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22 Nov 2002


SAMUEL STEVENSON ALEXANDER family. Picture of Thurzy Alexander. Samuel and Thurzy Ross eloped in March 1826. They were married in Arkansas and had 11 children before moving to Texas. The family moved to Burnet County in the early 1850s and lived on Mesquite Creek in the northern part of the county. Samuel died in 1863; Thurzy died in 1889 at the age of 79.

29 Aug 2003


NEWTON ISAAC BAKER family. Picture of the Baker Family, with adult children Homer, Charlie, Otis, Bertha, Luther, Tommie, Sam, and Martin. Newton Baker was born in 1849 in Montgomery County Texas. He married Isabel Brown in 1870. Isabel died around 1881 and it was around this time that Newton came to Burnet County with the Andrew Jackson Frazier family. In 1883 he married Ardelia Glimp.

30 May 2003


PETER STEPHEN LEONIDUS "LEE" BODENHAMER family. Picture of Lee Bodenhamer and grandchildren. Picture of Dewitt Clinton and Emma Bodenhammer. Lee came to Burnet county in 1874 along with his wife Mary Elizabeth from Giles, Gennessee.

29 Nov 2002


THOMAS A. BURCH family. Picture of the family. Thomas was born in 1853. He married Emma Louisa Dennis in 1874. They arrived in Burnet County around 1875. Emma died in 1909. Thomas then married Peggy Burns.

8 Aug 2003


DAVID G. BURNET. Picture of county namesake and story of the beginnings of the settling of Burnet County.

07 Feb 2003


JAMES BURTON. Picture of James with his horse. Burton was born in 1901 and died in 1998. He lived in Spicewood. He grew up "cowboying" on the turner Ranch. Much history of the area is told in the article.

06 Dec 2002


GEORGE HENRY CHRISTIAN family. Picture of Josephine and Juliet Johnson Christian, and Ethel Johnson Guthrie. Juliet Johnson and George Christian were married in 1887.

22 Aug 2003


EMANUEL JEFFERSON CLEMENTS family. Picture of E. J. and Rachael and large family group. E. J. was born in 1840 in Tennessee; he served in the War Between the States, participating in the battles of Chickamauga and Shiloh. The family arrived in Burnet County in 1879, settling in the Oak Hill community.

05 April 2002


CROWNOVER CHAPEL. Picture of the Crownover Chapel. History of the chapel and families associated with it, Mrs. John Barton Harvey and Arter Crownover.

21 Feb 2003


NEWTON CULTON family. Picture of Newton Culton and wife Amanda Curry Culton and their eight children, who were all born at the family homestead in the Mt. Zion community. Newton was born in 1834 in Virginia. He came to Burnet County in 1873 along with the Reed, Curry, McMillan and Warden families.

13 Dec 2002


CHRISTIAN DORBANDT family. Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Dorbandt. Christian Dorbandt was born in Denmark in 1818. He married Annie Dunlavy around 1850. They came to Ft. Croghan about 1850 and established a home near the Fairland Community. They raised a large family of 14 children. Christian died in 1910 at the age of 92. Annie died a year later.

11 April 2003


OTTO EBELING HOME. Picture of home located at 601 Ave F in Marble Falls, built in 1891.

25 July 2003


HEWITT THOMAS ELLISON family. Picture of elderly Ida and Hewitt Thomas Ellison, with an unidentified young child between them. Hewitt was born in 1859 in Caldwell County, Texas. He married Ida Harris in 1882. They moved to Burnet county around 1890, and later operated a store on Main Street.x

10 Jan 2003


EVAN GABRIEL EVANS family. Picture of Evan G. Evans and one of mother and daughters. Evans was born in 1810 in Pennsylvania, the son of Thomas and Hannah Gabriel Evans. He was a school teacher in Arkansas, where he married Nancy Chambers in about 1845. The family came to Burnet County about 1853, eventually homesteading 249 acres near Smithwick. He died in 1884 at the age of 74; his wife died in 1905. The article is long, and packed with family stories and descendant information.

03 Jan 2003


M. A. FEILD family. Picture of Dr. M. A. Feild and family. Marcus Anderson Field was born in 1826 in Tennessee. He was one of first doctors in the county. He came to Burnet County around 1853. He married Malinda Boyce in 1853. Malinda died in 1879. He later married Mary Matilda McGuire in 1882.

17 Jan 2003


ANDREW JACKSON FRAZIER family. Picture of the family in front of home. A.J. Frazier was born in 1836 in Tennessee. He had a twin brother, John Newton. He married Minerva Jane Woods in 1867. They came to Burnet County in 1883. Andrew died in 1885, leaving his widow with 8 children. She stayed on the farm with the help of her oldest son, Henry Alexander and raised her children. Minerva died in 1939 at the age of 89.



THOMAS GLIMP, Sr. family. Picture of Thomas and Ardelia Woods Glimp family. Thomas Glimp was born near Nashville in 1826, the son of H. B. and Sarah Glimp. His wife was Ardelia Woods. They came to Burnet County in 1872 along with the Hawn families and settled in the Bethel area. Thomas died in 1907; Ardelia died in 1920.

9 May 2003


JOHN WESLEY GOODWIN family. Picture of John and second wife Adinah Adela at their home in Oakalla. John and his brother Alfred arrived in Burnet County around 1871. John Married first Bell Carpenter and second Adinah Adele Barnett. John Wesley was a postmaster in Oakalla from January to Sept 1881. More info about Alfred and other Goodwin relatives.

18 Oct 2002


JAMES SEABORN HARWELL family. Picture of James S. Harwell. James was born in 1817 in Georgia, the son of Samuel B. and Rebecca Harwell. He married Mary Lafayette King in 1848. The family moved to Burnet around 1853. Mary died in 1889 at the age of 62. Seaborn died in 1899 at the age of 82.

2 May 2003


BIRDIE HARWOOD. Picture of Ophellia "Birdie" Harwood sitting sidesaddle. Birdie was the first woman mayor of Marble Falls and Texas. Later she served as Municipal Judge in Marble Falls and was elected Chief Magistrate in the US. She was born in Blanco county in the late 1800s; married Dr. George Harwood in 1892.

23 Aug 2002


JOHN JACOB HEUSSER family. Picture of John and Mary Heusser. John was born in 1858 in Switzerland. He was in Austin by 1882. He married Mary Anderson from Sweden in 1887. They were the parents of six children who were born between the years of 1888 and 1906.

4 April 2003


THEODORE FREELEN HOWELL family. Picture of the large Howell family. Theodore Howell was born in 1832 in Tennessee. He married Nancy Elizabeth Sellers. Theodore was a member of the Confederate army.

25 April 2003


JAMES TURNER HUTTO family. Picture of Hutto family in Oct 1902. James Hutto was born in 1826 in South Carolina. He married Louvisa Jane Humphrey in 1845. James enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 and was listed as a prisoner of war. His son, John Terrell Hutto also served in the Confederate Army, serving as a private in Co E, 6th Alabama Cavalry. The family moved to Burnet County around 1879, settling near Bertram.

3 October 2003


JOHN (JACK) JUBY family. Photo of the sons of Jack and Fanny Juby: Jim, John and Fred. John Juby was born in England in 1850. He came to Burnet County in 1881, marrying Fanny Zumpkeller in 1885. The couple had 4 children.

11 April 2003

10 Oct 2003


LEWIS CLARK KINCHELOE family. Picture of Lewis Clark and Margaret Ruth Kincheloe. Lewis Clark Kincheloe was born in 1829 in Alabama. He came to Texas as a young boy with his parents. He married Margaret Ruth Bowmer and they moved to Burnet County in 1866. They had 11 children. Their cabin is preserved at Burnet's Ft. Croghan.



HENRY MACK KNOX family. Picture of Henry Mack Knox and wife Marian (Mollie) Bullion Knox along with granddaughter Lillian Knox and Lola Belle Marcus Knox, Joseph Elijah Knox, Walter Knox, nd Frances Yarbrough Knox. Henry Knox was born in 1838 in Tennessee. He married Marian Bullion in Oatmeal in 1871. He served with the Confederate Army.

7 March 2003


GEORGE WASHINGTON LACY, and brothers. Picture of the Lacy brothers in 1870s, including Ewin, Frank, Harry, and George. George Washington Lacy, Jr. was born in 1837 in Kentucky and came to Burnet County in 1858, settling near Rockvale, near Spicewood. Story is about all the Lacy brothers and families.

28 Feb 2003 and

20 June 2003


JOHN EDWARD WISHLED LANDON. Picture of the old Landon rnch house in Joppa with some of the Landon family. John was born in 1851 in England, the son of Francis Landon and Louisa Wishled Landon. John came to Texas in the early 1880s to work on the state capitol building in Austin. John married Jeannie Shand Smith in 1887.

14 March 2003


HENRY THOMAS LEWIS family. Picture of Henry and Susan Lewis. Henry Lewis was born in Alabama in 1842. He was a member of the 2nd Regiment of the Texas Confederate Cavalry, Company A, Texas State Troops. He married Susan Wilkes around 1868. Henry died in August 1928 at the age of 86.

24 Oct 2003


HUGH MCCOY family. Picture of Harriett Farquhar and Hugh McCoy, undated. Hugh McCoy was born in 1831 in Mississippi. He was 19 years old when he married Harriet Farquhar in Alabama. The couple settled in Burnet around 1853 on the North Gabriel. McCoy was in the Confederate Army and was an Indian Fighter. They had 11 children.



SAMUEL McFARLAND family. Picture of Samuel McFarland as a young man. Samuel was born Tennessee in 1800. He married Jane Pricilla Morrow in 1824. He purchased land in Burnet County around 1852. Samuel died in 1861; Jane died in 1879.

15 Nov 2002


WILLIE HERBERT (BILL) MILLER remembers early Marble Falls. Picture of Bill Miller, who was born in 1905 and lived most of his life in Marble Falls. The article is from Miller's memories of early Marble Falls.

17 Oct 2003


HENRY G. PERRY family. Photo of Alzada and Henry Perry, undated. Henry G. Perry was born in 1838 in North Carolina, coming to Texas as a young child. He was a Texas Ranger and a Confederate soldier. He married Alzada Mae James in Burnet County in 1865. The family lived on Rocky Creek and had 12 children.

12 Sept 2003


RUDOLF RICHTER family. Picture of Rudolf Richter. Richter was born in Germany in 1822. He purchased land in Burnet County in 1861 along the Colorado River. The family later moved to the Double Horn community, where he was postmaster from 1866 to 1882.



DAVID ANDERSON RIGGS family. Picture of family with parents, Sarah Jane and David A. Riggs, and adult children, Rufus, James, John, Bill, Harriett, Charlie, Laura, and Helean. David Riggs was born 1 Feb 1840 in Alabama. He joined the Confederate Army and made saddle trees for the army. He was in Burnet County by 1871. He married Sarah Jane McCoy

27 Dec 2002


WILLIAM BONDS ROSS family. Picture of William and Susan Harrell Ross. William was born in Scotland, and arrived in Burnet County in the 1870s. He died from blood poisoning from a splinter under his fingernail sometime around 1880. His wife died in 1891, leaving 371 acres of land to her sons, William Marion and Robert F. Ross. More in article about descendants.

19 Sept 2003

SCHOOLS - Marble Falls

Education in Marble Falls: always a top priority. Photo of the Old Granite Building, built in 1891. Account of the progress of public schools in Marble Falls.

24 Jan 2003


W.R. SLAUGHTER family. Picture of William Ransom and Sarah Ann Slaughter. William Slaughter was born in 1823 in Mississippi. He came to the Burnet area about 1850. His wife Sadie May Smith died in childbirth at the age of 25. He later married Sadie's 1st cousin, Sarah Ann Smith. He died in 1908 at the age of 85 and Sarah died the next year at age 70.

31 Jan 2003


JAMES GIBSON SMITH, Jr. family. Picture of the family ranch home near Oakalla about 1900. James was born in 1817 in Tennessee, the son of James Gibson Smith, Sr. and Nancy Smith. He came to Burnet County around 1850. He married Sarah James in 1854.

18 July 2003


WILLIAM WASHINGTON TAYLOR family. Picture of large family in front of home. W. W. Taylor was born in 1847. He married Mary Elizabeth Field in 1870 and they moved to Burnet County in 1883.

13 June 2003


The Wilsons - Family of Doctors. Picture of Dr. George Wilson in a horse racing rig.


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