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Per Dianna Anderson Moore: All the children of James Reaves Anderson and Annie Hamilton (except Newt who was born in Ar.) were born at Center Grove Community ,Linden, TX. All died in the Linden area except Carrie Anderson Hall who died in Queen City area. Children and Spouses of the Andersons: William Newton Anderson born in Ark. WWI vet         Spouse 1:Clara Estell (Essie) Lee Jan. 25, 1883 (S.C.)-Feb. 25, 1950 (on photo sent)        Spouse 2: Amanda C. Kirkland May 18, 1882-June 25, 1899 burial at Corinth Cemetery, Linden.TX.         No children. John Albert Anderson born at Center Grove Community, my grandfather Spouse: Eula Elizabeth Hall Aug. 7, 1887 Locksburg, Howard Co. Ar.-Nov. 8, 1974 Linden, Tx.              Married: Nov. 5, 1905 Center Grove Church by Bro. Gunn Children:  (1) Rev.James Ennis Anderson Aug. 13, 1906 Center Grove Community, Linden, Tx.-Oct. 10, 1978 Burial :Center Grove (Plot A-8)        Spouse: Carrie Mae Ragsdale Marcch 4, 1908-Sept. 27, 1986        Child: J. D. Anderson April 8, 1927-Jan. 2, 1928 burial Center Grove (plot A-8)  (2) Carl Otis Anderson Dec. 26, 1910 Center Grove- May 11, 1987 Red Hill, Tx. Burial: Center Grove (plot B-5) married: Feb. 4, 1928 Center Grove Church by Uncle Press Hamilton        Spouse: Josephine (Josie) Vera Surratt April 28, 1911 Red Hill, Tx. - Feb. 13, 1991 Red Hill, Tx. Burial: Center Grove (plot B-5)         Children:           1.Ruth Helen Anderson June 27, 1947 Center Grove Comm.-              Spouse: Hollis T. Washington died: July 14, 2006 Center Grove Cemetery               No children           2. Floyal Dean Anderson June 28, 1933 Center Grove Comm.-April 30, 1996 Red Hill, Tx. Burial: Center Grove Cemetery (plot B-5)               Children: one living son           3.Otis Dwayne Anderson March 14, 1937 Center Grove Comm. -Jan. 6, 2000 Pearsall, Tx. Burial Pearsall, Tx.                Spouse: Living                 Children: 1 living daughter and 1 living son           4. Dorothy Sue Anderson Jan. 18, 1940 Center Grove Comm. -Feb. 24, 1998 Linden, Tx. Burial: Center Grove Cemetery                 Spouse 1: Living                 Spouse 2:  Living                 Spouse 3: Living                 Children: 1 living daughter, 2 living sons   (3) Onie Lois Anderson Nov. 19, 1917 Center Grove Comm. -June 7,  2005 Burial : Center Grove Cemetery.                Spouse 1: Weaver Weldon Surratt Oct. 7,      - Oct 4, 1954 Linden, Tx. Burial Center Grove (killed in vehicle accident)                 Spouse 2: Mark Wallace Buried Mt. Pleasant, Tx.                  Children: (1)James Ferguson Surratt June 30, 1932-Sept. 1, 1941 (accidently killed on horse) Burial Center Grove                                 (2)Newman Weldon Surratt April 9, 1936-Sept. 23, 2005 Mt. Pleasant, Tx.                                  (3) Living son  (4) Floyal Raymond Anderson Aug. 13, 1919-March 8, 1981 (my dad)       Spouse: living       Children: 3 living daughters   James Howard Anderson No spouse, no children. Burial Center Grove Looney Mack Anderson              Spouse: Eleanor Essie Black June 4, 2894-Jan. 5, 1977 Burial Center Grove Cem.              Children:               (1) Looney Garland Anderson Dec. 21, 1915-April 30, 2002 Burial Center Grove                     Spouse: living                      Children: 2 living sons               (2) Harvey Dee Anderson Oct. 18, 1924-Nov. 14, 1995 Linden, Tx. Burial: Center Grove Cem.                         Spouse: Mildred (Pete) E. Lee Nov. 16, 1928 Bryan's Mill, Tx. -Feb. 24, 1998 Linden, Tx. Center Grove Cem.                      Children: 2 living sons and 3 living daughters. Carrie Bell Anderson                   Spouse: Clarence W. Hall (brother to my grandmother) Feb. 24, 1879-Oct. 3, 1956 Burial Center Grove Cemetery.                   Children: C.W. Hall (don't have dates, died past few years) burial Center Grove                                  Oneida Hall Dec. 8, 1909-Set. 22, 1910   Eva Dell Anderson      Can't read dates on photo of tombstone will have to go out to cemetery again.                     Spouse: David McAdams Minnie Ola Anderson                        Spouse: A.D. Surratt June25, 1892- Aug. 16, 1980 Burial: Center Grove Cemetery                     Children: (1)Lloyd Edward Surratt Nov. 27, 1918 - Jan. 15, 1974 Linden, Tx.                                   (2)James Weldon (Nubbin) Surratt March 22, 1932-                                        Spouse: Charlene H. May 1, 1932-March 26, 1998 Burial Center Grove Cemetery Thomas Virgil Anderson               Spouse: Erma Euna Surratt Jan. 31, 1903-Feb. 14, 1990

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