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Robert Henry Lamb, Jr.
Aurellia "Ella" Sherman Hardin

Source:  Paul Kerr, <kerr_paul (at)>, Feb. 2006


Note from Paul Kerr:

The little girl is Violet Webb Hardin (identified as Viola W. Hardin in the 1900 Burnet County census).  Robert Henry Lamb Jr. is seated.  His new bride is Aurellia "Ella" Sherman Hardin Lamb.  Her father, Reverend James Morgan Sherman, D. D. (Doctor of Divinity), Methodist-Episcopal Church, presided over the ceremony in Burnet.  The date was about 1901. 
Violet Webb Hardin is my grandmother.  She died in Burnet in a house fire in about 1967/68 - the obituary was in the Burnet Bulletin.  Her married name was Violet Webb Dennis - she preferred to be called Webb.  Webb's father was Bud Hardin.  Bud's full name is believed to have been William Selby Hardin, but no one really knows anymore.  He died sometime between 1898 and 1900 and no one knows where he was buried either. 
Bud Hardin married Ella Sherman in Franklin, Texas in 1896.  Ella was just 14.  They lived on a ranch in Williamson County for a time afterwards and that is where Webb was born.  Family lore has it that Bud Hardin joined the Rough Riders under an assumed name, went to Cuba with Teddy Roosevelt, was shot, returned to Texas to convalesce in Marlin, Falls County, I think - hot springs there.  He lingered for a year, then died and became a family mystery and enigma.  The Rough Rider story has never been validated.  All documents and photos (save one) relating to the Hardins went up in flames when Webb died. 
According to family lore, Ella Sherman Hardin, was courted by Robert Henry Lamb and another man whose name has been lost with time.  Webb liked "Mr. Bob" best so Ella married him and they lived happily ever after.
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