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Roper Family

Source:  compiled by JoAnn Myers
from materials sent by
Barbara Evans, <barbedolls @ wavecable . com>, Sept 2007
These materials are on file at the Herman Brown Free Library, Vertical File, surname ROPER

First Generation

1. Aaron ROPER. Born in 1800 in South Carolina. Aaron died in Dawson County Georgia, on 12 Aug 1881; he was 81.  Around 1824,  when Aaron was 24, he married Sarah Ann KEITH in Georgia or South Carolina. She was born in 1803 in South Carolina. Sarah Ann died aft 1860; she was 57.

They had the following children:
    2     i.   Polly (Mary) (1824-1893)
    3    ii.   William Harvey (1826-1892)
         iii.   Elizabeth (Betsy).  Elizabeth (Betsy) married William WALLACE.
         iv.   Joel. Born in Dec 1833.  Joel married Mary HULSEY.
          v.   Benjamin. Born in 1836.
    4   vi.   George Calvin (1838-1910)
        vii.   Sara Ann.  Sara Ann married STEVENS.
       viii.   Lucinda.  Lucinda married Dr.  WILLIAMS.
    5   ix.   Harrison Hamilton (1845-1889)


Second Generation

2. Polly (Mary) ROPER. Born on 25 May 1824 in Georgia or South Carolina. Polly (Mary) died in Burnet Texas, on 10 May 1893; she was 68.  Around 1842 when Polly (Mary) was 17, she married Sanders D. CARRUTH in Georgia.  They had 10 children.
3. William Harvey ROPER. Born in 1826 in Georgia. William Harvey died in Marble Falls, Texas, in 1892; he was 66.  William Harvey married Nancy WALLACE.  They had 8 children.

4. George Calvin ROPER. Born on 12 Jun 1838 in Lumpkin County, Georgia. George Calvin died in Marble Falls, Texas, on 10 Jun 1910; he was 71. Occupation: farmer, hotel owner, Marble Falls.  [More about George Roper and his brother, William, in Burnet County History, Vol II, page 265.]

On 18 Sep 1856 when George Calvin was 18, he married Elizabeth HOCKENHULL in Dawson County Georgia. She was born on 19 Sep 1840 in Stockport, County of Chester, Chestergate, England, the daughter of Major John Hockenhull and Mary Ann Sutton. [more information on the Hockenhull family is in the file.]

[Photo of George Calvin Roper and wife, Elizabeth, c. 1900]

Elizabeth died in Marble Falls, Texas, on 4 Feb 1922; she was 81.

They had the following children:
        i.    Sarah Frances. Born on 9 Dec 1857; died in Georgia on 1 Jul 1858.
    6  ii.   Lucinda (1860-1941)
        iii.  George Newton. Born on 7 Jan 1862 in Georgia; died in Georgia on 30 Oct 1865.
    7  iv.  Mary Jane (Mollie) (1864-1949)
    8  v.   John Aaron (1866-1920)
    9  vi.  Emma Caroline (1868-1938)
  10  vii. Cora Lee (1870-1874)
  11  viii. William Arthur (1871-1958)
        ix.   Lillian Victoria. Born on 30 Sep 1873 in Bates County, Missouri.
               She died on 8 Nov 1873(?)  in Bates County, Missouri.
        x.    Anna Myrtle. Born on 1 Jun 1880 in Spring Creek, Texas.
               She died in Kelso, Washington, on 12 Dec 1969; she was 89. 
               Anna Myrtle married Bernard GALLAGHER.
        xi.   Genti Liska. Born on 22 Jul 1882 in Spring Creek, Texas.
               She died in Denver, Colorado, in Sep 1970; she was 88.
               Genti Liska married Frank CLARKE.

[Photo of Roper Siblings, Feb 1922]
[Photo of Roper Children and Extended Family, February 1922]

5. Harrison Hamilton ROPER. Born on 9 May 1845 in Georgia. Harrison Hamilton died in Georgia on 24 Aug 1889; he was 44.  On 12 Aug 1868 when Harrison Hamilton was 23, he married Mary Jane WHELCHEL in Georgia.  They had 4 children.


Third Generation

6. Lucinda ROPER. Born on 22 Mar 1860 in Barret, Dawson County, Georgia. Lucinda died in Wichita Falls, Texas, on 27 Mar 1941; she was 81. Buried in Carey, Childress County, Texas.

On 24 Nov 1878 when Lucinda was 18, she married James Washington ROBINSON in Burnet County Texas.

They had the following children:
        i.      Ora Ada.
        ii.     Ross Andison.
        iii.    George.
        iv.    Laura.

7. Mary Jane (Mollie) ROPER. Born on 26 Mar 1864 in Texas. Mary Jane (Mollie) died in Marble Falls, Texas, on 19 Jul 1949; she was 85.

Mary Jane (Mollie) married John Franklin BANKS.

They had the following children:
        i.      Mary Coffee (Mamie).
        ii.     Anne Maud.
        iii.    Albert George.
        iv.    Carter Grody.
        v.     John Rufus.
        vi.    William Arthur.
        vii.   Ballard.

8. John Aaron ROPER. Born on 7 Aug 1866 in Georgia. John Aaron died on 18 Feb 1920; he was 53.

John Aaron married Allie ROPER, a first cousin.

They had the following children:
        i.    Myrtle.
        ii.    Jaxon.

9. Emma Caroline ROPER. Born on 14 Aug 1868 in Forsythe County Georgia. Emma Caroline died in Mt. Shasta, California, on 21 May 1938; she was 69. Buried in Mt. Shasta, California.

On 14 Aug 1886 when Emma Caroline was 18, she married Rev. Lazarus Wright CARLETON, son of William Lewis CARLETON & Margaret Elizabeth TUCKER, in Burnet Texas. Born on 9 Aug 1863 in Dallas, Texas. Lazarus Wright died in Alsea, Oregon, on 20 May 1929; he was 65.

[Photo of Emma and husband, and 4 children, c. 1897]
[Photo of Emma and her husband and 2 children, Emma Clementine and James Candler, c. 1919]
[Photo of Emma and husband, Lazarus Wright Carlton, date unknown]
[Photo of Lazarus Wright Carleton, 1928]
[Photos of Lazarus, c.1905 and Emma, c. 1930s]

They had the following children:
          i.     George Calvert. Born on 26 May 1887 in Burnet County Texas.
                 He died in Portales, New Mexico, on 12 Nov 1912; he was 25.
                 Buried in Portales, New Mexico.

    12  ii.    Myrtle (1889-1959)
    13  iii.   William Annis (1893-)
          iv.   Roselia.
          v.    Elizabeth Mae.
          vi.   Wright Arthur.
          vii.   Earl Keener.  Died young.
          viii.  James Candler.
          ix.    Emma Clementine.

[Photo of Carleton children in 1938 at the funeral of their mother, Emma Caroline (Roper) Carleton]

  10.  Cora Lee ROPER.  Cora Lee married Louis Gray HESTER.

They had one child:
        i.    Margarit.  [Margarit ran the Roper hotel after the death of her grandparents, George and Elizabeth (Hockenhull) Roper.]

  11. William Arthur ROPER. Born on 25 Dec 1871 in Marble Falls, Texas. William Arthur died in Denver, Colorado, on 1 Mar 1958; he was 86.

William Arthur married Blanch EDISON.

They had the following children:
        i.    Ardeth.
        ii.    Virginia.

Fourth Generation

  12.  Myrtle CARLTON. Born on 11 Apr 1889 in Tom Green County Texas. Myrtle died in Portland, Oregon, on 9 Feb 1959; she was 69. Buried in Lincoln Mem. Gardens, Portland, Oregon.

Myrtle married Leonidas BEATTY.  He was born on 26 Aug 1882 in Kaufman County Texas. Leonidas died in Aztec, New Mexico, on 10 Sep 1929; he was 47.

They had the following children:
        i.    Frances Carleton (1909-)
        ii.   Mary Emma (1912-)
        iii.   James Lon (1917-)
        iv.   Myrtle Dee (1922-)

  13.  William Annis CARLTON. Born on 21 Apr 1893 in Wise County Texas. Occupation: Electrical Engineer and carpenter.

William Annis married Nannie Isable CARTER. Born on 10 Apr 1893 in Jasper County Missouri. Nannie Isable died in Mt. Shasta, California, on 21 Jul 1946; she was 53.

They had the following children:
        i.    Nadene Elameda (1914-)
        ii.    William Marion (1915-)
        iii.    Zelfter Mae (1918-)
        iv.    Maida (1920-)

see Burnet County History, Vol II for more information on the Roper family.


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