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Burnet Tidbits
in the Austin Papers

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Austin Daily Statesman, 12 Feb 1887
Transcribed by JoAnn Myers, November 2005

Burnet Budget.
Mill Accident -- Child Poisoned by Accident -- The Recent Rains -- Personal

Special Telegram to the Statesman
Burnet, February 11.  --
  • Yesterday evening as Briton Smart, son of Jno. Smart, proprietor of the Burnet mill, was attempting to throw off the belt which runs the gin the mill, with a stick used for that purpose, he was caught in the belt lacing, throwing his hand against the sharp edge of a scantling, cutting off his middle finger near the second joint, and almost taking off the forefinger near the joint.
  • A. S. Rutherford, of Austin, was in the city yesterday, quartered at the Central Hotel.
  • J. W. Wilkerson, road overseer on the Austin & Lampasas road, filed his annual report yesterday.  Thirteen men on his road; recommends Earl Barton and Tom Hall as his successors.
  • Maj. W. W. Harding, of Houston, was registered at the Central Hotel, in this city, yesterday.
  • Since the late rains in this county considerable oats have been planted, and farmers are busy breaking up their land.
  • Mr. D. W. Ritting, of Mason, is stopping at the Burnet Hotel.
  • From Dr. W. H. Westfall, president of the Burnet National Bank, and vice president of the Austin & Northwestern railroad, we learn that it is the intention of the road to organize a surveying corps during this month for the purpose of making a survey of a line west from this city towards Mason.
  • Mr. N. T. Wilson, a prominent citizen of Junction City, took dinner at the Western Hotel yesterday.
  • The examination of Miller, charged with the killing of McRay recently, at the quarry near this city, was begun today.
  • Capt. A. N. Leitnaker was in the city yesterday, receiving the ties that have been delivered at the depot.
  • Mr. B. F. Gotchen, overseer of the Burnet and Bertram road, has sent in his report; 11 men on his road and recommends as his successor.
  • Yesterday evening the little son of Mr. Emmett Watson, four year old, of this city, was playing with some bottles in one of them was Fowler's solution of arsenic, of which the child swallowed about a tablespoon full and came very near dying before medical aid was had.
  • Lieutenant Douglass Smith of the Granite Rifles, and Mr. W. Levine, left today for Tacoma, Washington territory, where they will make their future home.

Austin Statesman
5 July 1888 (Thursday)
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, November 2009

Burnet Budget
Matters and Things at the Granite City
Local Items
Special Telegram to the Statesman
Burnet, 4 July
  • The National holiday has been duly celebrated here today, though not on any extensive scale.  This morning a tournament with fifteen entries took place, resulting as follows:
    • First Prize, $15, taken by William Covington; second, $5, by Gerry Hubbard; third, $2.50, by Harvey Martin.
    • The highest number of rings taken was eight in three runs.
    • About 500 people attended the barbeque in the courthouse square, but the extremely warm weather and lack of shade made it somewhat of a burden to be patriotic.
  • Will Collins and H. Collins,  of the Austin Greys, and Carroll McGowna, William Morris and William Wilson, students of the State University, passed through town today on their way to spend a month or two hunting on Devil's River.
  • Colonel W. H. McLaurin and wife of Austin, are spending their Fourth at Marble Falls.
  • The young people of Burnet and vicinity are closing the holiday occasion with a ball at the opera house tonight.
  • Burnet house arrivals:  J. O. Scott, Tyler; W. M. Allen, Kyle; R. T. Hill, Austin; D. M. Angle, Houston.
  • A deep-water meeting was held here today, with Dr. G. W. Christian as chairman and T. O. Chamberlain, Secretary.  Four delegates will go to the Fort Worth convention to represent this county.  The preference, as far as expressed in the meeting, was in favor of Galveston.
The Fourth at Bertram
Special Telegram to the Statesman
Bertram, July 4

  • A number of Bertrens went to Burnet today, to take the barbeque and be bored by the speeches from the modest candidates, while others celebrated our national holiday by retiring to a grove hard by the town where they had a band to lend encouragement over several kegs of lager.  Eloquence ran rampant, and all went home feeling they had done much towards perpetuating the stabilities of our government.
  • Crops are in fine shape and farmers are happy.
  • Dr. T. Peterson, a well known citizen had the misfortune to fall from a ______________ yesterday, breaking his right arm between the wrist and elbow.
  • Mr. M. B. Lockett and family left today for Georgetown, their future home.  Mr. Lockett was the first merchant to open business in this place, and was a successful merchant.  Their removal is much regretted by our citizens who wish them all happiness in their new home.
  • Business is good; merchants smiling and the goose dangles high.



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