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8 September 1876

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 8 Sept 1876
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, 3 Aug 2008

More Blood.

At 9 o'clock yesterday [Thursday] morning Sheriff J. J. Strickland came in town and reported that Dept. Sheriff S. B. Martin and Wilson Rowntree were shot by Joseph Olney, while they were attempting to arrest him.  A party of citizens soon gathered and went to the scene of blood, which was on the other side of the Colorado, in Llano county, twelve miles west of Burnet.  The facts, as far as we can learn, are as follows:

Martin and Rowntree went to Olney's house to arrest him, but being unacquainted with him, talked with him awhile and passed on, intending to cross the Colorado River and return to Burnet.  Olney, suspecting that something was wrong, picked up his gun, buckled on his six-shooter, and remarked that he would see whether they crossed the river or not.  Martin and Rowntree noticed him following, and at once concluded he was Olney.  They rode back, net him, and ordered him to surrender.  Olney quickly drew his pistol and fired, missing his aim.  Martin and Rowntree then fired when Olney, who was on foot, jumped  behind a tree and shot Martin, breaking his left arm above the elbow.  Martin then spoke to Rowntree and told him to shoot OlneyRowntree ran up, put his gun very close to Olney and pulled the trigger, but the gun snapped.  Rowntree then attempted to draw his pistol, when Olney shot him.  Martin's horse had turned around, and was trying to run away, when Olney shot him again.  The fight then ceased.

Martin and Rowntree came across the Colorado River and stopped at an old vacant house where Rowntree assisted Martin to dismount and get into the house.  Rowntree then went in search of Sheriff Strickland, who was three miles away, watching for some one whom he wished to arrest.  Rowntree stopped at a house and laid down.  Dr. J. G. McFarland examined and dressed his wound about twelve o'clock, being about six hours after it was inflicted.  The ball entered the left side just below the stomach, and, passing through a portion of the lungs, came out on the same side, about seven inches from where it entered.  The Doctor thinks his recovery probable.

Messrs. Hudson & Watson are very busily engaged in receiving and opening up their mammoth St. Louis stock.  They are now ready to furnish their customers with a first class article of everything in their line.  They have much difficulty in finding room even in their spacious building to receive their immense piles of domestics, calicoes, jeans, blankets, clothing, trunks, valises, buckets, queensware, boots, shoes, hats, groceries, etc., etc.  Their notion department is complete, and every article is marked very low.

Prof. W. B. Clark, will close his first course in Dancing lessions on Friday the 15th inst.  Many thanks to his patrons for the patronage he has received the present term.  He proposes to teach a second course, if a sufficient number of scholars are obtained.  Those wishing to go or send, will please hand in their names.  Terms for a course of 12 lessons, (3 lessons per week), $6 per scholar, payable in advance.  No admittance for any but the patrons of the school.


In accordance with instructions from the Secretary of State, under date August 15th, 1876, all County Clerks, who were elected to hold the two offices of the County and District Clerk, are required to select which office they will hold and send to the Governor thei resignation of one or the other of these two offices.  I have resigned the District Clerk's office and will only act in future as County Clerk.
TERM 1876

It is ordered by the Court, that the regular term of the County Court, for Criminal business, be and they are hereby changed from the first to the third Monday in each month, and that the terms of this court for criminal business, shall be begun and held hereafter on the third Monday in each month.  And it is further ordered that this order be published according to law, and a copy thereof be forwarded to the office of the Secretary of State. 
Attest:  D. L. Luce,
Clk C.C. Burnet Co.


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