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CSA Pension Application
R. P. Ray

Source:  copy of pension application supplied by
Dot Creasey, Aug 2006

County of Burnet:

I, R. P. Ray of the County of Burnet, State of Texas, whose postoffice address is Bertram, Texas, do hereby make application for a pension as a Confederate Soldier, pursuant to all of the laws and amendments thereto of said State, inclusive of Articles 6204 to 6227, inclusive, of the Revised Civil Statutes of 1925, as amended by H.B. No. 150, passed by the 42nd Legislature at its regular session, in so far as the above mentioned law and H. B. may be found pertinent and/or applicable to "case" of applicant and ALSO, pursuant to Art. 6208, Title 109 of said Statutes, and in making this application I make the following statements before O. B. Zimmerman, County Judge of Burnet County, Texas, under oath duly administered to me by said County Judge:

I was born on the 5t day of June, 1850, in Overton County, Tennessee, and am, therefore, now 87 years and nearly 3 months of age.

My name is R. P. Ray, usually called "Dick" Ray.  [photo of R. P. Ray]

My age is given above.

My residence and postoffice address is Bertram, Texas.

My occupation is that of Justice of the Peace of Precinct No. 3 of Burnet County, Texas, the fees of such office averaging around $100.00 per annum, one-half of which I pay to my Clerk, as I am not physically able to do clerical work.

I have been a bona fide resident of Texas since the 22nd day of December, A. D. 1876.

I have never heretofore applied for a Confederate pension.

My military service began with Captain Jake Bennett, but I was just a lad at the time and, because of my extreme youthfulness, may never have been carried on the rolls as an enlisted soldier.

Captain Jake Bennett was one of the Captains under the late General Adam R. Johnson and is given most favorable mention in PARTISAN RANGERS, edited by him, the said Captain Jake Bennett and, in fact, every officer under whom I served was a part of the Confederate States Army.

I joined Captain Bennett in September 1863, and thereafter until the close of the war performed the usual duties of a soldier.  The designation of the Company of Captain Jake Bennett was Company A, 10th Kentucky Cavalry, but as is recited in the book, Partisan Rangers, there was a continual re-organization and remnants of one organization were continually being attached to and/or made a part of some other organization under the command of Colonel, later Brigadier General, Adam R. Johnson.  But true it is that I was continuously in the service and doing the service of a Confederate soldier from the date of my enlistment or attachment to or in Captain Jake Bennett's Company until the close of the war, going wherever my superior told me to go, doing his bidding at all times, whomsoever he might be at the time and facing the enemy in battle with my comrades.

I was in the cavalry service under the general command of General Adam R. Johnson, drawing equipment, rations, and mount as a soldier.

My wife died in 1918 and I have never since married.

I am a white american citizen and nationality.

Having filled out form "A" 2325b-S1149-631 before Judge O. B. Zimmerman, County Judge of Burnet County, Texas, and attached thereto affidavit of A. F. Christian of Overton County Tennessee, together with excerpt from the book Partisan Rangers with Affidavit of R. E. Johnson, I do here and now attach the above hereto to be used in so far as same may give additional information and for whatever the same may be otherwise of value or pertinent. 

I received the regular pay of an enlisted man from the Confederate States Paymaster during my service.

WITNESS MY HAND, this 25th day of February, A. D. 1938.

/signed/ R. P. Ray

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 25th day of February, A. D. 1938.


/signed/  O. B. Zimmerman
County Judge, Burnet County, Texas


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