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Burnet County in the Civil War

In 1861, Texans voted whether to secede from the Union. Burnet County voted 159 for secession and 248 against. Nevertheless, the county provided its share of combatants, materials and support to the Confederacy. Lawless bands of secessionists, known as "bushwhackers", murdered and robbed many who were opposed to secession. See Chapter V of Darrell Debo's "Burnet County History, Vol I" for more information.

Click on one of the links below to search for your Burnet County Civil War ancestor. Please consider contributing any information you have on a Burnet County Civil War Veteran.
~ Civil War Veterans buried in Burnet County - an alphabetical list of veterans who are buried in the county; compiled from various sources. List shows birth and death dates, unit served in, and cemetery, if known. As of Aug 2002, we've begun to add tombstone pictures. Also, a link is provided to the category described below, Sketches of our Civil War Veterans.
~ Sketches of our Civil War Veterans - Short narrative sketches of veterans who are known to have lived in Burnet County. Please contribute your ancestor's information for inclusion here.
~ Index to Confederate Pension Applications - Burnet County applicants, with pension file numbers. If you have Burnet County Confederate Pension records, please consider sharing with us.
~ Confederate Indigent Families List - an index of Burnet County residents who were eligible to receive assistance as a result of service to the Confederacy.
~ 1890 Burnet County Civil War Veterans - A special schedule of the 1890 Federal Census, the list of surviving soldiers, sailors, and marines, and their widows was intended to enumerate Union veterans and their spouses. However, some Confederates may have been listed, also.
~ "Guaranty To Aid Soldiers' Families" - a document from Dec. 1864, where leading citizens pledged to take care of families whose head of household enlisted in the army.
~ Captain C. Dorbandt's Company State Troops, 3rd Frontier District, January 1865 - list of names serving in the troop
~ Confederate Reunion Speech, 1894 - Mountain Remnant Brigade
~ Confederate Veterans Reunion, 1901 - Mountain Remnant Brigade
~ Confederate Veterans Reunion, 1906 - Mountain Remnant Brigade
~ Confederate Veterans Reunion, 1908 - Mountain Remnant Brigade
~ Confederate Veterans Reunion, 1909 - Mountain Remnant Brigade  
~ Confederate Veterans Reunion, 1910 - Mountain Remnant Brigade


  • Index to the Confederate Veteran Magazine. From the Library of Virginia website: This database is a fully-searchable index to the personal names of Confederate soldiers as they appear in the Confederate Veteran Magazine published between 1893 and 1932. The magazine primarily contains articles relating to the activities of various local Confederate veterans' organizations. It also includes biographical sketches, literary works, and obituaries. Each of the more than 11,000 entries contains a reference to the volume and the page number and may contain birth date, death date, and military unit.
  • Texans in the Civil War - includes regimental histories, muster rolls and biographies.
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  • Union and Confederate POWs of the Civil War - Searchable database of Civil War Union and Confederate Prisoners of War.
  • CONFEDERADOS IN BRAZIL.  This page is dedicated to those who left their homes and their country, moving to a faraway land to rebuild their lives after the War Between the States. Confederate veterans and families; history of the immigration.
  • U. S. Civil War Regimental Histories in the Library of Congress - A searchable catalog of U.S. Civil War regimental histories in the Library of Congress.
  • The War of the Rebellion - Thanks to Cornell University's part in the "Making of America" project, all 128 books in this series have been scanned and placed online for free access to researchers. Now fully searchable!
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  • Army Military History Institute - Has a search feature and offers copies of bibliographies of American Civil War Units for a small fee. Some of the holdings may be borrowed through interlibrary loan procedures...
  • Cyndi's List - U.S. - Civil War - a long list of Civil War sites by Cyndi Howells.
  • Civil War E-Mail Lists - If you've searched everywhere for an ancestor's military record, but can't locate one, you might want to try your luck with mailinglists. These lists are subject-specific, and many involve specific wars. To search them out, start by clicking on the link Civil War E-Mail Lists .After subscribing to one of these lists, you can ask questions of the other list members, discuss research methods, and share resources. Often, members have war indexes they're willing to share; some will even look up information for free for you.
  • MHI Photograph Database -This database is a catalog of American Civil War (ACW) photographs from the Special Collections Branch of USAMHI. Usually, patrons are searching for ancestors, researching particular ACW regiments, or looking for examples of items worn or used by soldiers of the period. Ultimately, this database will reflect the full range of USAMHI's photographic collection, ranging from the periods of the Mexican War in the 1840s to recent operations such as those in Somalia and Bosnia. As our digitization efforts expand, we hope to provide links to scanned images through this database.

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