Cass County

Early Cass County Schools

Cass County did not develop the free public school system until 1870. Before 1870 subscription schools were used. Subscription schools constituted of the local citizens going around the area to see if enough people were interested in having a school there. They paid the teachers salary by charging $1.50 a month per student.1851 - Douglassville
1851 - Old Hammond
1851 - Sardis
1853 - Linden Male & Female Academy
Foster, Thomas J.
Frazier, Ebenezer
Ligon, John
Oliver, William
Storey, H.J.
White, T.J.
Word, Anderson
1854 - Linden - Miss Hammond as teacher
1856 - Douglassville - Miss Sarah Ball of Canada taught in one room log house.

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