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Marble Falls College
History of

Source: The Highlander, Thursday July 26, 1962, 75th Anniversary Edition
Transcribed by Edna Cheatham, <ecrobinhood @ yahoo . com>, October 2009

Marble Falls College, Built in 1890, Served Educational Needs

      The early educational needs of Marble Falls were met by the Marble Falls College, built in 1890 at a cost of about $15,000. This building today serves as the junior high school.

      After 1900 the name of the school was changed to Marble Falls Academy. Here is what the college’s seventh annual catalogue, issued in 1894, has to say about the building and site:

      “The handsome two-story building, 77x85 feet, is probably the only solid granite building in the State. It is constructed of material from the same quarry as that used on the exterior of the new State Capitol of Texas. It was erected in 1890 at a cost of about $15,000. It has in connection a two-and-a-half story frame building, well finished and furnished for a boarding hall.
      “These buildings are situated in a beautiful elm grove one mile from the central portion of the town.

      “The rainfall on the college roof is conveyed into a large cistern, affording the school an abundance of pure water.

      “The buildings are near the center of a 10-acre campus, level, shaded and covered with granite sand, so that mud, even in rainy weather, is unknown.
      “All these features secure the comfort and contentment and hence the application and advancement of the pupils.
      “During the past few months the upper story of the college building has been finished in elegant style, thereby giving us three other handsome recitation rooms. The grounds have recently been enclosed with a neat and substantial fence, by which the appearance of the property has been much improved, so that Marble Falls can challenge any town in West Texas to show a more beautiful school property than that of her college.”

Bruce is Principal

      In 1894, W. H. Bruce, PhD., became principal of the college. There were 10 grades and a junior collegiate course. The board of trustees was composed of W. E. Ford, G. E. Green, and H. T. Ellison.

      The teaching staff that year included Bruce, R. W. Bruce, Mrs. Emma Haygood, Miss Leonora Burns, Miss Stella Hallford, and Miss Maggie ForbesMiss Nilla Phinney and Miss Minta Brown were in charge of the music department and Miss Mollie McDonald was art instructor.

      That year there were 174 boys and 178 girls enrolled. There was no football, school buses or parties during week days. Few holidays were observed.

      In those days hogs and livestock ran at large in town and saloons were wide open on main street. Michel’s store and opera house, one of Marble Falls’ landmarks, was destroyed by fire in 1927.

      The college’s catalogue lists these shipments from Marble Falls for the 12 months period ending June 1, 1894:

      Hogs, 31 cars, 2900 head
      Horses and cattle, 33 cars
      Cedar wood and posts, 144 cars
      Pecans, 6 cars
      Miscellaneous freight, 40 cars
      Wool, 58,804 pounds
      Cotton, 1,210 bales

      A statement from C. C. Pearson, agent for Austin and Northwestern Railroad, stated that in the same period there was shipped from Marble Falls station 4,600 cars of granite.

      There are many familiar names in the 1894 enrollment in Marble Falls College and their listing by The Highlander will recall many poignant memories to its readers:

Allen, George
Male and Female Students were listed separately in 1894


Allen, George
Allen, James
Andrews, George
Askew, William


Alston, Amanda
Alston, Anna Lee
Andrews, Hattie
Andrews, Dollie
Andrews, Bertha
Andrews, Lottie
Askew, Maggie
Askew, Pearle
Aten, Ettie

Ball, Wesley
Badger, Stillman
Ball,, Foy
Ball, James
Ball, Ellis
Barnett, Harvey
Bates, Willie
Bell, Wesley
Bible, Willie
Bible, John
Birmingham, Joe
Birmingham, George
Bishop, Ellis
Black, Oscar
Blessing, Wiley
Boltinghouse, Willie
Branham, Peyton
Broline, Eric
Bridges, Don
Brooks, Albert
Brooks, Henry
Brown, Henry
Brown, Arthur
Bruce, Ralph
Bruce Byron
Burris, Sedlie E.


Badger, Maggie
Ball, Ila
Banta, Lula
Bell, Birdie
Bingham, Currie
Bingham, Lula
Bingham, Mabel
Bishop, Little
Blessing, May
Blew, Etta
Bowdain, Annie
Bowdain, Lizzie
Branham, Dora
Branham, Flora
Bridges, mattie
Britt, Minnie
Britt, Jodie
Broline, Angla
Brooks, Edna
Bruce, Maud
Burris, Johnnie
Burris, Willie
Bussay, Ervie


Chalk, Charles
Chalk, Arthur
Chapman, Jay
Clark, Frank
Clark, Ben
Clark, Willie
Colbath, Henry
Cotton, James
Cotton, Clevie
Courtner, Gaines
Cox, Crawford
Crisp, Edward
Crisp, Wayne

Cehand, Minnie
Chalk, Ella
Chalk, Nannie
Chapman, Mabel
Chapman, Kittie
Clark, Oscie
Cline, Ollie
Corruth, Nora
Corker, Lillie
Corker, Janet
Cotton, Mollie
Courtner, Cora
Courtner, Effie
Crisp, Emma


Daugherty, Winfred
Dawson, Ira
Dawson, Mack
Dolan, Willie
Dunlap, Thomas
Dunlap, Edward
Draper, Stewart
Draper Edgar


Daniels, Mabel
Davis, Mary
Daugherty, Georgia
Dawson, Alice
Dolan, Callie
Dolan, Oscie
Draper, Sallie
Draper, Ethel
Dunlap, Bessie
Dunn, Edna
Dunn, carrie
Durbin, Lucy

Edoes, Meedith
Edwoods, Robert


Edoes, Rosa
Evans, Virginia

Faubion, Herbort
Faubion, Edwin
Faubion, Carl John
Faubion, Oscar
Fitzpatrick, Eddie
Fluitt, Eddie
Forbes, Don
Forbes, Joe
Ford, Willie P.
Friedsam, Leopold
Friedsam, Isaac


Fields, Mary
Fields, Suzie
Fitzpatrick, Nannie
Flanagan, Nina
Flanagan, Ada
Ford, Effie
Ford, Emma
Ford, Mattie
Fox, Maud


Gooch, Frank
Graham, Anthony
Green, Guy
Grizzard, Virgil
Grizzard, John
Grizzard, Willie
Gurley, Ralph


Gibson, Zillie
Graham, Lillie
Graham, Alice
Green, Lonnie
Green, Lula
Gunn, Lizzie
Gurley, Flossie

Hammond, Am
Hammond, Forrest
Hammond, Dock
Hammond, Oliver
Haynie, Albert
Hicks, Henry R.
Houston, Clyde
Houston, Harrie
Houston, Kirk
Hubbard, Claud
Hubbard, Roy


Harden, Dell
Harden, Rena
Hicks, Lizzie
Hubbard, Grace

Inks, Nellie


Janner, Willie
Johnson, T
Johnson, Alfred
Jones, Herbert

Kinser, John
Kirk, Edward


Janner, Belle
Jay, Carrie
Kenady, Allie
Kirk, Emma
Kuhnel, Ottie
Kuhnel, Jennie


Lacy, John H.
Lacy, Christian
Lacy, Norton
Lacy, John F.
Lacy, Virgil
Lacy, Rufus
LaForge, James
Locke, Columbus
Longley, Robert
Loose, Charlie
Lowe, Bertie
Luckie, Mack


Lacy, Nora
Lacy, Nettie
Lacy, Lillian
La Forge, Geneva
Latham, Rinna
Lindsey, Florence
Lowe, Lena

Mar, David
Marshall, Alonzo
Maynard Earle
McFarlane, Samuel
McKamey, John
McKamey, Tunnell
Milam, Kenny
Miller, Moses
Miller, Willie
Mills, Willie
Mills, Richie
Morrow, Joseph
Morrow, Guy
Moursund, Anton N.
Murcheson, Clyde
Murphy, John
Murphy, Ben


Marks, Ella
Maxey, Mattie
Maxey, Minnie
Maxey, Margaret
Maxey, Fannie
Maynard, Blanche
McClish, Viola
McClish, Maud
McFarlane, Mackie
McKamey, Myrtle
McKamey, Ivy
McKee, Lena
Miller, May
Miller, Bessie
Mills, Mary
Moore, Lora
Moore, Ethel
Morrow, Georgia
Murphy, Hannah
Murphy, Polly

Nanney, Edgar
Nelson, Nelson

Orle, Edward
Ogle, Noah

Perry, Willie
Perry, Mack
Pharr, Callahan
Phillips, Lee
Phillips, Leslie
Phillips,, Howard
Phinney, Charles D.
Phinney, Alex


Nanney, Dovie
Nanney, Vicie

Ottinger, Lucy

Perry, Ella
Peters, Kate
Peters, Maggie
Peters, Sophie
Peters, Mattie
Peters, Charlie
Peters, Jennie
Peters, Susie
Phelan, Attie
Philipe, Claudie
Phillips, Myrtle
Phinney, Annie
Phinney, Beulah
Price, Myrtle


Randalls, Hiram
Roper, Edgar
Roper, James
Roper, Arthur
Roper, Leslie
Russell, James


Randalls, Nora
Richards, Fay
Richards, Hattie
Richards, Ina
Robinson, Ora
Roper, Allie
Roper, Myrtle
Roper, Liska
Roper, Ada
Russell, Annie

Salters, Carl
Saunders, Samuel
Saunders, Lindsey
Saunders, Oscar
Savage, John
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Ben
Shelley, Pleas
Shuugart, Thomas
Simmons, james
Simpson, D.
Simpson, Staunton
Skaggs, George
Skaggs, Calvin
Smith, Titus
Smith, Ernest
Sparlin, Willie
Spitler, Martin
Spitler, Marion
Steen, Walter E.


Salters, Beulah
Saunders, Sallie
Saunders, Polly
Saunders, Virgie
Saunders, Nora
Schultze, Irma
Scott, Carrie
Scott, Cora
Scott, Quinnie
Shelley, Mabel
Shelley, Ethel
Shelley, Fannie
Shugart, Lillie
Simpson, Daisie
Simpson, Katie
Skaggs, Clemmie
Skaggs, Myra
Smith, Mary
Sparlin, Kate
Sparlin, Edna
Spitler, Rena

Taylor, George
Taylor, John
Thompson, Howard
Thompson, D.
Thurman, Fred
Thurman, Willie
Tuley, Powell

Ussery, Arthur

Waldrop, James
Whiteaker, W. R.
Wimberly, Virgil
Worrell, James
Worrell, Guy

Yancy, Edward


Taylor, Hattie
Thompson, Ada
Thompson, Minnie
Thurman, Ada
Tucker, Carrie
Tuley, Grace
Turner, Nella
Ussery, Ada
Van Pelt, Rena
Walker, Jimmie
Whitefield, Bertie
Williams, Emma
Wimberly, Cora
Wimberly, Maud
Wood, Bessie
Worrell, Bertha
Yancy, Lucy

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