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Descendants of

James McGuire

Source: Audavee Fonseca, <>, Sept. 2000, and

Burnet County History, Vol II, by Darrell Debo, for some of the data about McGuire spouses

Taken from notes from Julia McGuire Smith, given to Elsie Palen Cook.

1. James MCGUIRE died in the Battle of Blue Licks; was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. His wife's name is unknown, but later married a Fulton and died at Beattyville. A monument of James Mcguire and son Jesse stands in the Blue Lick Park, Paris, Kentucky.

Children of James McGuire:

1.1 William MCGUIRE & Elizabeth ABBOTT

Children of William McGuire and Elizabeth Abbott:

1.1.1 John MCGUIRE

1.1.2 Polly MCGUIRE & ? KINCAID

1.1.3 William MCGUIRE

1.1.4 Cornelius MCGUIRE - killed by Indians

1.1.5 Elizabeth MCGUIRE

1.1.6 Archibald MCGUIRE

1.1.7 James MCGUIRE (22 Mar 1798-12 Jan 1857) & Sarah WILCOXEN (14 Feb 1804-9 Mar 1886)

Children of James McGuire and Sarah Wilcoxen: Altemus MCGUIRE (12 July 1826-24 Dec 1903, buried in Strickling Cemetery) & Margaret CAMPBELL (28 Nov 1826-30 Jan 1907, buried in Strickling Cemetery)

Obituary for Altemus McGuire
Obituary for Margaret Campbell McGuire

NOTES: In the year 1861, Altemus McGuire and wife Margaret, and their family left the state of Iowa and travelled by wagon, together with thirty or forty other families, to the state of California. In this group was A.G. Oliver and his family of 3 children, Leon (born 29 Sept 1857), John, and Alma. Fate decreed that these 2 families would share many experiences and a lasting and enduring friendship throughout their lifetime. It was in the fall of 1862 that these weary pioneers reached the "Golden West"--each family shifting for themselves to engage in whatever line of work they were best adapted. The McGuires settled at Petaluma, California and the Olivers at Sebastapool, California.

Possessing an adventuresome spirit and hearing of great opportunities in the big state of Texas, the McGuires and Oliver families left California in 1876. They settled on neighboring ranches in Burnet County, Texas. Both the McGuire and Oliver ranches were known for their early hospitality.

Read the transcribed diary of A.G. Oliver, describing his trip from California to Texas in 1876.

Children of Altemus McGuire and Margaret Campbell: William Campbell MCGUIRE (20 Jan 1844-) & Sarah RAINES

NOTES: After a number of years in Texas, William carried out his promise to his wife that they would return to California to make their home. They returned to Santa Rosa, California, near Petaluma, and lived there until their deaths. They are now buried at Petaluma.

All the daughters attended the city schools of Burnet, Texas. May, Ella and Pearl eventually returned to California where they married. But Myrtle, the youngest, married in Texas and remained in Texas for the duration of her life.

Children of William Campbell McGuire and Sarah Raines: May MCGUIRE Ella MCGUIRE Pearl MCGUIRE (Photo of Pearl McGuire) Myrtle MCGUIRE & John Randolph BRANDON

Children of Myrtle McGuire and John Randolph Brandon: George William BRANDON & Vernadene LOE

Children of George Brandon and Vernadene Loe: John Randolph BRANDON June BRANDON & ? RUETHER Ila Francis BRANDON & Fred ALLEN

Child of Ila Brandon and Fred Allen: Joe ALLEN & Billie CARRELL

Child of Joe Allen and Billie Carrell: Sally Joe ALLEN Johnnie BRANDON & S.D. JERNIGAN Eliza MCGUIRE & ? BARBER

Children of Eliza McGuire and ? Barber: Annie BARBER Maggie BARBER Effie BARBER Ada BARBER Kate BARBER Mary Matilda MCGUIRE (9 April 1848-1 Oct 1927) & Dr. Marcus Anderson FEILD (31 May 1826-14 May 1924)

Child of Mary McGuire and Dr. Marcus Anderson Feild: Homer FEILD (31 Dec 1881-25 Dec 1945) & Stella JOHNSON Sarah MCGUIRE & ? EARHEART

Child of Sarah McGuire and ?Earheart: Kathleen EARHEART Martha Isabella MCGUIRE (died young of diptheria, buried on Petaluma Ranch) Louis Napolean MCGUIRE (died young of diptheria, buried on Petaluma Ranch) Laura MCGUIRE & Charles H. PALEN (-27 Jan 1891)

Children of Laura McGuire and Charles Palen: Altemus PALEN (1877-) William PALEN (1879-) Helen PALEN & ? PHILLIPS

Children of Helen Palen and ?Phillips: Emma PHILLIPS Grace PHILLIPS Charles Herbert PALEN (1886-) Elsie PALEN & Benjamin Joshua COOK

Children of Elsie Palen and Benjamin Cook: Charlsie COOK & Milton V. PETERSON

Child of Charlsie Cook and Milton Peterson: Pat PETERSON Alta Josephine COOK & Elbie Leonard RATHBURN

Children of Alta Cook and Elbie Rathburn: Elba Jo RATHBURN & Burton Lee WILSON

Children of Elba Rathburn and Burton Wilson: Burton Lee WILSON, Jr. Harrold Lynn WILSON David WILSON Brandon WILSON Eleanor Audarice RATHBURN & Paul Bradford BURNS

Child of Eleanor Rathburn and Paul Burns: Philisha Lynzella BURNS Eleanor Audarice RATHBURN* & Jerrold Alfred YOUNG

Child of Eleanor Rathburn and Jerrold Young: Joshua O'Daniel YOUNG Elsie Lizette RATHBURN & Paul SCHENDEL

Children of Elsie Rathburn and Paul Schendel: Ryan SCHENDEL Russ SCHENDEL Julia MCGUIRE (16 Jan 1860-8 Dec 1924, buried in Strickling Cemetery) & R.H. SMITH (-27 Aug 1915) Hattie MCGUIRE & Andy FEILD (6 Dec 1856-28 Aug 1929)

Obituary of Hattie (McGuire) Feild

Children of Hattie McGuire and Andy Feild: Albert FEILD (9 Feb 1880-25 Nov 1936) & Maud OAKLEY Kate FEILD (6 Mar 1882-4 Feb 1931) & J.P. FIELD Harry FEILD (15 Jun 1886-24 Aug 1970) & Cora Martha JONES Ira FEILD (14 Sept 1891-7 Jan 1968) & Blanche Eloise EVERETT Georgie MCGUIRE & ? GOODRICH

Children of Georgie McGuire and ?Goodrich: Hazel GOODRICH Clair GOODRICH & ? WEISBART Alda GOODRICH Wade MCGUIRE & Mittie FISKE

Children of Wade McGuire and Mittie Fiske: William Raymond MCGUIRE & Lois ?? JoAnn MCGUIRE William Raymond MCGUIRE, Jr. Francis MCGUIRE Gladys MCGUIRE Altemus MCGUIRE Lucinda MCGUIRE & ? HASLUND Preston Blaie MCGUIRE Elizabeth MCGUIRE & ? PROSPER Irving Nolan MCGUIRE Eliza MCGUIRE & ? PILLINER Williams Crayton MCGUIRE Elinor MCGUIRE & ? MENIFEE

1.1.8 Cornelia MCGUIRE & ? FLANNIGAN

1.1.9 Tirzah MCGUIRE & ? SPEARS

1.1.10 Benjamin MCGUIRE

1.1.11 Jeptha MCGUIRE

1.2 Archibald MCGUIRE

1.3 James MCGUIRE & Demia MANN

1.3.1 Patsy MCGUIRE (-1889) & John AKERS

1.3.2 Felix MCGUIRE (-1860)

1.3.3 James MCGUIRE (-1892) & Evoline TRIMBLE

1.3.4 Peggy MCGUIRE (-1868) & David SNOWDEN

1.3.5 Priscilla MCGUIRE (-1878)

1.3.6 John MCGUIRE (-1892) & Elizabeth SMALLWOOD

1.3.7 Jane MCGUIRE (-189_) & John G. MCGUIRE

1.4 Cornelius MCGUIRE

1.5 Esther MCGUIRE & ? FINCHER

1.6 Priscilla MCGUIRE & ? BURROUGHS

1.7 Unknown MCGUIRE & ? HAMILTON

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