Cass County

Herring School


Located 6 miles east of Huffines, Tx. The families living in the Herring Community in 1905 were:
Ballard, W.
Curtis, Charles E.
Dauphin, S.J.K.
Wall, ElaisEarly TeachersChamblee, Bernice 1903
Dees, Miss Mattie 1914
McClung, Mrs. Daisy 1905
McClung, Miss MattiePupils - 1914Brooks, Audrey
Casey, Myrtle
Fedd, Clarence
Fedd, Frank
Fedd, Janet
Jones, Lucy
Jones, Willie
Kennedy, Clyde
Kennedy, Hattie
Long, Clifton
Long, Clyde
Long, Leona
Moore, Lillie
Parker, Ewell
Parker, Lizzie
Parker, Vera
Parker, Walter
Reno, Eddie
Williams, Chester
Williams Clara
Williams, Clarence
Williams, Frank
Williams, Ladonia
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mattie

As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass County Connections Volume 26 September 2000.  Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas.
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