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18 Feb 1909

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 18 Feb 1909
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, 3 Feb 2008

W. C. Galloway
was in Austin last week attending a banker's meeting.

Mr. Noah Jackson
of Smithwick visited friends several days last week.

Buggies to suit your pocket-book at W. W. Lamb's.

Mrs. Smith
of Marble Falls visited Mrs. J. W. Kincheloe last week.

Albatross Flour can't be beat.
A. J. Root.

Hansford Brownlee returned to Galveston Saturday to resume his medical studies.

Mrs. O. B. Nichols  and grand daughter of Lampasas visited relatives in Burnet last week.

J. B. Escaville made a business trip to Austin first of the week.

Clothes Cleaned and Pressed.
Wagoner & Shilling.

Mr. Charley Smart returned this morning from Marlin, where he had been for some time.

A. R. Johnson, Jr.,  left first of the week for Chicago, where he will purchase a large stock of spring and summer goods.

Easy riding Buggies at R. H. Lamb's.
Mr. Lewis Swanson from Oklahoma joined his family here and visited Mr. and Mrs. John Hamon several days last week.

O. D. Harrell last week sold 500 acres of land off the East and of the Hundley tract to W. Kirk.

FOUND.  On Burnet road 2 1/2 miles from Burnet, a bunch of keys.  Call for them at this office.

The Bulletin regrets to report that Mr. and Mrs. John _____ [text missing] of Junction, lost one of their triplets--a little girl.

WhiteWyandot eggs. $1.00 per setting  of fifteen eggs.  Mrs. T. H. Smith, Lake Victor, Tex.

Presiding Elder T. Lee  of Llano held Quarterly Conference at Lake Victor Saturday.  He spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Chamberlain.

Poultry Pan-a-ce-a pays the grocery bills.  1 1/2 lbs. 35 cents; 5 lbs. 85 cents.

Instant Louse Killer Kills Lice.  It is a powder put up in round cans with perforated top, convenient for sprinkling into the feathers, nests, etc.  For Sale by L. L. Shipp.

Mr. Will Reed after visiting his family for several days left first of the week for different points on cedar business.

Onion sets and fresh garden seeds.  A. J. Root.

Miss Florence Brownlee
returned to the State University Tuesday.  Houghton will remain with his mother until about the middle of March.

Guaranteed line of Shoes.  Mrs. Preston.

Mrs. Will Hays of Stephenville, who was called here on account of the death of her father, Dr. J. S. Brownlee, visited her friend, Mrs. D. C. Reed,  in Bertram

A nice selection of enameled and tinware, with everything for the kitchen.
The Hardware Man

After being confined to his bed for almost three weeks with a severe attack of the gripp, we are glad to report that F. P. Green is again in active duty at the Burnet National Bank.

Remember we carry everything in the drug line.  Howell & Allman.

Mr. Arthur W. Jones of Dallas, preached three sermons at the Methodist Church Sunday in the interest of the Anti-Saloon League.  Mr. Jones is an entertaining speaker and his addresses received close attention.  The severe weather prevented a large attendance.

J. N. Faith of Smithwick, has purchased the Cook gin property and will conduct same in the future.  Mr. Cook and family have made many friends during their stay in Burnet, and their departure will be generally regretted.

I have 640 acres of land within six miles of Rock Springs, Edwards county that I can exchange for city property or a farm.  C. D. Harrell, The Land Man, Burnet Texas.

Our enterprising monument builder Geo. C. Calvert has placed at his factory a compressed air stone dresser on 10 days trial.  So far it seems to do first class work, and if it finally proves successful, it will do the work of five men.  [some text missing]

Buggies, Harness, Saddles, Collars, and everything in the saddlery and harness line.  R. H. Lamb.

Miss Rosalie Jones, who has been teaching the Prairie Point school, has accepted the position at the Star school, near Lometa, and gone to take charge.

Mr. Robt. Badger was here from Austin last week on business and visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Johnson, Jr.

The cold spell this week has been one of the severest of the winter.  It is feared that the small grain is killed.

White Crest flour is the standard of perfection.  It is made out of the heart of pure wheat and for biscuit and pastry it hasn't an equal.  Every sack guaranteed.  Sold by Badger-Johnson Co.

Commissioners' Court is still in session.  This is the busiest term of the year, with a very  large amount of business to transact.  Proceedings will be published next week.

Recently some glandered mules belonging to Mr. Jesse McDonald near Blufton, were condemned and ordered killed by the county, which will have to pay for the animals.

A. J. Root returned Tuesday from St. Louis, where he had been for some time purchasing his Spring and Summer goods.  Mr. Root reports that he purchased one of the nicest and most up-to-date stock of goods ever brought to Burnet.

You will be pleased with my line of Cutlery--Keen Kutter and other brands, including Safty Razors.
Churchill, The Hardware Man.

New Band Laces.  Mrs. Preston's.

For Sale
- Jersey cows.  A. R. Smith, Bertram.

The Neil Litchfield Trio, the Popular Entertainers, who are to give the next entertainment in the Lyceum Course present one of the most novel and genuinely humorous entertainments in the Lyceum.  It is surprise after surprise from the opening to the closing number.  If you want to laugh, go and hear The Neil Litchfield Trio.  At Auditorium Saturday night, Feb. 27.

A serious conflagration was narrowly averted in the First State Bank building Tuesday morning.  The flooring where the stove pipe runs through one of [the] upper rooms caught on fire and had gained considerable headway when discovered.  Another five minutes and the building would have been doomed.  The room, which is rented by Dr. Wilson, was considerable damaged, and some of the contents destroyed.

Red Top Cane Seed and Big German Millet Seed.  Badger-Johnson Co.

TO THE PUBLIC:  Having sold my Mill and Gin, I wish to thank those who patronized me so liberally and did all in your power to make my business a success and life a pleasure while among you.  I regret to have to leave such people.  And now I commend to you, my successor, Mr. J. N. Faith of Smithwick, and ask that you give him the same liberal patronage that you did me and I believe he is worthy and will do you good service being an old ginner of many years experience.  G. S. Cook.

P. S.  Anyone wishing to sell wood will please address Mr. Faith at Smithwick or see him at the mill next Saturday, February 20.  G.S.C.

DON'T OVERLOOK THIS BARGAIN.  200 acres of land two miles from Bertram, 100 acres first class black land in cultivation, 90 acres more fine tillable land.  Nice six room residence all in good repair, large underground cistern, everlasting well of water, wind mill and tank.  Price $6,300; half cash, balance to suit at 8 per cent.  C. D. Harrell, The Land Man, Burnet

LOOK HERE!  If you want a well drilled, see Ray McFarland, Burnet, Texas.

The Railroad Jack Show which is billed to show at Burnet on Saturday, February 20, comes to this town highly recommended by the press in all the towns in which they have played.  They have an exceptionally showy cast in fact one of the best ever seen under canvas.  They are under management of the old time showman J. M. Busby and that is enought to guarantee a good show.  The play has a fine plot, well drawn, that keeps the audience in a shake of expectancy from rise to fall of curtain and between acts they introduce a line of specialties as good as seen anywhere.  Don't miss the best one yet at Burnet, Saturday, the 20th.

Mrs. Elmer Humphrey Dead.

C. O. Wingren, dealer in clocks, watches, and jewelry, silver, glass, and china ware, music and musical instruments, books and stationery.

FOR SALE.  A delightful residence in the southern part of town, containing six rooms, all ceiled and newly papered, three coats of paint on woodwork, inside and out, two large garden spots, fine orchard, large barn, large servants house, fine cellar, and nice pasture, title perfect.  Price $2500.  Mrs. Mattie F. Smart.



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