Cass County

Singletary - Boone Family Bible

This certifies that W. C. Singletary of Cass Co. Texas and M. L. Boone of Cass Co., Texas were married on the first day of Dec. 1870 at D. Boone's residence by Reverand J. L. Whittle.

William Cleaveland Singletary was born Jan. 25, 1850 in Pike Co., GA.
Mathy Leanna Boone Singletary was born Sept. 27, 1844 in Calhoun Co.
James Daniel Singletary was born Oct. 1, 1871 in Cass Co. Texas.
Nina Singletary was born Nov. 15, 1873 in Cass Co. Texas.
Ruby Delila Caroline Singletary was born Sept. 19, 1876 in Cass Co. Texas.
Frances Ella Singletary was born Nov. 6, 1878 in Cass Co. Texas.
Cora Lee Singletary was born Sept. 30, 1882 in Cass Co. Texas.
Luther Davies, Jr. born May 27, 1919.
Frances Davies born Aug. 4, 1906.
Catherine Davies born March 29, 1919.

James Daniel Singletary died Oct. 13, 1876.
Ruby Delia Singletary died Sept. 23, 1902.
William Cleveland Singletary died Aug. 7, 1927.
Marthy Lanora Singletary died Friday, March 18, 1932.

NOTE: This Bible record was published in Volume XII, Number IV, Winter 1985, Quarterly of the Texarkana USA Genealogical Society

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