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Funeral Notices

The following is a description of original funeral notices archived at the Herman Brown Free Library, in Burnet.

  • The notices are approximately 5 x 7, some bordered by black, which were printed by the funeral homes and distributed to businesses and public places to announce funeral services of local people.
  • They range from the 1950s through the mid-1980s, with a few older.
  • Information contained on each notice usually includes, besides name and date of funeral, the church where the service will be conducted and the minister who will officiate, as well as the name of the funeral home and cemetery where burial will be held.
  • Some notices also give names of survivors.
  • An index was typed of the funeral notices, arranged alphabetically, in the following format:
      LAST NAME, First Name, Middle Name; Funeral Date, Funeral Home, Cemetery
  • The Cemetery Name is typed as it appeared on the Funeral Notice, and is assumed to be in Burnet County, unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • The Funeral Home name is abbreviated as follows:
      C = Clements Funeral Home

      CW = Clements-Wilcox Funeral Home

      E = Edgar Funeral Home

  • The index has been printed and is available for patrons at the Burnet Library, where a copy of the original notice may be made.
  • The index is also available in electronic format here on the Burnet County Web Page. Click on the alphabet range you're looking for, then use your browser's find feature to look for a specific surname.

Funeral Notice Index

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D - F
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If you would like a copy of a funeral notice, contact the Burnet County Genealogical Society,

Burnet County TXGenWeb

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