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J. J. L. W. Taylor

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J.J.L.W. TAYLOR was born 13 December 1846 in Jefferson IL., and died 1 October 1907 in Bertram, TX.. He married Miranda Jane TATE 31 December 1865 in Jefferson IL., daughter of Eakeiel TATE and Bethsheba MILLER. She was born 21 December 1850 in IL., and died 26 September 1918 in Bertram, Burnet Co., TX.

John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor was 6 ft. 1 in. tall and weighed 185 lb. He had gray eyes and brown wavy hair.

John Josiah Taylor ( How he acquired his long name)
by Henry R. Taylor, Dec 1992

John served in the Union Army for 7 months, he was wounded and discharged, and immigrated to Texas with his Mother, Father, brothers and sisters. They arrived in Burnet County, Texas in Oct. 1864. He married Miranda Tate; two months later, a joining neighbor Lewis Wiley offered him a span of mules (6) and 200 acres of land, if John would go into the Confederate Service for him. John accepted and served six months fighting for the south. He came home in 1865 and began raising his family in Burnet County, Texas. After the civil war was over, John Taylor adopted the full name of " John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor".


The following story was written and researched in December 1992 by Henry Taylor, grandson of William Henry Taylor, who was the son of John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor.

John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor

John Taylor was born December 13,1846 and married on December 31,1865 to Miranda Jane Tate who was born December 21 1850. To this union 10 children were born. 7 boys - John Thomas, William Henry, Robert Tate, R.D., Lewis Benjamin, an infant Boy who died and James Graham, along with 3 girls-Sarah, Fannie Maude, and Polly Anna.

Descendant Chart.

The records show before the last baby, James Graham was born, John Taylor shot and killed John W. Wolf on May 10,1892. He was put in jail and brought to trial. First jurors were Joe Duckett, F.W.Scott, K. Kirk, J.E.Landon, R.H.Dick, G.E.Jones, O.L.Hundley, W.M.Joseph, Wm.Rogers, A.M.Crews, G.P. Leila, and L.B.Landrum. This proved to be a mis-trial on October 24,1892 and another trial was held on April 20, 1893 with the following jurors- W.W.Taylor,Mark Patterson, A.P.Carlilo,Mat Moore, Jobe Gibbs, W.E.Kirk, Jim Cox, John Smith, Aaron Fry (Marvins granddad) Gus Green (foreman) Dick Hoover, and A.J.Hoover. The jury's verdict-"We the jury find the defendant, Not Guilty", Guss Green, Forman was handed down.

This shooting happened on May 10, 1892. After Wolf's death (he lived a week after the shooting) Mr. Taylor remained in jail until the trial on October 7,1892.

The shooting on a Thursday afternoon around 6:00 disrupted the quiet in the town of Burnet with pistol shots from the Marshall office. The town Marshall was John Wolf. When citizens got there he was found in his own blood wounded by the Bertram precinct constable-John Taylor. John Wolf had previously arrested on of Taylors sons. Just before the shooting Taylor had come to the Marshall office to talk things over. Wolf then entered the office and said that Taylor made a remark about him arresting him. Then words began to pass and Wolf struck Taylor over the head with his pistol, when Taylor recovered from the blow, he placed his hand on his gun. Then Wolf told him if he threatened to use his gun he would kill him. At this point both man standing close- each with pistol in hand-two shots rang out and Wolf backed into the office. E.J.Moore was the first man to arrive, he found Wolf still standing with his pistol in his hand and John Taylor at his back with both hands around him, holding the pistol held by Wolf. The pistol was taken away and they were separated on the sidewalk where Wolf fell. Taylor admitted the shooting and claimed self defense. Wolf was attended by Drs. Brownlee and S.S. Watson, but continued to loose blood and died the next Thursday at 4:00 am. He was buried in the Dobyville cemetery Thursday afternoon.

John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor never saw a minutes peace after the killing. He heard one of the Wolf brothers say at the funeral " I'll get him for you, John". Taylor feared for his own life, sleeping in corn fields, hiding in the day light hours from the Wolf family. At this time his wife was expecting and when their son was born, he was named after Taylor's lawyer - James A Graham.

Told by the family when Taylor was in jail, Blackston Huggins, his son-in-law to be, rode two good horses almost to death trying to find enough men that would go Taylor's bond to get him out of jail. He (Taylor) lived 15 years and died at the age of 61. While in jail Taylor wrote the following poem about his stay.

~ POEM ~

Composed by John Josiah Lewis Wiley Taylor May, 1892


I know a nice old dwelling, that is built of iron and stone
Surrounded by a wooden fence in which, it stands alone
Its aspects is quite rude The scene is calm and still
It stands like a proud joint, At Burnet on the hill
It has but a few chambers and they are eight by six
Oh, if you ever get in one, you're in a funny fix
It is where you learn what it is to lead a sober still life
You learn to eat your dinner there without a fork or knife
For fear that you would cut your throat or someone else you will kill
A wooden spoon is all you get at Dorbandt's on the hill
In front of this old mansion a live oak does stand
It affords but little shade for poor old Chris to stand
The prison door was left open. It was on one April day
Chris said the children opened it, but no, they was at play
I would not have a child of mine be made those lies, to tell
for their damnation evidence would send a man to hell
A few more words and then at last and down my pen I'll fling
It's easy getting in my friend but getting out's , the thing
If you wish to spend a season in this charming place
You may enter it with pleasure, but leave it in disgrace.


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