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25 Sept 1878

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 25 Sept 1878
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, June 2008

A. T. Taylor and Allen Crews arrived in Burnet last Saturday from Cheyene, Wyoming Territory.

George Whitaker, Esq., returned last week from the Hamilton District Court.
Rev. Mr. Alexander,  of San Saba, will commence a meeting here next Friday night.

Rev. D. J. Davis will preach at Pankey's school house on the 5th Sunday of this month.
John Thomas a citizen of this county, had a fine horse stolen from him 8 miles from Strickling last Monday night.  Neither thief nor horse has been heard from.

Mr. Stringfellow, living near Llano town, killed a deer the other day that weighed 165 pounds after it was cleaned and head removed.  Our neighbor Ross will have to come again or lose the ribbon.
We call attention of Llano county voters to the announcement of H. C. Koger as a candidate for County Surveyor of their county.  Mr. Koger is a very competent and worthy gentleman, and would fill the office with credit.

William Hodge has announced in this issue of the Bulletin for the office of County Commissioner, Dist. No. 2, Burnet County.  Mr. H. is an old citizen of this county, and would, no doubt guard well the interests of the county if elected.
Robert Lewis,  living on Oatmeal, in Burnet county, has raised this year ___ bushels of corn, 800 bushels of ____ [ some words not readable]  All the work of one man, with no help.  This illustrates what one man can do by hard work.

Dr. J. B. Watson, on last Friday delivered before the class in physiology in the Burnet Academy, the first of ____[several words not readable]  Dr. Watson has been added to the Faculty of the Academy.  The friends and patrons of Prof. Russell's school will be gratified to learn of this valuable acquieltion.
Judge Blackburn took advantage of the interum between the San Saba and Lampasas Courts to return home last Friday.  He gave us an account of the murder of the County Attorney of San Saba county...

Liberty Hill, Williamson County
September 20, 1878

On Wednesday, 18th, our town was thrown into momentary excitement by the passing through of John Wesley Hardin, who, under escort of 20 Rangers, was enroute for Comanche from the Austin jail, to receive sentence for  his many crimes.  It is a shame that the boasted murderer of over a score of men should get but 25 years in the penitentiary, with a good possibility for escape.  ...

South Gabriel Gleanings
South Gabriel, Sept. 20, 1878

Nothing of any great importance has passed since our last.

The merchants here are doing a thriving business, buying cotton etc.  they pay round Rock prices for cotton, and most all other classes of produce.

The handsome Deputy Sheriff, J. H. S., was in our city yesterday and was looking around, spruced up, like he expected to meet some one.

The South Gabriel gin has turned out about 120 bales of cotton up to date.

The refugee flea from "Unicorn" has been heard through the intervention of the Aurephone, to bewail his and lot in this strain:
My teeth are gone, my meals are done,
And I am left forlorne,
The toughest skin that e'er has been,
Was grown on "Unicorn."

Burnet Hotel Arrivals.
Week ending September 24th.

J. P. Ward, Austin, Texas
Omar Smith, Casa Blanco, Texas
N. J. Moore,  Galveston, Texas
B. D. Crary, Beaumont, Texas
Col. S. P. Cunningham, Lampasas, Texas
B. C. Cunningham, Sherman, Texas


On Sunday the 22d inst., in burnet county, Mr. B. V. McCarty to Mrs. Susan A. Thompson, all of this county.

On Saturday, the 21st, at the residence of the bride's father, in Burnet county, Mr. George A. Mitchell to Mrs. Martha A. Miller.

On September 17th 1878, James H. Grigsby to Polly E. Davis, all of this county.

Benjamin F. Goether to Armantha C. Allen, all of Burnet county.                     


At her home in Burnet county, on Friday, the 20th of September, 1878, Louisa A.,  wife of M. H. Corker.

"Leaves have their time to fall,
And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath;
And Stars to set, but all
Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O, Death!"

Burnet County Estrays.

Taken up and estrayed by Sam Moreland, before Dan Eldridge, J.P., Prect. No 3 on the 30th day of August 1878, one bay horse, about 14 1/2 hands high, saddle and harness marked, right eye out, about 12 years old, ... brand on each thigh, JS, valued at $15.00

Taken up and estrayed by W. T. Lovett, before Wm. M. Peppers, J. P., No 2 on the 2d day of September, 1878, one gray horse, 15 1/4 hands high, 12 or 14 years old, branded 57 on the right shoulder and thus, () on the neck, valued at $25.

One bay horse, about 14 hands high, 7 or 8 years old, branded thus, US on the left shoulder and C on the left thigh, valued at $25.00.

D. L. Luce, Co. Clerk


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