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Indian Depredations
Burnet County

Source:  "The West Texas Frontier" by Joseph Carroll McConnell, 1939

Burnet County Indian depredations mentioned in the book,  "The West Texas Frontier" by Joseph Carroll McConnell, 1939, are listed below.  For a copy of the text relating to the paragraph number and name of a Burnet County event, 

please contact the Burnet County Genealogical Society 


306 - Robert Adams killed, 1859.  Also mentioned are M. J. Bolt, Valentine Fry, E. C. Cowan, Luther H. Cowan, Gid Cowan.     

321 - Benjamin Van Hook and Mosiac Scaggs, 1860.  
374 - A. D. Hamlin Bluffs Indians with a Stick, 1861.  Also mentioned, Ike Maxwell, E. Sampson.
404 - Indian Fight About Nine Miles Southwest of Bertram, 1862.  Names mentioned: Capt John Barton, Newton Murphy, Jesse Calvert, Wm. Allen.
409 - Indians Murder Mr. Cook, 1863.  Others named: James Boyce, Duke Strickland.
410 - Johnathan P. Ragle, Lewis Jackson, and Lorenzo Holland ambushed on way to Morgan's Mill, 1863.  Also mentioned:  Marcus Scaggs and his brother, Benton Skaggs.
425 - Parson Hoover Dismisses Church to Fight the Indians, 1863.  Others named:  G. B. Cowen, Jr., C. A. Davis, John Burns.
441 - John McGill killed, 1863.  Other names:  Wm. McGill, Sam McGill, March Thomas, Thomas Shepherd.
457 - Waford (Enic) Johnson, Wife and Children killed - no date.
493 - Bob Sampson and Joe Allen Encounter Indians, 1864, at Morman's Mill.  Mr. Coon mentioned.
514 - Lum Tedford and Sam Binion, 1865, Hoover's Valley.  Also mentioned: James and Tom Cooper, Bill McGill, A. D. Hamlin.
515 - Killing of Benson and Capture of Son, 1865, Backbone Valley.
545 - Murder of Mr. Jackson, about 1866, Cypress Creek.  Also mentioned: Mark Steward.
641 - Marion Smith killed, 1869.  Other names mentioned:  Columbus Smith, A. H. Edwards, Jim and Wm. Strains, Tom Cates.
710 - Exciting Chase of Sam Brooks, M. J. Bolt and others, 1871, NW of Burnet.  Other names:  John Calvert, Oliver Lee, Sam Wilson, Marion Armstrong, Marion Gree, Tom Fry, W. B. Johnston.
784 - Indian Fight in Northwestern Burnet County, 1873.  Mentioned are: W. W. Brooks, James Taylor, B. Eubanks, J. Jordan.



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