Abstracts of Calhoun County Wills

Book 1
Page # Deceased Individual Legatee(s) Executor Witnessed by Probated on
1 William G. Ewing Juliet Staunton, Sister in Law George S. Peacock and James Denison A. H. Phillips, James L. Smith, Lillian N. Dallam Oct. 27, 1846
3 Henry C Kitchen Alexander Kitchen, Father and Agnes Kitchen, Mother David Murphy, Victoria TX F. K. Fulton, Thomas Gonzales, T. H. Davis and H. H. Monroe  
4 Herman Buescher Theadore Miller, Property in Germany Theadore Miller L. A. White May 29, 1849
5 Isidero Benavides (of Victoria) Maria Quantina Benavides, Wife and minor children James Cummings and John B Tucker H. Monroe, N. Lawhorn and Thomas Newcomb  
7 William A McAdoo of Indianola Sarah Tone McAdoo, property in Philadelphia, PA Chambers Etter John Henry Brown, W. T. Woodburn and S. F. Cocke Jul 1, 1851
9 James C Allen of Indianola Catherine Allen, Wife Catherine Allen John Henry Brown and George W. Cloudt Oct 25, 1851
11 Frederick Serda (New Orleans, LA) Henrietto Hullen Serda, Wife and Carolina Serda, Sister None A. Donnand, A. Sieran, and C. G. Garrison  
16 James Ross (Washington County, TX) Wife, William Ross and Andrew Ross of Ross County OH brothers, Martha and Mary Jane Ross of Ross Co., OH sisters None Josiah T. C. Crosby, Thomas Cartwell and Azivin Willcox Feb 28, 1849
19 L. D. G. Bumstead (Boston Harbour) Sister Sarah to have lands in Calhoun Co., TX. T. D. Brouver testified as to handwriting of Bumstead none Jul 5, 1852
21 John Coghlan Joseph (Son when he reaches age of 21, which will be 15 Sept. 1856) If Joseph dies, two brothers receive the land Joseph Nov 29 1852
25 James L. Lytele Elizabeth, Wife and Peyton, Son Richard Pryor - Father-in-Law, Flether L. Stockdale, Joseph L. Sanders and W. H. Dallam none Feb 27, 1854
27 Isaac W. Mitchell Mary Mitchell, Wife and Children Lafayette Ward and James T. Lytle G. R. Billups, Benjamin Ward and H. Rosencrans May 13, 1854
29 Moses Johnson Olivia, Wife and Children, Sam, Ann Olivia and Sidney Olivia Johnson, Wife Wesley Ogden, John C. Laurence and Alexander Read Nov 28, 1853
31 Jabez James Sarah, Wife and Children (not named) Sarah James, Wife W. Arthur Hill, Thomas William Price and Joseph H. Sanders May 13, 1854
32 Ludwig Theadore Muller Mother - Widow, Baileff Muller, Germany Intestate Attorney Economist Hortz Muller Poderhourn Oct 20, 1852
36 A. Somervell Prince George Co., MD Brother, James Somervell James T. Perry of Brazoria, TX Henry Smith, J. B. Miller, J. H. Corn, Nath. Townsound, W. B. Aldridge, Charles B. Stevens and W. B. Travis Aug 1, 1855
39 Priscella Jane Varnell Martha, Ben Wade, Mary Jane, Elizabeth Ann - Children None John R. Baker, A. Marschalk and G. G. Baldwin Feb. 26, 1859
42 Olivia Kendrick Children, Sam Johnson, Ann Olivia Johnson, Sidney Johnson Nathaniel Huggins, Brother and John L. Kendrick, Husband James Graham and J. K. Brown Nov 26, 1855
46 Elizabeth Phoebe Beaumont Sister, Pherabah Coleman, Husband, Franklin Beaumont, Sr. none C. S. Hedges and Alex T. Hensley Dec 1854
47 Marie Jane Clegg Husband, Edward Clegg, Daughter, Maude Clegg and Sons, Austin and Geroge Edward Clegg none J. D. Brouer, William Crysler and W. L. Thomas Nov 30, 1858
49 William B. Miller Green Lake Wife and children A. H. Phillips of Victoria Sherman Goodwin and E. Reisner Jul 25, 1856
51 I. H. Baldwin Wife, Martha Ellen, Children, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary, Anna, John Hall, and Martha Ellen Wife W. P. Milby and Green Orr Apr 27, 1857
53 E. B. Stockdale William Hilby and W. H. Woodward take charge of his business as assignee of Chambers Etter. Collect money owed to him and pay to Seely Wood of Cincinatti, OH. Read and Agreed to by E. B. Stockdale William D. Kelly, Green Orr and T. S. Coats Nov 27, 1854
54 Stephen F. Cocke of Green Lake Wife - Ann Agusta Cocke, Son - Stephen Frederick Cocke, Daughters - Willie Roberta, Ann Agusta and Harriet Ella Cocke Brother Thomas Cocke, Friends - William D Jones and David Murphy also Legatees W. C. Blair, Allen Jones and A. H. Phillips Jul 30, 1856
56 John D. Royall Nephew, Henry Clinton Robertson of Ark. Kitty Adams None Lewis H. Jacobs and Thomas Haynes Jun 28, 1858
58 A. H. Cooke Wife - Mary Cooke, Children - Henry, William, Wallace, George Hamilton and Mary Mary Cooke, Wife David Montier and William Longnecker Dec 28, 1859
59 Ann Agusta Cocke of Victoria Co. Thomas R. Cocke guardian of children, Ann Agusta, Stephen, Willie Roberts. All minors None W. L. Harrison and A. H. Phillips Mar 28, 1859
62 T. R. Threlkeld None Wife Thomas Haynes and D. M. Stapp Apr 1860
64 Mary Glenn Children - Daniel Hoffman, Leah Ann, Pamilia Lousia, and Georgiana Glenn. George S. Menifee, Guardian of the Children David Lewis and Sarah Andun June 25, 1860
66 John Swartz Wife - Susan Swartz, Chilrend - Nickalos Agustas, John William, Charles Travis, Lucinda, Sarah, Amelia and Lizzie John Henry Brown of Indianola Mary M. Brown and Stephen F. Cocke Feb 26, 1861
68 James Chain Christian Dierlam, Step-Son-in-Law Christian Dierlam Michael Graves, Jac Arto and J. W. Conand Feb 1862
71 Wiley George Wife - Anna George, Child William B. George Ann George and Alexander Hensley None May 1862
75 Sarah F. Anderson Son - Philip Norbourn H. Anderson, Father - D. Levi Jones, Sister - Rosina E. Delano, Brother - Henry Jones Uncle - Fielding Jones, Cousin - Fletcher S. Stockdale (guardian of Phillip) Lizzie K. Dule and Ann Rooke May 28, 1866
77 Herman Thielepope Brothers - George Justis of Indianola, Julus Wernes, Germany, William Carl of San Antonio George Justis Thielepope Henry Luhrs, Henry Theman and Henry Dalme Sep 1, 1856.
79 Pierre Mary Wife - Angelina Mary and Children None David Montier and Giovani Rosetta Jan 29, 1867
81 Richard Benjamin Vendervort None Wife - Mary D. Vandervort Ellen Vandervort and W. H. Woodward Dec 28, 1861
83 Agnes Kitchen William Longnecker None Robert W Dunn, Jas. Gardner, Barney Mooney and John B. Burke Aug 1863
85 A. L. Dibrell Henry Seelegson, Business Partner and C. P. Dibrell of Marshall, MI Henry Seelegson R. D. Martian and T. E. Hughes July 29, 1867
88 Albert P. Burnley of Frankfort KY Wife - Frances, Son - George (land in TX), Daughters - Martha, LUcy and Harriet Crittenden, Son-in-Law - Robert H. Crittenden Wife - Frances A. T. Burnley, Albert G. Bacon and A. D. Nelson Aug 26, 1867
92 Frederick Garrisen of New York Wife, Lizzie A Moore None Testified to handwriting: John W. Boyd, Emil Reiffert and Bustas Lehman None
93 Charles Taylor None Wife, Mary A. Taylor C. R. Prouty and I. J. Coats None
95 D. E. Crossland None Wife Martha is to be guardian of children and if she should die Darwin M. Stapp to be guardian. Children are Ida, Edward, Claud, and Fanny Maud W. H. Woodward, Henry Beaumont and D. C. Procter None

Prepared by Margaret Johnson, Port Lavaca, TX

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