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News Tibits
27 Oct 1898

Source:  Burnet Bulletin, 27 Oct 1898
transcribed by JoAnn Myers, May 2007

~~ Editorial about the Town Cow and Town Horse. Really, the City Council ought to do something with the town cow and the town horse, just as they do with the town hog and the town dog, or else Burnet's trade will be damaged. A few days ago, a cow seized a bundle of oats in Mr. H. M. Knox's buggy, which caused his horse to run away and tear up the vehicle, the repair of which cost the owner $6.50. A poor countryman lost a whole sack of meal in the same way, last week. It is a common occurrence for farmers to have sacks of flour damaged by these brute marauders. The farmers are the support of the town and ought to be protected. The first thing we know, the Aldermen will have to pay a lawsuit. People who have horses and cows ought to be too proud to allow them to live on other people's provisions and food.

~~ Mr. Fletcher Cook is the happy father of a fine baby boy. It is already two weeks old, while the paternal parent looks a good deal younger than he did.


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