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Old-Time Recipes

Source: Burnet Bulletin, 7 March 1874

Feather Cake

One cup white sugar,
One spoonful butter,
One egg,
Two even cups sifted flour,
Two-thirds cup of sour milk or cream,
Half teaspoon soda.
One teaspoon cream tartar may be used instead of sour milk.
Flavor to taste.
Vermicelli Soup
Make a soup of veal, mutton or fowls;
Add a quarter of a pound of vermicelli;
Boil it fifteen minutes;
Add a little mace, a cup of cream just before taking it up, and
A small piece of butter;
Salt and pepper to taste.
Ginger Cookies
Take three cups of molasses
One cup sugar,
One cup hot water
One cup butter
One tablespoonful ginger
Two teaspoonfuls salaratna
Add flour enough and knead them so that they will roll well,
And they will be found good.
Graham Biscuit
These are quickly made and very nice for breakfast.
Take a quart of graham or unbolted flour,
And mix it to the consistency of drop cake, with buttermilk,
An even teaspoonful of butter,
And drop the mixture on a shallow pan;
Bake in a quick oven fifteen or twenty minutes.
Corn Bread
Take four cups of sour milk,
One of those partly filled with cream;
One egg, a little salt,
Two even teaspoonfuls pulverized soda;
Mix the soda with a very little corn meal and
Stir all together til it foams;
Then add corn meal till a thin batter is obtained;
And pour into hot tins, oiled, an inch deep, and
Bake in a quick oven.
Pork Pudding
One cup chopped pork,
One cup of molasses with one teaspoon soda stirred into it;
One cup of raisins, three fourths cup of sweet milk,
All kinds of spices;
Flour enough to make a stiff batter.
Steam for four hours.
For a sauce, take one cup of white sugar,
Put into one cup boiling water, and pour upon two well beaten eggs.
Flavor with lemon and add a small piece of butter.
Hominy Cake
Mix with cold hominy an equal amount of white flour, until perfectly smooth;
Add a teaspoonful of salt, and
thin off with buttermilk into which a teaspoonful of soda has been dissolved
When of the consistency of griddle-cakes, add a dessert spoonful of melted butter, and bake as usual;
With maple syrup they are delicious, and the absence of eggs will not be missed.
Rice Pudding
Take one teacupfull of soft, boiled rice,
One tablespoonful of butter, mixed into the rice while hot;
Add one quart of sweet milk
One Teacup of sugar,
The yolks of five eggs,
Season with lemon;
Bake until done.
Beat the whites of the five eggs to a stiff froth, and stir in it five heaping tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar.
Spread over the custard;
Return to the oven and bake a delicate brown.
Sugar Biscuits
Dissolve one teacupsful of white sugar in a quart of new milk
Then stir in a pint of lively yeast with sifted flour enough to make a stiff sponge;
Let it rise until very light;
Then work into a sponge three quarters of a pound of melted butter,
With sifted flour enought to make a stiff dough;
Work the dough thoroughly,
Cut into bisquits
Let them stand on buttered tins to rise;
Sift sugar upon each, and bake in a quick oven.

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