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Diary of Trip to Texas in 1876

Kept by A.G. Oliver -- in company with Altemus Mcguire and Charlie Palen

Source: Audavee Fonseca <

from notes of Julia McGuire Smith

BACKGROUND: In the spring of 1861, A.G. Oliver sold his property in Wisconson and joined some thirty or forty families, forming a cavalcade of covered wagons, drawn mostly by oxen, and moved to California. It required six months to make the trip and considerable hardships were experienced: fighting hostile Indians, fording swollen streams and providing food for both man and beast.

The families making up this train assembled at Council Bluff, Iowa, and from there traveled as a unit under the leadership of a captain selected by the pioneers, and the famous Indian scout, Jim Bridger.

Leon ("Linn") Oliver was born September 29, 1857. In July 1876, at the age of 19, he came to Texas, just four months after his father reached Texas and had located a ranch near the old post office of Strickland in Burnet County.

John Oliver was born in Wisconsin on April 5, 1859. At the age of 3 years, he moved with his parents to California.

In April 1876, A.G. Oliver came to Texas, in company with Charlie Palen and Altemus McGuire, in search of a new home in the then rapidly developing new country. It's hard to understand why these men would leave so fertile and rapidly growing area as California, where they were reasonably prosperous, to come to a then sparsely settled new country, as Texas was at that time, unless it was the love for adventure, or the dream of becoming a cattle baron, and rich in the stock business on the free range, as some were doing at that time.

On April 10, 1876, A.G. Oliver and the McGuires set out for Texas, traveling on the Union Pacific Railroad to Omaha, Nebraska. The railroad had only been completed a short time. The following notes have been copied from A.G. Oliver's diary of his trip from Petaluma, California to Burnet County, Texas, where he purchased a tract of land, about 4,000 acres, and engaged in stock raising.





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