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Descendants of James Carmichael Hill and Sarah Ann McFarland

Source: Vertical File, Herman Brown Free Library, submitted by Carolyn Smith, July 1992.

Transcribed for the Burnet Genealogy Web Page by Mary Nell Hodnett, Aug 2000.

Sarah Ann McFarland; 12 Nov 1833 (32?) MO; 28 Mar 1917 TX; 
married 20 July 1849 James Carmichael Hill; 21 May 1827 Tenn; 3 March 1906 TX
1. Mary Jane Hill; 17 Aug 1850 - 24 March 1868; Buried Mt Zion, Burnet, Texas
2. Robert William (Bill) Hill; 27 Nov 1852 -- 28 Mar 191[Not Legible]; married 14 Sept 1871 Eldora Newlin
	2a. Pleasant Alonzo Hill m. Mag Watkins
		1. Isaac Hill -- Killed during WWI, Buried France
	2b. Katie Hill m.Cess Gibbs
		1. (Twin) Ralph Gibbs; m. Jennie Wallace
		2. (Twin) Rufus Gibbs
	2c. Annabelle Hill m. Andy Cromeans
		2c1. Catherine Cromeans m. James Foster
			2c1a. David Foster-- Died in Germany; Buried Mt. Zion
			2c1b. James Malcolm Foster; m. Martha Day
				2c1b1. David Ryan Foster
				2c1b2. Cathy Leeann Foster
			2c1c. John Allen Foster
	2d. Mary Hill; married Edward Cook
	2e. Ollie Hill; m. John Brooks
		2e1. Mary Brooks; m. Robert Clark
			2e1a. Died as an infant
			2e1b. Judy Bob Clark; m. _____ Syliski
		2e2. Armour Brooks; m. Milam Barnett (no children)
		2e3. Johnnie Mae Brooks; m. Charles Wheeler
			2e3a. John Wheeler; m. Linda Baladez
				2e3a1. John Joseph Wheeler
				2e3a2. Travis Wheeler
	2f. Charley Hill; 3-7-1877/1-12-47; m. 4-12-1903 Ada Powell; 6-20-1882 - 1961
		2f1. Clara Mabel Hill; 10 Jan 1904; m. 17 Aug 1929 Murray (Jiggs) Rodgers; 12 May 1895
			2f1a. Murray Hill Rodgers; 19 Oct 1930
				2f1a1. Steve Rodgers; 22 Jan '53
				2f1a2. Beth Rodgers; 25 Nov '56
				2f1a3. Beverly Rodgers; 7 Feb '60
				2f1a4. Jeff Rodgers; 30 Dec '61
			2f1b. Athlene Rodgers; 30 Oct 1932; m. 25 May 1955 James Blaine
				2f1b1. Jamie Sue Blaine; 3 Sept '56; m. Steve Haril
				2f1b2. Nancy Claire Blaine; 5 Aug '58
			2f1c.  Charles Phillip Rodgers; 29 Aug 1934
				2f1c1. Phillip Wayne Rodgers
				2f1c2. Tammy Rodgers
		2f2. Charles Alfred (Hoss) Hill; 29 July 1909; m. June 1929 Cleo Emma Smith; d. 11 Jan '46
			2f2a. Charles Joe Hill; 23 March '37
		    Charles Alfred (Hoss) Hill; m. (2) Sylvia _____
			2f2b. Linda Gail Hill; 18 Sept '53; married Hen[Not Legible] _____
3. Louisa L. Hill; 4 Apr 1855 -- 8 Aug 1935; m. 7 Sept 1870 Tom Newlin
4. Priscilla Catherine Hill; 9 Nov 1856 - ______ 1940; m. 3 Sept 1879 John Roundtree [*See Note Below]
5. Susan A. Hill; 14 Apr 1857 -- 9 Feb 1939; m. 6 Sept 1882 John McClish [*See Note Below]
	5a. Cena McClish; m. _____ Brazel -  Had 4 children
	5b. Claude Everett McClish
	5c. Sue Lee McClish
	5d. John McClish Jr. - Had 2 children who died
6. Margret E. (Mag) Hill; 8 March 1861 -- 17 May 1936; m. 19 Oct 1882 Will Kincheloe
7. Sarah Arbelle Hill; 10 May 1863 -- 19 Jan 1904; m. 22 Dec 1880 Herman Nagiller -- Had 2 girls and 1 boy
8. Fannie Hill; 9 Oct 1865 -- 23 Sept 1869; buried Mt. Zion, Burnet Co., TX
9. Melcenia (Cenia) Hill; 8 Feb 1868; m.15 Dec 1887 _____ Nagiller
	9a. Nora Nagiller; m. Charlie Craddock -- No Children
	9b. George Nagiller -- 4 Children
	9c. Norlin Nagiller (?)
	9d. Forest Nagiller			
	9e. Lowell Nagiller
10. James (Jim) Jackson Hill; 22 Feb 1870 -- 17 Dec 1903; m. 29 July 1887 Lois Collins; 28 Oct 171 -- 4 Dec 1967
	10a. Fannie Hill; 18 Feb 1889 -- 1 Jan 1891 -- Died Diptheria
	10b. Pleasant Owen (P.O.) Hill; 4 Jan 1892 -- 6 May 1946; m. and had a daughter; divorced; m. (2nd) Minnie Inman, no children
	10c. Alvin E. Hill; 1 March 1893 -- 28 Sept 1918; m. Farrell Powers; died during flu/measles epidemic while in the army
	10d. Aaron Hill; 11 May 1895 -- 1948; m. Evelyn _____
		10d1. Charlotte Hill; m. Martin Benesche, Robert Libauer
			10d1a. Robin, 1 daughter, Jamie Erin
			10d1b. Jamie; died as a child
			10d1c. Allison
				10d1c1. Jacob; 2-1-'90
				10d1c2. Joshua; 7-'92
		10d2. James Irvin Hill; m. Joan _____
	10e. Lola Hill; 24 Mar 1897 -- 24 June 1907; died of peritonitis
	10f. James Hubert Hill; 31 Aug 1899 -- Mar 1965
	10g. Sallie Armour Hill; 4 June 1902; m. 25 Jun 1925 Benjamin Franklin Reed; 1 Sept 1901 -- 3 Feb 1965
		10g1. James Dormen Reed; 10 Aug 1925; m. 16 Oct 1943 Frances Melvina Snow; 11 Oct 1924
			10g1a. Carolyn Ann Reed; 2-2-'44; m. 10 Aug 1962 Billy Dee Smith
				10g1a1. Ricky Duane Smith 1 July '64
				10g1a2. Sarah Jean Smith; 29 Nov '66
			10g1b. Lynda Kay Reed; 21 Oct '48
			10g1c. Ronald Franklin (Ronny) Reed; 11 Sept '51; m. 20 Aug '71 Cathy Nadine Wilkes
				10g1c1. Connie Nadine Reed; 9 July '72
				10g1c2. Frances Dequita Reed; 15 Dec '77
				10g1c3. James August Reed; 8 Aug '85
11. Pleasant Isaac Hill; 3 Apr 1872 -- 22 Aug __; m.9 Feb 1893 Annie Harris
	11a. Carrie Hill
	11b. Walter Hill
	11c. Daughter -- died as an infant
	11d. Melvin Hill
	11e. Marvin Hill
	11f. Ethel Hill
	11g. Prentiss Hill
	11h. Cora Lee Hill
	11i. Raymond Hill
12. Mary Annie Hill; 27 Aug 1874 -- 22 Feb 1940; m. 2 Mar 1894 Cal Watkins -- No Children
13. Carrie Louvenia (Lou) Hill; 15 Dec 1877 -- 14 June 1950; m. 6 Feb 1895 Al Wommack
	13a. Hattie Adelle Wommack; m. Alexander Price Warden, Jr.
		13a1. Iona Adelle Warden; m. Leonard Carl Steinfeldt
			a. Mark Leonard Steinfeldt
		13a2. Anna Lou Warden
		13a3. Ima Elizabeth Warden
	13b. Rose Anna Wommack; m. Odis Decatur Hibler
		13b1. Thomas Decatur Hibler; m. Jane Hamblin
			13b1a. Thomas Decatur Hibler, Jr.
			13b1b. Charlotte Jennifer Hibler
			13b1c. Raymond Hamblin Hibler
		13b2. Alfred Odell Hibler; m. Marion Elizabeth Shelton
			13b2a. Mary Dell Hibler
			13b2b. Alice Rose Hibler
			13b2c. Alfred Odell Hibler II
	13c. Maggie Ora Wommack; m. Clyde C. Levingston
		13c1. Sallie Lou Levingston; m. William Edwin Stipp
			13c1a. Ima Louie Stipp; m. Charles David Fridge
			13c1b. Belinda Rue Stipp
			13c1c. William Edwin Stipp, Jr.
			13c1d. Dorwin Clyde Stipp
		13c2. John Faye Levingston; m. Annetta Sue Stipp
			13c2a. John F. Levingston
			13c2b. Monica Ann Levingston
			13c2c. Alfred Ray Levingston
		13c3. Wilma Maye Levingston; m. James Earl Peery
			13c3a. Katherine D. Peery
			13c3b. Kirby Lee Peery
			13c3c. Wayne Earl Peery
			13c3d. Jerry Owen Peery
	13d. Columbus Paul Wommack; m. Lena Frances Roach
		13d1. James Vaughan Wommack; m. Mary Nell Harrison
			13d1a. James Nelson Wommack
			13d1b. Teresa Ann Wommack
		13d2. Allen Paul Wommack
	13e. Ruby Estelle Wommack; m. Homer Felix Hibler
		13e1. Homer Kenneth Hibler; m. Shirley J. Dickerson
			13e1a. Steven Craig Hibler
			13e1b. Cheryl Lynn Hibler
		13e2. Carol Yvonne; m. Gilbert Gus Wiederhold
	13f. Lula Mae Wommack; married Vernon Lewis Watson
		13f1. Alton Lewis Watson; m. Shirley Hune
			13f1a. Dean Alan Watson
			13f1b. Gary Wayne Watson
		13f2. Troy Vaughan Watson; m. Jeannette Patrick -- Had 2 boys and 1 girl
		13f3. Wilton Leland Watson-- Had 2 girls and 1 boy
		13f4. Vernon Gene Watson
	13g. Joseph C. Wommack; married Eva C. Spencer
		13g1. Alpha Jo Wommack; m. Herman Roese, Jr.
			13g1a. Vickie Elaine Roese
			13g1b. Randy Thomas Roese
			13g1c. David Craig Roese
		13g2. Robert Dale Wommack; m. Maurine Vineyard
			13g2a. Robert Dale Wommack, Jr.
			13g2b. Dee Ann Wommack
			13g2c. Patsy Darlene Wommack
			13g2d. Vickie Lynn Marsh Wommack
			13g2e. Thomas Charles Brown Wommack
	13h. Alfred Hill Wommack; m. Irene Watson
		13h1. Billie Jean Wommack; m. Frank Posey
			13h1a. Debra Jean Posey
				13h1a1. Gregory
				13h1a2. Spencer
			13h1b. Brenda Kay Posey; m. Robert Ricketson
				13h1b1. Sean Robert Ricketson
				13h1b2. Broderick Ricketson
		13h2. Susie Anna Wommack; m. Clinton Ringstaff
			13h2a. Chris Lee Ringstaff
			13h2b. William Scott Ringstaff
			13h2c. Stacy DeWayne Ringstaff
			13h2d. B. Ringstaff
		13h3. Michael Frank Wommack
			13h3a. Jeffrey Lynn Wommack-- adopted by Mother's second husband
			13h3b. Michael Gregory Wommack-- adopted by Mother's second husband
			13h3c. Boy Wommack
	13i. Clyde Calvin Wommack; m. Mary _____
		13i1. Preston Dale Wommack; m. Peggy Jo _____
			13i1a. Gregory Dale Wommack
			13i1b. Libby Christine Wommack
		13i2. Shirley Ann Wommack; m. Hugh Dean
			13i2 a. Kevin Lynn Dean
		13i3. Glenda Fern Wommack; m. Paul Prince
		13i4. Danny Calvin Wommack
*NOTE:  Priscilla Catherine's birth is listed as 9 Nov 1856 and her sister's, Susan A., is listed as 14 April, 1857.  
The birth year for one of these must be wrong.

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