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Descendants of

Gideon Paloris Lyda and
Jennie C. Hartson
Abigail Jane Bible

Source: Vertical File, Herman Brown Free Library, date and author unknown. Transcribed by Mary Nell Hodnett


GIDEON PALORIS LYDA was the first Lyda to purchase land and live in Burnet County. He was a well known horse breeder. He was born 3 September 1851 in Macon County, Missouri, and died in Burnet County, Texas 1 June 1904. Paloris had lost a hand in a reaper accident in his youth in Nebraska. He also lived in Silver City, New Mexico, and was engaged in the mining and cattle business. On 24 April 1884 he married JENNIE C. HARTSON in Silver City, and they moved to Forest Gorve, Oregon in 1887. Due to his wife's health they moved to Burnet County, and in November 1888 they purchased land from her family, the Hartsons. Jennie died 3 September 1889.
The children of Gideon Paloris Lyda and Jennie C. Hartson were:
1. STELLA PARENTHIA LYDA, b. 21 January 1885, Grant County, New Mexico, married Edward Johnson Milam, died 20 July 1952, Johnson City, Texas. Their children were:
1-1 William Clyde Milam, born 2 July 1910, Burnet County, married Bessie Marie West, b. 22 April 1911, Palo Pinto County, Texas.
1-2 Bartley Burris Milam, b. 1 July 1914, Burnet County, married Beatrice A. Weir, b. 18 June 1922.
2. GIDEON PALORIS LYDA, Jr., b. 13 March 1888, Washington Co., Oregon, d. 21 February 1950, Georgetown, Williamson Co., Texas.
He m. (1) "Kate" Katrina Kinser, b. 1 August 1889.
The children of Gideon Paloris Lyda, Jr., and Kate Kinser were:
2-1 Bessie Norton LYDA, b. 25 October 1908, m. Martin Lewis Hoover, b. 13 Sept. 1905.
2-2 Curtis LYDA, b. 1909, d. 197_, single
2-3 Hazel Belle LYDA, b. 22 November 1911, m. Clark Collin Cardwell, b. 24 April 1906.
2-4 Chester LYDA, b. 1913, d. July 1957, Burnet County, m. Christella LaBerg.
Gideon Paloris Lyda, Jr., m. (2) Minnie Magdalene White, b. 16 October 1898. Their three children were:
2-5 Gideon Paloris Lyda III
2-6 Leta Ernestine Lyda
2-7 Doyle Edman Lyda
On 29 October 1890 GIDEON PALORIS LYDA m. (2) ABIGAIL JANE BIBLE, daughter of Samuel Bible (see Samuel Bible genealogy), who was b. 31 December 1871 in Cocke County, Tennessee, and died 25 May 1959, Burnet County. Photo of Gideon Paloris Lyda and Abigail Jane Bible
The children of Gideon Paloris Lyda and Abigail Jane Bible were:
3. WILLIAM ANGUS LYDA, b. 4 August 1891, Burnet County, m Leona Whitman.
The children of William Angus Lyda and Leona Whitman were:
3-1 Grace Aileen LYDA, b. 26 October 1914, d. 23 January 1961, Marble Falls, m. Leslie Elbert Farmer, b. 20 June 1914.
3-2 Whitman Angus "Joe" LYDA, b. 13 November 1915, m Dixie Miller, b. 1 November 1915.
3-3 Eldon Leon LYDA, b. 13 July 1917, m. Thelma Lucille Anderson b. 5 November 1920.
4. CLYDE ELDON LYDA, b. 16 April 1893, Burnet County, m. MONNA MAY HEINATZ, b. 24 August 1892, Williamson County, Texas. She was the daughter of WILLIAM F. HEINATZ, b. Bagdad, Williamson Co., Texas, 9 March 1892, d. Bagdad, Williamson Co., Texas, 24 July 1948 and LELA AUGUSTA KINSER, b. 14 March 1872, Marble Falls, Burnet Co., Texas, d. Bagdad, Williamson Co., Texas, 30 August 1944. WILLIAM F. HEINATZ was the son of John Frederick Heinatz and Emelie Krohn.
Lela Augusta Kinser was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Kinser and Mary Ann Henderson. See Andrew Jackson Kinser Genealogy.
The children of Clyde Eldon Lyda and Monna May Heinatz were:
4-1 Lela Jane LYDA, b. 4 March 1923, Burnet County, m. Foch Alton Marshall, b. 14 May 1918.
4-2 Margaret Katherin LYDA, b. 9 July 1924, Burnet County, m. Ralph E. Byrd, b. 6 June 1919.
4-3 Clyde Andrew LYDA, b. 5 March 1933, Burnet County, m. Ramona Estelle Lewis, b. 16 February 1936, Burnet County. See genealogy of Calvin Austin Hall and Henry Thomas Lewis.
5. GEORGE NIMROD LYDA, b. 2 January 1895, Burnet County, d. 1976, m. (1) Juanita Clark, b. 22 August 1897. She d. 16 September 1933. Their children were:
5-1 George NIMROD LYDA, Jr., b. 13 January 1918, m. Myrtle Pauline Griffin, b. 22 June 1924.
5-2 Don Morris LYDA, b. 11 November 1920, m. Mary Click Smith, b. 1 July 1919.
5-3 Gerald D. LYDA, b. 12 January, 1923, m. Ronda Jean Green, b. 17 May 1924.
5-4 John Carl LYDA, b. 11 May 1925, m. Martha C. Bausch, b. 13 September 1928.
5-5 Warren Gideon LYDA, b. 26 June 1919, m. Joyce Marie Fry, b. 23 December 1929.
5-6 James Murray LYDA, b. 2 September 1931, m. Bobbie Hammons, b. 30 June 1933.
5-7 Nita Ruth LYDA, b. 28 June 1933, m. Horace Kenneth Proffitt, b. 11 March 1927.
George Nimrod Lyda m. (2) Dessie (Meadon) Runnels, b. 21 September 1922.
6. HUGH GILBERT LYDA, b. 6 February 1897, Burnet County, d. 29 April, Gorman, Eastland County, Texas, m. Lola Kinser, b. 12 August 1899, Burnet County. They had one son,
6-1 JOHN HUGH LYDA, b. 12 February 1918.
7. CARL BERTRAND LYDA, b. 4 June 1900, Burnet County, m. Ethel Lucile Clendenin, b. 6 December 1906, Knox County, Texas, on 12 May 1912.
The children of Carl Bertrand Lyda and Ethel Lucile Clendenin were:
7-1 Carl Bertrand LYDA, Jr., b. 31 May 1933, Travis County,
       m. 9 June 1962, Margaret
Lee Duck LYDA, b. 2 May 1936, Denton County, Texas.
7-2 Thomas Benton LYDA, b. 2 December 1939, Travis County, Texas.
The parents of GIDEON PALORIS LYDA were WILLIAM MADISON LYDA, b. 18 May 1826, White County, Tennessee, d. 21 January 1907, Washington County Oregon, who m Martha Jane Daugherty, b. 13 April 1828, who also d. in Washington County, Oregon, 9 May 1907. She was the daughter of Joseph Daugherty and Elizabeth Lee.
WILLIAM MADISON LYDA was the son of GIDEON LYDA, b. 2 June 1798, Buncombe County, N.C., d. 4 January 1870, Atlanta, Macon County, Missouri, who m. 22 February 1822, White County, Tennessee, Mirandi DeFreese, daughter of George DeFreese, b. 10 January 1806, N.C. or Tennessee, and d. 11 may 1873, Atlanta, Macon County, Missouri.
The parents of GIDEON LYDA were ANDREW LYDA (LEIDY), b. 1735-1750, Washington County, Virginia/Pennsylvania, d. Buncombe County, N.C. and Mary (?) Davis, who d. after 1814.
The grandfather of ANDREW LYDA was probably JACOB LEIDY, the emigrant, who arrived in America 2 October 1727 from the German Palatinate.


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