texas buried at Mahomet Cemetery.   He married Rosa Ethel _____.  See tombstone photo here.
(2) Meda Gertrude HART was born 26 Nov 1903 in Briggs, Texas, and died 14 Nov 1920 in Melbourne (Jumbo), Izard, Arkansas buried on 16 Nov. in Comb's Cemetery. She married Ruford RUSH Mar 1920 in Melbourne (Jumbo), Izard, Arkansas.
(3) Lawrence Otis HART was born 29 Jun 1907 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 2 July 1945 in San Antonio Hosp. Bexar, Texas buried in Mahomet Cemetery, Burnet, Texas.
(4) William Claud HART was born 21 Jun 1910 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas, and died 23 Jan 1912 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas buried on 25 Jan at Mahomet Cemetery, Burnet, Texas.
(5) Leonard Earl HART was born 7 Jun 1914 in Briggs, Burnet, Texas. He married Jessie Lucille BELL 24 Dec 1940 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas.
(6) Cecil Fred HART was born 20 Jun 1916 in Briggs, Texas, and died 26 Jul 1936 in Liberty Hill Hosp in Williamson Co, Texas Buried at Mahomet Cemetery, Burnet, Tx.
(7) Raymond Jessie HART was born 7 Feb 1919 in Melbourne (Jumbo), Izard, Arkansas, and died Jun 1979 in Elizabeth, Arkansas, buried at Mahomet Cemetery, Burnet, Texas.
(8) Iona Pearl (Toni) HART was born 08 Apr 1924 in Mahomet, Burnet Co, Texas, and died 09 Feb 2002 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co, Texas.

4. James Alexander (Jim) HART was born 24 Feb 1883, in Texas, and died 24 Feb 1936 in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas.  James was in the Army during WWI in France.  He married first Inez HATCHER abt. 1922 in Jefferson Co, Texas. She died abt 1923. He married second Carria L. BEAN. She was born abt. 1896 in Texas.  Death Certificate on file in Burnet Library.

Child of James A. (Jim) HART and Carria L. BEAN is:

Marjoria HART was born 1929 in Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas.

5. Richard (Dick) Arthur HART was born 7 Feb 1886 in Briggs, Burnet County, Texas, and died Jun 1967 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. He married Stella M. WILKINSON.  Death Certificate on file in Burnet Library.

Children of Richard (Dick) Arthur HART and Stella M. WILKINSON are:

(1) Jack HART was born 1915 in Texas.
(2) Fred HART was born 1918 in Texas.
(3) George HART was born 1922 in Texas.
(4) Stella Fay Hart.

6. Lorenzo (Ramcie) HART was born Dec 1888.  He was in the Army during WWI in France.  He died in 1927 in Jefferson County.  Death Certificate on file in Burnet Library.

7. Fred Lee HART was born 6 Jan. 1892 in Dallas, Tarrant County, Texas, on the way to Oklahoma, (Land Rush). He was raised in Briggs, Texas, from age of 2 to about 25 years of age.  He started working with the oilfield and on June 5, 1917 (two months after his father died Apr 19, 1917) he was in Guffey (Spindletop),  Jefferson County, Texas, where he joined the Army.  He was a Private First Class in the Motor Transport Corp in France.  He died 9 Sept. 1962 in Aransas Pass, San Patricio Co., Texas.   Photo of Fred Lee Hart and wife, Ruby Cole.   

He married Ruby Gail COLE, daughter of Clarence Charles Leonard COLE and Rachel Caroline "Callie" SHELTON. She was born 10 Nov. 1895 in Yokum, Texas, and died 06 Oct. 1932 in Aransas Pass, San Patricio Co., Texas.   Photo of Fred and Ruby's tombstones.

Children of Fred Lee HART and Ruby Gail COLE are:

(1) Betty Jo HART was born 11 Nov. 1928 in Beaumont, Texas, and died 11 Feb. 1989 in Aransas Pass, Texas.
(2) Freddie Lee HART was born 20 Aug 1918 in Texas.
(3) Margaret Kathryn HART was born 24 Oct 1820 in Texas.
(4) Edna Flo HART was born 18 May 1923 in Spindletop, Texas, and died 29 Dec 1972 in Aransas Pass, Texas.
(5) William Shelton (Bill) HART was born 2 Feb 1925 in Texas. Photo of Bill Hart.
(6) Clara Frances HART was born 22 Feb 1927 in Texas, and died 14 Feb 1958.
Living HART.
(7) Lois HART was born 07 Jul 1931 in Texas, and died 30 Oct 1985. She married L. C. MCNORMAN. She married Jim PRATT.

8. Ida Beatrice HART was born 15 Aug 1895 in Briggs, Texas, and died in Beeville, Bee County, Texas.  She married Fred FOWLE.

Child of Ida Beatrice HART and Fred FOWLE is:

Elizabeth FOWLE.

9. Woodard (Woodie) McKinney HART was born 16 Mar 1899 in Briggs, and died Nov 1982 in Hitchcock, Galveston County, Texas. He married Carrie _______. Photo of Woodie and wife Carrie and brother Fred Lee Hart from late 1950s or early 1960s.

Child of Woodard (Woodie) McKinney HART and Carrie UNKNOWN is:

Joe "Sonny" HART was born 27 Dec 1918, and died 23 Oct 1996 in Galveston, Texas.

All the children were raised in Briggs, but around their 20s they went to Spindletop for the Oilfield Boom.  By the looks of it most of his children except William Franklin Hart and Eva Janetta Hart Taylor, went to Spindletop, Jefferson Co, Texas for the oilfield boom, hoping to get rich.

Census data:

1880 Census Walnut Grove, Gibson Co, TN

James M. Hart 28 Farmer Tn Tn Tn
Emily 23 Tn TN TN
Mary 4 Tn TN TN
Eva J. 2 Tn Tn Tn

1900 Census Burnet Co, Tx Pct 7 pg 284

James M Hart 48 Farmer Tn Tn TN
Eliz E. 43 Tn Tn Ar
Mary F. 23 Tn Tn Tn
William 18 Tn Tn Tn
James A. 17 Tx Tn Tn
Richard A 14 Tx tn Tn
Lorenza 12 Tx Tn tn
Fred L 8 Tx Tn Tn
Beatrice 4 Tx Tn Tn
Woodard 1 Tx Tn Tn

1910 Census Burnet Co, TEXAS

Jas. M. Hart 58 Tn NC Tn....notice now it says NC
Emily 53 Tn Ga Ga..........notice now it says GA
Richard 24 Tx
Ramzie 21 Tx
Freddie 18 Tx
Ida 14 Tx
Woodie 11 Tx

1920 Census, Jefferson County Texas

Emily Hart - Widow is living with her daughter in Jefferson Co, Tx.  Daughter's name is now Ida Fowle.  



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