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NOTE: This database of burials is furnished by Linda Foster and we do thank her for sharing this family information. She has always known this cemetery as the O'Dell Cemetery but judging from the directions she has to the site, it is very likely what is widely known as Caddo Peak cemetery. Hopefully there will be others with "Caddo Peak" lists of burials that can be compared to verify if the two locations are really the same! I would sure like to hear from anyone having information that can help. Send an email to Hugh Swift.

                                   O'Dell Family Cemetery  
                                (probably Caddo Peak Cemetery)

Location:  NW of East Caddo Peak-3 miles west of Cross Plains, TX off CR 422.

This cemetery is located on the 640 acres homesteaded by Bervil Alexander O'Dell 
and his wife, Nancy J. Cavanaugh in the 1870s.  Catalogued  03-15-2002) by 
James and Linda (O'Dell)Foster and digital photos were made of each headstone.
The burial list for this cemetery follows and there is a link (PHOTO) 
showing the headstone if a photo is available.

Bertha E. O'Dell b: 02-28-1898 d: 04-07-1899(PHOTO) Richard T. O'Dell b: 03-07-1894 d: 12-07-1916(PHOTO) Double Headstone: Alice Marie (Gillit) O'Dell b: 01-11-1870 d: 05-17-1944(PHOTO) William Alvin O'Dell (Will) b: 08-22-1872 d: No date on tombstone(PHOTO) Note: He died circa 1953 (last burial in this cemetery)(PHOTO) Mary C. (O'Dell) Mills B: 07-10-1869 d: 08-04-1899(PHOTO) Inscription reads: Wife of T.S. Mills Where Immortal spirits reign There shall we meet again. George S. O'Dell B: 06-16-1875 d: 06-28-1896 (PHOTO) Inscription reads: Son of B.A. And Nancy J. O'Dell None knew him but to love him- None named him but to praise. Nancy J. (Cavanaugh) O'Dell B: 11-26-1851 d: 07-28-1894(PHOTO) Inscription: Wife of B.A. Odell A loved one has gone from our circle on Earth. We shall meet her no more. She Has gone to her home in heaven and all Her afflictions are over. B.A. O'Dell (Bervil Alexander) B: 03-18-1847 d: 01-15-1922(PHOTO) Inscription: He died as he lived. A Christian. S.M. O'Dell (2nd wife of B.A. O'Dell) B: 5-10/1847 d: 01-15-1920(PHOTO) Inscription: Gone from our home but not from our hearts. Large Mason Stones for B.A. , Nancy and S.M. O'Dell Ada Gillit B: 1904 d: 1905(PHOTO) Small hand lettered stone. T.B. Hight B: 03-31-1900 d: 5-13-1900(PHOTO) Inscription: Son of H.H. & N.E. Hight Gone but not forgotten. Carlie E. Hight Son of H.H. & N.E. Hight B: 02-19-1899 d: 02-17-1899(PHOTO) Inscription: Gone but not forgotten Small lamb at top of tombstone. Lizzie Hight B: 07-06-1881 d: 09-04-1894(PHOTO) Inscription: Daughter of H.H. and N.E. Hight. (Stone barely legible.) Felix A. Hight B: 09-05-1874 d: 12-06-1892(PHOTO) Inscription: Son of H.H. & S.J. Hight Dearest brother, thou hast left us here. Thy loss we deeply feel, but God who has bereft us, He can all our Sorrows heal. Erastus Hight b: 06-28-1883 d: 05-11-1884(PHOTO) Inscription: Sleep on sweet babe. Small lamb at top of tombstone. Son of H.H. and N.E. Hight Samantha J. Hight (oldest marked grave in cemetery) b: 09-15-1852 d: 04-28-1877(PHOTO) Inscription: Beloved wife of H.H. Hight. Stone is broken. Robbie Lofton b: 11-03-1889 d: 04-28-1890(PHOTO) Son of W.R. and T.F. Lofton W.H. Lofton b: 11-20-1895 d: 12-10-1895(PHOTO) Infant son of W.R. and T.F. Lofton Inscription: Gone but not forgotten. Elizabeth Payne b: 03-06-1825 d: 01-02-1899(PHOTO) J.J. Payne b: 09-12-1849 d: 07-28-1889(PHOTO) Inscription: Gone but not forgotten.
There are unmarked graves in this cemetery with no way of knowing who is buried there. This cemetery is on private land now out of the ownership of O'Dell heirs.

There are two 'general view' photographs (PHOTO 1) and (PHOTO 2)

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