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Confederate Pensions
Calhoun County, Texas

Claimant Name Husband
Babcock, H. M.  
Bessent, Abraham Benjamin  
Bessent, Nancy Ann Rebecca Bessent, Abraham Benjamin
Boone, Lacy  
Boquet, J. V.  
Calhoun, Bettie Calhoun, Frank (Francis) Henry
Calhoun, Francis Henry  
Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Thomas
Clay, J. F.  
Clement, Louisa G. Clement, Thomas Houlton
Daniel, Nancy Daniel, James Bennett
Dewey, William Spencer  
Dierlam, Christopher  
Dierlam, John, Sr.  
Dierlem, Elmira Dierlem, Christian
Dierlem, John, Sr.  
Dillman, John  
Evans, Mary Emoline Evans, David Ather
Harrell, Tom B.  
Hatch, A. M. (Mrs) Hatch, John N.
Hatch, John N.  
Hawes, Sarah Hawes, Alfred Calhoun
Hill, Ellen Hill, John H.
Hoffman, Talitha Ann Hoffman, William Commordore
Jordan, Amos, Sr.  
Jordan, Amos, Sr. (Mrs) Amos, Sr.
Mabry, J. J.  
McChristian, Joseph Henry  
McFarland, Carrie Jayne McFarland, Thomas Jefferson
Middleton, W. T.  
Moore, William  
Moore, William (Mrs) Moore, William
Norris, Joseph Addison  
Norris, Joseph Addison (Mrs) Norris, Joseph Addison
O'Neil, Mary Jane O'Neil, John
Paulson, Thomas  
Power, John M.  
Rehll, Pat  
Richardson, James E.  
Ruebush, Abraham Christ (Mrs) Ruebush, Abraham Christ
Sellers, M. L. (Mrs) Sellers, James Calhoun
Sims, Maria L. Sims, John M.
Smith, Frank A.  
Smith, Gov. Albert Martin  
Stevens, Caroline Stevens, Charles
Strait, Arcis (Mrs)  
Strait, William K.  
Turner, Mary Ellen Turner, Charles Carol
Williamson, Harriett Williamson, John Wesley
Williamson, John Wesley  
Wilson, Sallie Wilson, William Francis
Wilson, William Francis  
York, L. D. York, Armstead Neuman

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