Taken from tax rolls, customs records, probate records, official letters, and accounts.

by the late Paul Frier



Eight slaves were enumerated for Linnville in the 1840 census.

Auld, Edward - purchased Lot 4, Block 4, January 11, 1841

Balfour, H. or D., Boarding officer and Notary Public for Linnville

Bennett, Elijah, warehouse, wharf, hotel, since 1837 at Linnville

Brown, Daniel D., step-son of Sylvanus Hatch, warned residents of danger*

Buffalo Hump, Panetka Comanche Indian chief who led raid on Linnville**

Cattill, E. G., described self as "citizen of Linnville", August 12, 1840

Clausel, - -, farmer, rancher on Placedo Creek ,wounded by Indians.

Esteny, Father, Catholic Priest who served Victoria, Linnville

Ewing, William G., merchant, warehouseman, owned city lots

Farrar, S. W. resident, owned city lots

Flood, Thomas, resident, owned city lots

Forbes, Col. John, Texas Army Commissary General at Linnville, 1836

Fugit, Joel, purchased Lot 4, Block 5, on Union Street, April 3, 1839

Fulkerson, James P. a resident, future sheriff of Calhoun County

Gambel, William, served as Justice of the Peace at Linnville and Victoria

Gonzales, Pedro, his quarter league grant became the site of Linnville

Hall, Jacob, medical doctor, boarded in the Watts home

Hamson, John, Captain of the Schooner "Star" between Port Cavallo and Linnville

Harris, Enoch, wagoner and teamster

Harry, John H. acting Quartermaster Texas Army at Linnville, 1840

Hayes, John, owner and resident, warehouseman, merchant, county Judge

Howlett, James, Lot 3, Block 19, May 3, 1941

Ingram, James, merchant, storekeeper

Jackson, John Jr., custom house clerk at Linnville

Johnson, F. H. W., described self as "citizen of Linnville", August 12, 1840

Jones, D. M. resident, boarded in the Watts home

Landers, Major H., commander, Texas troops at Linnville to May, 1840

Lane, Cornelious, merchant, deputy collector of customs, Linnville

Lane and West Company, mercantile, wharf, July 17, 1841

Marshall, William G., captain of schooner that saved Linnville residents

Milliken, William, carpenter, house builder from Maine

Mitchell, Margaret Kerr, tried to warn residents of Indian danger*

McConnell, Thomas, senator in Texas Congress, resident of Linnville*

McHenry, John, purchased lot on Union Street, Linnville, June 1840

McKenzie, J. M., resident, merchant, storekeeper, 1839-1941

Murray, William, cistern builder, painter, laborer

Nichols, William, wagoner, teamster, freighter, Linnville/Gonzales

Odin, Bishop, his "Diary" contains his description of Linnville, 1840 O'Neill, Joseph, traveler from Ireland, visitor in Linnville, killed

Prescott, Oren, partner with Bennett, wharf, August 19, 1840

Renfrow, R. W. merchant, trader, owned city lots

Ryan, James, purchased Lot 4, Block 2, January 22,1841

Stanton, James M., Jr., resident, carpenter, seaman, sometimes a doctor

Stevens,--, wagoner, killed by the Indians

Storrs, Augustus, merchant, customs inspector, a former Santa Fe trader

Schenck, Jacob, Boarding and Discharge Officer, deputy collector

Shoemaker, James, resident, owned city property

Timmons, Joseph, Texas army veteran, landowner, died in Linnville, 1839

Ward, Major Thomas, Texas Army Quartermaster at Linnville, 1836

Watts, Hugh Oran, Custom Collector at Linnville since 1839, killed

Watts, Juliet Ewing, recent bride of H. O. Watts, kidnapped by the Indians

Watts, Samuel T. brother to H.O. and William H. Watts, resident

Watts, William H., resident, merchant since 1837, wrote eye-witness account

West, Richard, deputy customs collector, resident

Woodruff, John, wagoner, teamster

*related as family traditions

**Buffalo Hump made his claim as leader of the Linnville raid years after the event.


  1981 Vol III #2 pages 26-27 Karanka Kountry