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Descendants of

Anderson A. Ross

Submitted by: Jimmie P Taylor <> Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

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1. Anderson A. Ross, son of Arthur B. Ross and Sofia (Effa) Norrid (Norris) was born 05/15/1827 in Claiborne Parish, La, and died 12/13/1909 in Burnet CO, TX. He married (1) Mariette Suttle 09/18/1851 in Newton CO, TX. She was born Abt. 1834 in Alabama, and died Bet. 1853 - 1860 in Texas. He married (2) Clarisie Vida Lee 05/10/1861 in Polk Co., TX., daughter of Jacob Lee and Nancy Blakely. She was born 02/17/1834 in Newton CO, Ms, and died 09/15/1912 in Apple Springs, Trinity Co., TX.. Photo of A.A. Ross and wife Clarisie

Notes: Anderson A. Ross was often referred to as Anson Ross. Marriage record from Polk Co.,TX. is issued to Arthur Ross and Clarecy Gibson (she was a Lee, but had been married to a Gibson.) Pension record lists him as A. Ross . I feel confident that his actual birth name was Anderson Arthur Ross. See a transcription of a letter written by A.A. Ross to his wife, Clarissa, dated 29 April 1865.

Children of Anderson Ross and Mariette Suttle are:

1-1 Elizabeth P. Ross. Married Bartlett Cummings.

Children of Elizabeth Ross and Bartlett Cummings are:

1-1-1 May Bell Cummings.

1-1-2 Barsheba Allender Cummings.
She married Joseph F. White. He was born 06/1864.

Child of Barsheba Cummings and Joseph White is:

1-1-2-1 Audie White. She married Roland Lambert.

Child of Audie White and Roland Lambert is:

1-1-2-1-1 Ola Mae Lambert.

Child of Ola Mae Lambert is:

1-1-2-1-1-1 Roland Cutaia, born 1950.

1-1-3 Henry N. Cummings.

1-1-4 Ida Cummings.

1-1-5 Bonell Cummings.

1-1-6 Roxie Cummings.

1-1-7 Martha Cummings.

1-1-8 Elizabeth Cummings.

1-2 Barsheba A. Ross, born Bet. 1852 - 1860 in Texas. She married ? Keahy.

1-3 David Ross, born Abt. 1853 in Texas; died Aft. 1910. He married Mary J. ?.

Children of David Ross and Mary ? are:

1-3-1 Marcus Ross, born 11/1874 in Texas; died 09/15/1932 in Van Zandt CO, TX.

1-3- 2 Nettie Ross, born 1878 in Texas; died Aft. 1880.

1-3- 3 Cemmie Ross, born 11/1880 in Texas.

1-3- 4 Oliver F. Ross, born 10/1886 in Texas; died in (Huntsville, Walker CO?), TX.

1-3- 5 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ross, born 08/1888 in Texas.

1-3- 6 Eddie Ross, born 03/1893 in Texas.

Children of Anderson Ross and Clarisie Lee are:

1-4 Anderson A. Ross Jr., born 10/19/1865 in Leon, TX.; died 07/09/1935 in Travis Co., TX.
He married Thea Ester Hallmark 12/25/1887 in Trinity County, TX., daughter of John Hallmark and Susan Teague. She was born 03/27/1870 in Crocket, TX., and died 10/13/1933 in Burnet, TX..

Children of Anderson Ross and Thea Hallmark are:

1-4-1 Edna Ross, born 10/20/1888; died 08/28/1889.

1-4- 2 Thomas Willmath Ross, born 12/20/1890 in Crocket, Houston Co., Texas.
He married (1) Unknown Greer. He married (2) Gussie Linn.

Children of Thomas Ross and Gussie Linn are:

1-4-2-1 Claude D. Ross, born 08/07/1936 in Travis Co., TX..

1-4-2- 2 Darrell Lee Ross, born 12/09/1934 in Travis Co., TX..

1-4-2- 3 Kay Francis Ross, born 07/01/1940 in Travis Co., TX..

1-4- 3 Media Ole Ross, born 09/16/1893 in Texas; died 02/23/1929 in Brownwood, TX.
She married Gid Pearl Taylor Bet. 1915 - 1916, son of William Taylor and Lottie Williams. He was born 11/09/1895, and died 12/14/1974 in Burnet, Burnet County, Texas.

Children of Media Ross and Gid Taylor are:

1-4-3-1 Ole Pearl Taylor, born 1917 in Est. Date; died 1942 in Gussettville TX.

1-4-3- 2 Thealma Taylor, born 08/08/1922; died 10/25/1999 in Tyler, Texas.
She married Albert John Wicher.

Children of Thealma Taylor and Albert Wicher are:

1-4-3- 2-1 Albert John Wichser Jr., born 06/24/1940; died 01/25/1966. He married Sandra Hornsby. She was born 08/11/1944, and died 01/25/1966.

Children of Albert Wichser and Sandra Hornsby are:

1-4-3- 2-1-1 Roxanna Wichser, born 11/25/1962; died 01/25/1966.

1-4-3- 2-1-2 Rhonda Wichser, born 10/07/1965; died 01/25/1966.

1-4-3- 2-2 Lee Wichser, born 1943.

1-4-3- 3 Billy Lee Taylor, born 07/16/1927.

Child of Billy Lee Taylor is:

1-4-3-3-1 Billie Ruth Taylor.

1-4-3-4 William Emzy Taylor, born 03/19/1920; died 08/19/1962 in Kingsland,TX.
He married (1) Geraldine Phillips 1939 in Corpus Christi, Texas, daughter of Ernest Phillips and Roxy Morris. She was born 01/01/1923 in Ada, OK., and died 06/10/1992 in Nueches County, Rockport Texas. He married (2) Mary Jo Armstrong Abt. 1945. He married (3) Bernice Martin 07/01/1961 in Del Rio, TX..

Children of William Taylor and Geraldine Phillips are:

1-4-3-4-1 Wesley Gerald Taylor, born 01/1940. He married Sylvia De Lafuente 10/10/1964 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was born 06/04/1937.

Children of Wesley Taylor and Sylvia De Lafuente are:

1-4-3-4-1-1 Geraldine Taylor

1-4-3-4-1-2 Kristi Taylor. She married Amadeo Edwardo Jr. Salinas

1-4-3-4-2 Bobbie Joe Taylor, born 11/24/1943 in Corpus Christi, Texas. He married Jimmie Pauline Hajek 06/24/1963 in Liberty,Liberty Co.Tx, daughter of Jimmie Hajek and Winnie Hellums. She was born 07/25/1945 in Baytown,Tx.

Children of Bobbie Taylor and Jimmie Hajek are:

1-4-3-4-2-1 Zena Roxanne Taylor, born in Sioux City, Iowa. She married (1) Mark Adam LeBlanc . She married (2) Roman Fuentes

1-4-3-4-2-2 Gena P. Taylor, born in Baytown TX. She married Stephen Haas; born in Pasadena Texas.

1-4-3-4-2-3 Bobbie Jo Taylor, born in Baytown, Texas. She met (1) Tony Mandujano. She married (2) James Herman Kelley

Children of William Taylor and Mary Armstrong are:

1-4-3-4-3 William Joe Taylor Overdorf, born 08/14/1946.

1-4-3-4-4 David Taylor Overdorf, born Abt. 1948.

1-4- 4 Mallie O. Ross, born 02/23/1897 in Trinity CO., TX. He married Unknown Ellabracht.

1-4- 5 David Anderson Ross, born 06/1899 in Trinity Co., TX.; died 08/05/1900 in Trinity Co., TX..

1-4- 6 Infant Ross, born 03/12/1901; died Abt. 1901.

1-4- 7 Mildred Ollie Ross, born 03/03/1902 in Burnet, Texas; died 12/20/1941 in San Antonio, TX.. She married Edwin Ellabracht.

1-4- 8 Melvin Buck Ross, born 02/23/1905 in Burnet,Texas; died 1986 in Austin, Travis Co., TX.
He married Mary Elizabeth McCarty 01/25/1925. She was born 03/13/1905 in Briggs, TX..

Children of Melvin Ross and Mary McCarty are:

1-4-8-1 Melvin Lee Ross, born 08/22/1926 in Austin, Travis Co., TX.; died 06/10/1976. He married Joyce Lavina Daggett 01/12/1947.

1-4-8- 2 Robert Eugene Ross, born 04/05/1935 in Austin, Travis Co., TX.. He married Betty Ann Syienke 08/28/1959.

1-4-8- 3 Bessie Carolyn Ross, born 07/05/1938 in Austin, Travis Co., TX.. She married Jerry Nicholes 10/01/1959.

1-4- 9 Dorothy Ella Ross, born 11/12/1909 in Bertram, Texas. She married (1) Carlton. She married (2) Monty Leuders.

1-4-10 Elmer Ross, born 11/12/1909 in Bertram, Texas. He married Alma Lindman.

1-4-11 Clyde Hallmark Ross, born 09/27/1912 in Bertram, Texas; died 08/1977. He married Emma Erskin.

1-5 Nancy Adaline Ross, born 06/10/1868 in Leon, TX.; died 1935 in Texas.
She married Tom H. Goldman. He was born 1863.

Children of Nancy Ross and Tom Goldman are:

1-5-1 William Goldman, born 10/10/1893; died 10/10/1893.

1-5- 2 Walter Goldman, born 03/18/1895 in Kennard,Texas; died 01/16/1964. He married Miller Starling 06/10/1918.

1-5- 3 Ada Belle Goldman, born 10/20/1897 in Kennard,Texas; died 06/03/1977. She married (1) Page; (2) Nelson; (3) Rogers.

1-5- 4 Lucy Mae Goldman, born 01/19/1901 in Kennard,Texas. She married W. Arthur Starling 10/09/1920.

1-5- 5 Luella Clarissa Goldman, born 03/23/1904 in Kennard,Texas; died 05/1975. She married Sam E. Page 10/09/1920.

1-5- 6 Julia Jewell Goldman, born 10/09/1906 in Kennard,Texas. She married James J. Shipp 10/07/1936.

1-6 Lillie Iva Ross, born 04/18/1875 in Texas; died 11/18/1910 in Texas.
She married Mora Wilson Green 06/21/1893 in Trinity CO, TX.. He was born 03/30/1872 in TX., and died 03/01/1919 in Latexo, Houston Co., TX

Children of Lillie Ross and Mora Green are:

1-6-1 Mora Wilson Green Jr., born 05/22/1894.

1-6- 2 Clary Viola Green, born 05/03/1896; died Abt. 1902.

1-6- 3 Mary Elizabeth Green, born 01/04/1898 in Texas; died 03/26/1977 in Fort Worth, Tarrent Co., TX.. She married .... Jones.

1-6- 4 Samuel Ray Green, born 05/01/1900 in Texas; died 12/05/1924.

1-6- 5 George Henry Green, born 08/02/1903 in Texas.

1-6- 6 Gracie Wenona Green, born 06/22/1905 in Waxahachie, Ellis CO., TX; died 10/27/1984. She married (1) ... Strickland. She married (2) Oscar Dunn.

1-6- 7 Arlena Bell Green, born 04/06/1908 in Dibol, Angelina Co., TX.; died 05/14/1989 in Chester, VA.
She married (1) John Columbus Cannon. She married (2) William Reader Wagnon 01/13/1925 in Palestine, Anderson CO., TX.. He was born 10/01/1900 in Palestine, Anderson Co., TX., and died 07/15/1957 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles CO., CA..

Children of Arlena Green and William Wagnon are:

1-6-7-1 Lella Arvilla Wagnon, born 12/13/1925 in Wortham, Freestone CO., TX.
She married Isaac Lindsay Abernathy 04/01/1944 in Lubbock, Lubbock, TX.. He was born 06/07/1923 in Gastonia, Gaston, NC.

Children of Lella Wagnon and Isaac Abernathy are:

1-6-7-1-1 Bruce Reid Abernathy, born 08/23/1949 in Dallas,Dallas Co., TX. He married Sharon Kay Borders 06/13/1970 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX..

Children of Bruce Abernathy and Sharon Borders are:

1-6-7-1-1-1 Emily Abernathy.

1-6-7-1-1-2 Jacob Abernathy.

1-6-7-1-2 Tangia Jan Abernathy, born 03/24/1953 in Dallas, Dallas CO., TX. She married William Henry Adams , Jr.

Children of Tangia Abernathy and William Adams are:

1-6-7-1-2-1 Lindsay Adams.

1-6-7-1-2--2 Rebekah Adams.

1-6-7-1-3 Gisele Kim Abernathy, born 09/07/1956 in Dallas, Dallas CO., TX.. She married Jimmy Dale Watson 08/06/1988 in Dallas, Dallas CO., TX..

1-6-7- 2 William Reader Jr. Wagnon, born 11/03/1927 in Wink, WInkler Co., TX.. He married Mildred Lee Townzen 07/12/1949 in Abilene, Taylor Co. TX..

1-6-7- 3 Betty Jo Wagnon, born 03/02/1931 in Van,Van Zandt Co., TX. #27651. She married Herman H. Harrison, III 1953 in Abilene, Taylor Co. TX..

1-6-7- 4 Samuel Allen Wagnon, born 12/31/1939 in Brownfiled, Terry Co., TX.. He married Jennine C. Harter 10/07/1967 in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA..

1-7 Thomas Benjamin Ross, born 11/14/1861; died 05/06/1952 in Burnet, TX. He married Frances Missouri Peterson 10/18/1888. She was born 12/22/1869 in Bryan,Texas, and died 11/10/1951 in Texas.

Children of Thomas Ross and Frances Peterson are:

1-7-1 Lillie Mae Ross, born 1887 in Texas. She married Ralph Krumm.

1-7- 2 Vonnie Bismarck Ross, born 1889 in Texas; died 1984. She married Ira Arthur Buckner 12/1909 in Burnet,TX.; born 06/11/1887; died 12/08/1967.

1-7- 3 David Burnet Ross, born 1892 in Texas; died 1965. He married Lillie M. Unknown; born 1894; died 1983.

1-7- 4 Benjamin Arthur Ross, born 1894 in Texas; died 1900.

1-7- 5 William Malcolm Ross, born 1897 in Texas; died 1968.

1-7- 6 Senia Lavora Ross, born 02/25/1899 in Burnet, Burnet Co., TX.; died 08/31/1981 in Burnet, Burnet Co., TX.. She married Bartley Redd.

1-7- 7 Robert Marcus Ross, born 1901 in Texas; died 1901.

1-7- 8 Mable Wilson Ross, born 1902 in Texas; died 12/09/1985 in Austin, Travis Co., TX.
She married Raymond Marion Huggins. He was born 11/03/1900, and died 09/19/1958.

Child of Mable Ross and Raymond Huggins is:

1-7-8-1 Raymond Marion Huggins Jr., born 1938; died 1938.

1-7- 9 Beulah Minnie Ross, born 04/05/1906 in Texas; died 12/04/1990.
She married Honnie Ray Huggins. He was born 01/07/1902, and died 11/27/1984.

Children of Beulah Ross and Honnie Huggins are:

1-7-9-1 Kent B. Huggins, born 08/28/1935.

1-7-9-2 Stacy Lee Huggins, born 01/04/1937.

1-7-10 Easter Irene Ross, born 04/05/1906 in Texas. She married Sam Huggins; born 10/19/1902; died 10/02/1950.

1-7-11Sarah Della Ross, born 1910 in Texas. She married Charlie Culpepper.

1-7-12 Walter Dewitt "Pete" Ross, born 1913 in Texas; died 1955. He married Sallie Will; born 05/01/1882; died 12/04/1971.

1-8 Emma Ross, born Bet. 1870 - 1880 in Texas; died in at the age of six years, in Leon Co., Texas.

1-9 Andrew Ross.


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