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Adam R. Johnson Chapter 2498

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The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) is the outgrowth of memorial, monument, home associations and auxiliaries to Camps of Confederate Veterans, which were organized following the War Between the States. The UDC is the oldest patriotic organization in America. Existing as early as 1890, the National Association was formally organized in 1894.


UDC objectives include


The UDC was organized by patriotic, southern women who gave their time, talents and means to serve with no thought of compensation beyond the feeling of duty well done. The UDC continues to serve its historic past as the changing times required. In war, as in peace, the UDC yields to none in its devotion, patriotic service and loyalty to our beloved United States of America.


Those eligible for active membership are women no less than 16 years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men or women who served honorably in the Army, Navy, or Civil Service of the Confederate States of America (CSA) or gave material aid to the Cause.


General Adam R. Johnson


The Adam R. Johnson Chapter 2498 of Burnet was organized in May of 1985. The chapter is named for Kentucky native, Adam Rankin Johnson, CSA Brigadier General and commander of the Partisan Rangers. The General lost his eyesight at the Battle of Grubbs Crossings, Kentucky. After the War, Johnson returned to Central Texas and became a very important citizen. He was instrumental in getting the railroad to Burnet County, and settled a new community called "Marble Falls," which was often called "The Blindman's Town."

General Johnson died in 1922 and is buried in the State Cemetery in Austin.

The original Adam R. Johnson Chapter was organized in 1906 under the leadership of the wife of General Johnson, but ceased to be active in 1928.  The Chapter was re-chartered on 23 May 1985 with Mrs. Geneva Tetley as President.  Included in the membership was a granddaughter of General Johnson, along with one real daughter, six granddaughters, 19 great-granddaughters, two great-great granddaughters, and one great niece.

In 1992 the Adam R. Johnson Chapter No. 2498 merged with Llano Chapter No. 2500.  The merged chapters care for the Confederate Monument on the Llano County Courthouse Square.


The Adam R. Johnson Chapter meets the fourth Thursday of each month (excluding July, August, November & December), 1:30 p.m.

Officers for 2012 - 2014

Jan Harris, President

Jane Knapik, Vice President

Charla Hester, 2nd Vice President

Tootsie Beyer, Recording Secretary

Doris Gates, Treasurer

Patricia Schultz, Registrar

Edna Cheatham, Historian

Sue Ashby, Recorder of Military Service Awards

Esther Pogue, Chaplain

2013 -2014 Meetings/Functions -- Dates, Location and Program


September 26 - Marble Falls Library - Flags of the Confederacy - Edna Cheatham

October 2-6 - 117th Annual Texas Division Convention, Houston

October 24 - Burnet Library - Dick Dowling, Davis Guards & Battle of Sabine Pass -
                     Edna Cheatham

November 1-4 - 120th Annual General Convention, Tulsa, Oklahoma


January  19 - Location to be Announced - 2 pm
Texas Confederate Heroes Day

January 23 - Marble Falls Library - "A Visit to Beauvoir" - Jan Bush

January 25 - Annual Officers Forum - Location to be Announced - 9:30-3:00

February 27 - Burnet Library - Sul Ross, Brig Gen, President of Texas A&M -
                         Robert Wright

March 27 - Marble Falls Library - Brig Gen Henry Hopkins Sibley, Inventor of the
                    Sibley Tent - Milli Williams

April  12 - District Vi Workshop, Belton, Texas - 8:30 am

April 20 - Confederate Memorial Day Services - To be announced

May 23 - Annual Birthday Party - Location to be announced - 11:30 am

June 26 - Bertram Library - To be announced

September 25 - Marble Falls Library - To be announced

For more information about Adam R. Johnson, see the following links:

Historical Markers
(Airy Mount, Johnson's former home in Burnet)

Photo Album

"Our Illustrious Ancestors: Johnson, Rankin, Eastland, Brazeale, and Speed", by Mary Johnson Posey

Burnet County History Vol II, page 173-174

Burnet County Confederate Pension Files

Burnet County Confederate Soldier Biographies

More Info about Burnet County, the war, and our people.

Sons of Confederate Veterans --  Simulated Artillery Firing - Dobyville Cemetery, 2010

(no meetings in July, August, November, December)

New Members January 2014:
Nancy Nalle-McKenzie, Arlene Garey, Catherine Palmer
Registrar Pat Schultz and President Jan Harris on right


Adam R. Johnson Chapter 2498 Members
March 2010
Field Trip to
Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Texas



Jan 14 - Birthday of Mathew Fontaine Maury, C S N

Jan 19 - Birthday of Robert E. Lee,

Jan 21 - Birthday of Gen. Thomas Jonathan Jackson

Feb 3 - Birthday of Sidney Lanier,
b. 3 Feb 1842
d. 7 Sep 1881

April 26 - Confederate Memorial Day

May 23 - Organization of Chapter

June 3 - Birthday of Jefferson Davis

September 10 - Organization of the UDC - 1894

September 16 - Birthday of Admiral Franklin Buchanan

September 27 - Birthday of Raphael Semmes

October 8 - Birthday of John H. Reagan

December 12 - Birthday of Stand Watie

Past Special Observances

21 April 2007
Confederate Grave Markers, Crownover Chapel

Pogue Marker
Tucker Marker - G. W. Tucker Biography

24 April 2008
Confederate Grave Marking
Driftwood Cemetery, Driftwood Texas
John M. Morris

26 April 2008
Confederate Memorial Day
Vietnam Service Cross to Harold Smith

Confederate Gravemarking
November 2012
Hoover's Valley Cemetery
Joy Shirley, Charla Hester, Pat Schultz, Esther Pogue, Marie Holman, Edna Cheatham
JoAnn Myers behind the camera

March 2013
Field Trip to Ft. Mason

JoAnn Myers, Marie Holman, Doris Gates, Charla Hester, Pat Schultz, Milli Williams, Tootsie Beyer, Maud Cain, Edna Cheatham

May 2010
Installation of Officers

New officers installed May 2010

Our Confederate Ancestors

John Beck Abney - G-Grandfather of Carol Wright
John Alexander - G-Grandfather of Jane Alexander Knapik
Garland Walker Barton - ancestor of Frances Barton Decker
J. H. Blackwell - ancestor of Pat Schultz
David C. Booth - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
John Willard Brasher - G-Grandfather of Hazel Brasher Ashby
Kinion Kendrick Brewer
Grandfather of Pamela Arlene Spann Garey
Nathan Gardner Brinkley -
G-Grandfather of Ollie Beyer
John R. Brown - ancestor of Vashti Smith Tucker
James M. Bullock - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
George Payne Cantrell - G-Grandfather of Maud Hopkins Cain (app pending 2013)
Andrew P. Castleberry - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Logan C. Clardy - G-Grandfather of Maxine Cullison
George Patrick Crump - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
 James Waddie Crump - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
William H. Crump - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Mark L. Dean - G-Grandfather of Colleen Kenyon
George Washington Draper - Grandfather of Kathleen Smith
Newton Jordan Edney - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
James L. Egger - G-Grandfather of Pat Schultz
Miles Eppler - G-grandfather of Kay Eppler Clarke
and Evalyn E. Craigie
James Gray Felton - GG-Grandfather of Doris Kelly-Holmberg
Hugh Fitzsimons - ancestor of Dolores Guinn
Aaron Trice Fuller - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
  Stepen H. Fuller - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
William L. Fuller - G-Grandfather of Esther Black Pogue
Gen. Isham Warren Garrott - GG-Grandfather of Nancy Ruth Nalle-McKenzie
Ernst Adolph Gustav Gotthardt - GG-Grandfather of Nikki Quinn and
ancestor of Sandra Soika
Josiah S. Griffin - GG-Grandfather of Billie Virginia Altum Cooper
John Milledge Greathouse - G-Grandfather of Ellen Spiller and
Mary Ann Brubaker Witter
Henley J. Hamner - G-Grandfather of Mary Ratliff
Miles Hardy - G-Grandfather of Shirley LeBouf Hood
Dave S. Harriss - G-Grandfather of Marie Holman
Joseph Nathaniel Benjamin Hawkins - GG-Grandfather of Victoria Pace
Nathan Jeffry - GG-Grandfather of Joy Shirley
Anton Hoelscher - ancestor of Geneva Russell
  Bernard Hoelscher - ancestor of Geneva Russell
Joseph Hoelscher - ancestor of Geneva Russell
William Hoelscher - ancestor of Geneva Russell
Thomas Samuel  Hood - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
Jesse Christopher Johnson - ancestor of Vashti Smith Tucker
Richard J. Johnson - ancestor of Vashti Smith Tucker
W. F. Kinney - - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
Benjamin F. Lane - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
 Crawford Jackson Lane - G-Grandfather of Peggy Toombs
Stephen C. Lane - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Morgan C. Lee - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Thomas B. Leonard, Jr. - G-Grandfather of Gloria Walton Bennett
Charles B. Lloyd - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Hamilton McMillan - G-Grandfather of Catherine Anders Palmer
Christoph Moeller - ancestor of Geneva Russell
William Moeller - ancestor of Geneva Russell
Robert Crit Moren - ancestor of Patricia Schultz
John M. Morris - G-Grandfather of Doris Eddy Gates
Henry Ockler - G-Grandfather of Geneva Russell
William Ockler - ancestor of Geneva Russell
Henry C. Owens - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Joseph Frank Owens - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
William P. Owens - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Asa Alonzo Partin - G-Grandfather of Edna Cheatham
Alexander Merit Prewitt - G-Grandfather of Linda Hilderbrand Primrose
Osborne Phillip Quillian - GG Grandfather of Sue Ashby
R. P. "Dick" Ray - G-Grandfather of Dot Creasey
Cyrus Sherwood Reeves - GG-Grandfather of JoAnn Riley Cook
H. M. Ross -
GG-Grandfather of Dolores Guinn
Green Berry
Sawyer - GG-Grandfather of Joan Ross
Bernard Schneider - ancestor of Geneva Russell
 Frederick Schneider - ancestor of Geneva Russell
John Coleman Burrus Scott - G-Grandfather of Susan Eller Everett Cathey
William Richard Smith - GG-Grandfather of Janice King Harris
Samuel Smith - G-Grandfather of Vashti Smith Tucker
William Johnson Standifer - Grandfather of Betty Jo Kleen
Andrew Jackson Stewart - G-Grandfather of JoAnn Stewart Myers
William Warren Stewart -
G-Grandfather of Rita Motley
George M. Stennett -
G-Grandfather of Janet Lewis Crain (app pending 2013)
Richard Henry
Sugg - Grandfather of Charla Hester
George Washington Toombs - G-Grandfather of Marilyn McLean
John H.Vickery - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
J. Vance Vickery - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
Isam Butcher Welch - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Noah Whiddon - GG-Grandfather of Marjorie Lee Burnett
Henry Swepson Whitehead -  G-Grandfather of Pat Jones
Jesse Franklin
Williamson - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
Morgan D. Williamson - ancestor of Edna Cheatham
Joseph L. Wilson - ancestor of Peggy Toombs
Thomas Spring Wolf - ancestor of Betty Jo Kleen


for information on our Confederate Ancestors

Chapter Photos

Charter members Edna Cheatham and Peggy Toombs show off the
birthday cake at the May 2010 meeting hosted by Charla Hester.

Group on Memorial Walk at Camp Ben McCullough, April 2008

Touring historic Pound home in Dripping Springs, April 2008

Commemorating Confederate Memorial Day
Burnet Library, April 2008

Real Daughters Honored, May 1990

In Memorium

Iona Pearl (Toni) Hart Becker - 10 Feb 2002
Lou Helen McFarland Box - 3 June 2002
Aline W.  Bradley  - 31 Dec 2007
*Dixie Buckner - 29 Nov 1997
Eula Belle Maley Cook - 6 Feb 2003
Billie Maxine Crafton - 27 Jan 2010
Charlotte Doran - 2 May 2007
Maxine Cullison - 5 Oct 2011
Clara Belle Martin Dorbandt - 26 Jun 2007
*Winnie Mae Williams Fluitt - 29 Apr 1994
Velvia Prewitt Wright Fuller - 14 July 2008
*Sophia Olney Haynes - 24 Mar 1989
Bernice Muriel Jackson - 15 May 2000
*Stella Stone Jacobs - 4 Mar 1990
Patricia Ann Jones - 24 Jul 2013
Betty Jo Kleen - 1 Oct 2010
Sara Louisa Brewer Lasley - 22 May 1989
*Lenora Simpson Low - 26 Feb 1999
Ruth Turner McShane - 2 Jun 1992
Helen Marshall Middleton - 14 Feb 1991
Lucille Guthrie O’Donnell - 30 Aug 1992
Ora Dell  Overstreet - 14 Feb 1998
Ruth Neal Corder  Patteson - 5 Apr 2002
Jeane Roberts - 1 Apr 2008
*Ora Josephine Lane Robinson 20 Jun 1991
*Lena Rodgerson - 25 June 1997
Iona Grelle Ross - 25 Jan 2003
Bobbie Morgan Smykal - 19 Jun 2004
*Lillie Mae Stewart - 19 Mar 1995
Blanche McCann Tombs - 3 Dec 2001
Myrtle Owen White - 27 Apr 1987
Faydean Lee Wilson - 2 Sep 2001
Imogene Wilson - 26 May 1994
Mary Ann Witter - 31 Jan 2012
*Virgie Blackstock Wolfe - 21 May 2007

*Denotes Real Daughter


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