Cass County

Brown Bible Records

 This information was copied from The Cass County Genealogical Society, 1975, Vol. II, #2, pg. 15.


The following information was given by Mrs. Millie Alexander Sartor exactly as it appears in the handwriting of Alfred W. Brown.Alfred W. Brown was born March 14, 1823

Alfred W. Brown was born March 14, 1823
Emmiline E. Vaughan was born August 27, 1819
A.W. Brown and Emmeline E. Vaughan were married January 27, 1842
James Franklin Brown was born November 16, 1842
Harman Lafayette Brown was born October 31, 1844
Deborah Caroline Brown was born Juen 30, 1847
Sarah Jane Brown was born April 9, 1849
Juliann Brown was born Januray 12, 1851
Margaret Brown was born June 13, 1853
William Hardie Brown was born December 3, 1855
John Thomas Brown was born April 16, 1858
Georgiann Brown was born December 3, 1861
S.W. Wood was born September 3, 1855


Additional information regarding the Brown family:

Alfred W. Brown died 18 February 1889; he is buried at Queen City.
Emmiline E. Vaughan died 25 September 1873; she is buried at Macedonia.
(Three different spellings of Emmiline appear in the family Bible and on the grave marker - Emmiline, Emmeline and Emeline.)
Georgiann Brown's name is spelled Georgeann on her grave marker at Beech Creek Cemetery.James Franklin (Jim) married ?
Harman Lafayette (Harm) married (1) ? and (2) Ann Taylor
Deborah Caroline (ky) married Tom Brown
Sarah Jane married Frank Peek
Juliann (Julie) married S. Washington Wood
Margaret married Will Sprayberry
William Hardie (Bill) married Kittie ?
John Thomas (John) married Victoria Endsley

Georgeann married Jefferson William (Bil) Alexander. Their children were:
Margaret Caroline (Carrie)
Harper Lafayette (Dock)
Oscar William (Os)
Thomas W. (Tom)
James Franklin (Jim)
John Fletcher (Fletch)
Joseph Alfred (Joe)
Millie Mae (Millie)
Ava Emmiline (Ava)
Mammie Lee (Mammie)

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