Cass County

Griffin Slave Deed Information

Submitted by: Suzanna and Tommy Edwards

Deed information that pertains to the slaves.

Deed Records Vol C, pp. 210-211: Marriage Contract and Article of Agreement between Elizabeth Philips, her guardian, Allen Urquhart, Thomas J. Griffin, and Zachariah Griffin of Madison County, Alabama, whereas, a negro girl, Betty, age eleven years old and valued at $280 would remain personal property of Elizabeth Philips and her heirs. Filed the 9th day of December 1828. This document was also filed again in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama the 29th day of March 1834, Jackson County, Alabama the 30th day of March 1834, the 23rd of July 1839 and recorded the 6th day of August 1839 in Morgan County, Alabama. It was filed again in the Republic of Texas in Clarksville the 23rd day of April 1840 and in Cass County August 18th 1849. In the original article of agreement Betty was in the hands of Josiah Kelly until the end of 1828. The first part of this agreement was printed in the Cass County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol. XVI, March 1990, Number 1.

Deed Records Vol. C pp. 212-213: Know all men by these presents that I, Thomas J. Griffin of Cass County and the State of Texas being justly indebted to my wife, Elizabeth Griffin, in the sum of one hundred and seventy five dollars which was due the 25th of December 1847 for the hire of three slaves Viz. Betty, Amanda, and Angelina. Likewise two hundred dollars due the 25 of December 1848 for the hire of the same slaves and... the rest does not pertain to the slaves, but to other debts Thomas owed Elizabeth. Recorded the 6th day of July 1849. Part of this was also recorded in the Cass County Newsletter of the same date as above.

Deed Records Vol N, pp.439-440: On or before the 1st day January 1859 I promise to pay or cause to be paid unto Elizabeth Griffin the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars for heir of Negro woman Amanda. Know all men by these presents that I M. Bochman am held and firmly bound unto Elizabeth Griffin in the sum of 300 dollars...2nd day of July 1858. Michael Bockman was the son-in-law of Elizabeth Griffin.

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