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Letters in Neeley File

Source: Vertical File, Herman Brown Free Library

Goldthwaite, Tex.

Dear Father and Mother and all 

How are you all. We are well and still able to eat 3 meals a day, but glad that we are still able to help others that are in need. I went to Zypher last night and help them all I could. I stood gaurd all night to protect the ruins of that little city to keep people from carrying off valubles that were scattered about all over the earth such as watches and other jewelry, clothes and beding of all kinds is scattered all over the path of the cyclone. Father you may have a faint idea of what it looks like, but I never dreamt of such devastation as there is there. It went right through the main resident part and sweept it all away.

Frank Ramsey of Austin was up there to see about his brother William who lived there. Will's wife and children were killed and he was injured very badly. I got there in time to help put 7 on the train and Will Ramsey was one of them. There was 34 killed and 37 injured and took to Temple.

June 1st. Well I will finish my letter this morning. I will send a sercular of the Zypher storm if I can find one. Well it is now 12 o'clock and still raining. It has rained all night. Just a good gentle rain and looks like it will rain all day.

I saw Sam Williams yesterday morning going up on the train. Just as I got off the down train and also seen Spradling, Andrew Stewart's soninlaw up at Zypher and come down with him as he was going home. There was 5 more buried yesterday from the efect of the storm and one sent back last night from Temple and one this morning.

Well I will close for this time. you all come up as soon as possible for I may go of to work out of town. Goodbye and love to all.


Mullen Tex,
June 1, 1909

Dear pariants, brother, sister.

Will answer your letter. Glad to here that you are all well this ___ us well and hope this will find you the same. the drouth is broken our first rain was last thirsday night thin on Saturday night agane then last night and still at it today. i guess you have heard of the cyclone at Zepher wiping out the resident part of the town. the kild where 29 wounded 69. i went up next morning and helped to dig twenty two 22 graves it was ofal to look at. Willie Ramsey wife and boy where both kild in the storm. to familys where all kild some 15 are 16 yead of horses where kild and a number of cattle hogs dogs cats and chickens. We heard the storm got up to go to the storm house but seen it was not coming here last night was ofal on them for we had a hard rain and a stormy night. the people are responding to there aide in miny ways. i have writing the news i no of so come up and see us. We will come down be fore long but don't no just when, so you nead not be suprised to drive in most any time.

Write soon,
Yours truly, H.B. Neely

Houston Tex June 19, 1927

Dear Bro and sister

We are well and hope this will find you the same. how are crops this year I hope good. Work is a little slow here now. I am loosing some time but look for it to get better soon. I got a card from California stating that Olga Jennings had a fine girl at her home so now Carra Boykin is a gramma now. I guess they are all well. Hope you will excuse my negligent in writing. Well as its time to go to church I guess I had better close hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain as ever, yours, Albert

Burnet County TXGenWeb
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