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20 Nov 1878

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 20 Nov 1878
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, 31 May 2010

Special Correspondence,
by Bonnie, Burnet, Nov 17, 1878

Ed. Bulletin:

We have just returned from a short trip through the southern portion of our county.  We gathered on our way some items that might be of interest to your readers.

On Monday the 11th inst., we took dinner with that clever gentleman, Mr. Kinser,  in Pleasant Valley.  He told us that his gin was still running, haying up to that time ginned about 150 bales of cotton.  After dinner we drove to Smithwick Mill, some seventeen miles distant from Burnet.  Here we met our friend Mr. A. M. Cox, whose kind invitation to remain over night we thankfully accepted.  We found here a large two story building owned by Mr. Cox, who occupies the lower room for a store, supplying hundreds of families with cheap dry goods and groceries.  The upper story is the Masonic Hall of the Henry Thomas Lodge No. 278.  Mr. Cox's residence stands a few hundred yards north of the Colorado river, and is well built of granite stone.

We tarried several hours and met several of our old acquaintances, some of whome we had not met for years.  We remained several hours next day and met many of our old friends, many of whom extended us, pressing invitations to visit them.  We went with Mr. Alex. Lewis some two miles distant and remained over night.  His estimable wife went to school to us many years ago, where she evinced much patience.  Their children are sprightly and learn fast at school.  Next morning we found it impossible to proceed farther in our buggy on account of the high water of the Colorado, and accepting a saddle and bridle of Mr. Lewis, we launched out into the river, at the wrong ford, of course, and soon found ourselves getting ready to swim.  Not wishing to get wet, we returned ...[part of text missing.]

Mr. Riley Jackson coming up rode across and kindly showed us the way.  From thence we rode to Rockvale church near Mr. Wiley Fowler's.  After remaining several hours we rode to Mr. Chuns gin and store near Capt Thomas Simpson's.  We were kindly invited by the Capt. to remain till morning which we did.  We found him to be a strong supporter of the Greenback party, the principles of which he seems to be well versed in.  Next morning we started for Mr. Geisecke's residence, some three miles distant.  On our way, we met two good natured stockmen who were trying the speed of their cow ponies.  "We bet on the gray."

Arriving next at Mr. Geisecke's we were kindly invited to alight until after dinner, which he did.  The Squire has a numerous flock of fine merino sheep, which yields him many thousand pounds of wool each year.  We next proceeded to Mr. J. B. Hardin's about eight miles distant, where we remained over night by his kind invitation.  His daughter, Miss Laura, who had been suffering with a painful growth on one of her hands, accidently struck it against a rail and bursted the rising, thus doing away with the necessity of having it removed by a surgeon.  

Our next place to visit was Corwin Post Office, some seventeen miles east of Mr. Hardin's in the extreme southeast corner of the county.  On the way we staid all night with Mr. Moore,  who is an old resident of this county.  He has recently built a neat residence which adds much to the appearance of his homestead.  Here we met Mr. Wright,  a young minister of much promise, who was rusticating in the mountain districts for the benefit of his health.  

We next rode to Corwin post office, where we found a store kept by the affable Mr. J. N. Clark.  We also found a mill and gin owned by Mr. A. M. Cox.  We next rode in company with Mr. Alec Crawford to Mr. Lewis' house where we again took passage in our buggy, arriving in Burnet about ten o'clock that night, not quite in time to save ourselves from getting the benefit of a heavy shower of rain.  We find the people of Burnet county very hospitable and in every section we visited find the people are thrifty, and busily engaged building houses and otherwise improving their farms.


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