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Look-up Volunteers are the very 'life-blood" of a genealogy website. There is no way all the Obituaries, Census Schedules, Burials, Histories and such can all be a part of the website so the volunteers are a vital link to this information. If you have access to any Callahan County census schedules, old county history books or similar material and you are willing to respond to queries about that material please consider being a look-up volunteer on this website. If you can be a volunteer or if you just want to have more details about the volunteer program, please contact "Hugh Swift"

CALLAHAN COUNTY OBITUARIES: :  Our first volunteer is Sonia Walker who has access to many of the older Callahan County Obituaries. The individual's name and date of death are absolute requirements to search for an obituary. Requests not having the full name and date of death will be deleted without a response.

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