Cass County

100 Year Record
By Hardy Hill

Submitted by W. L. Cross

Taken from the 1979 Cass County Genealogical Society, Vol. VI, No II

The Huffines School is one of those pioneer schools of Cass County, and this school was organized and established by the Cass County Court, 2 Dec. 1872.

The following are the names of the parents and guardians of the children of the Huffines School away back in the year 1876; M. E. Berk, J. B. Crow, Harris Daniels, James Donald, J. M. Francis, John Hill, Abner Hill, Jacob Herring, L. J. Huff, Henry Johnson, Sam Jackson, R. H. King, Lendedr Lee, Mare E. Long, Wesley McDonald, Walter Mathis, Rebecca Thomas, R. B. Waites, J. H. Waites, James Watkins.

The following are the names of the children attending the Huffines School in the year 1876. Georgia Berk, Ollie Davis, George Daniels, Ivey H. Daniels, William Daniels, Mattie Donald, William Francis, Sallie Francis, Almeda A. Francis, John Hill, Nancy Hill, Silas M. Hill, Albert Hill, Jacob Herring, Mackey Huff, August S. Huff, Elija Johnson, Ben Johnson, Frank M. King, William King, Francis Lee, Czrena Lee, Amie Long, Dozia Long, Mattie McDonald, Fannie McDonald, Annie McDonald, I.M. Mathis, George Mathis, Willis Thomas, Francis Waites, Marcus L. Waites, Joshiah Waites, M.J. Waites, Nancy I. Waites, Lee Wicks, William Watkins.

The Huffines School was organized 2 Dec 1872, but no school was taught here until the year 1876.

Mr. W.W. (Waddie) McClung was the first teacher of the Huffines school in the year 1876, and the following are the names of the teachers and also the year in which they taught the Huffines Schools. Teachers after Waddie McClung were as follows: J.K. Perdue, and Elija Perdue in 1879; Prof. William Crawford in 1880; J.D. Harris in 1881; Charles Nelson in 1882; Mr. J.M. Griffin in 1884 & 1885; W.L. Brannon in 1886; J.B. Booker in 1887; Prof. C.E. (Charlie) Dunson in 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891; In 18892 Prof. J. Milton Wommack became the principal of the school and in the year 1893, Mr. C.E. Davis of Linden, Texas became the principal; in 1894 Mr. J.A. Haynes was the teacher. In 1895 the teachers were Mr. A.M. Wommack and Prof. C.A. Andrews; 1896, C.A. Andrews; 1897, 1898, 1899, Mr. J.B. O'Farrell who was assisted in 1898 by Miss Cordie Mruph. Mr. Cicero Harper taught the Huffines School in the year 1900 and in the year 1901 and 1902 the school was taught those two years by Mr. G.T. Garrett who was assisted by Mr. J.W. Corley. Then Miss Belle Northcutt assisted by Miss Annie Harris taught the Huffines School in the 1903; and Miss Annie Harris again taught in 1904. Miss Nettie Mills taught in 1905, and Mr. S.Z. Paul in 1906. Then Mrs. John D. Stephens assisted by Miss Erz Lemmon taught in 1907. Miss Elizabeth Henry in 1908, and again assisted by Miss Ollie Hill in 1910. Mr. C.C. Rainey assisted by Miss Kate Rainey taught in 1911, Prof. C. C. Rainey taught the Huffines School. Anabel Finley assisted by M.D. Finley in 1912. Mr. Claude Porter assisted by Miss Florence Teague in 1913. Viola Harper, Fannie McCoy and Margaret Graves in 1914. Mrs. Ollie Chumly and Wafie Mitchell & G.C. Lovelace in 1915. Mr. W.A. Fly assisted by Gussie Long in 1916. Ollie Paul and T.H. Walker in 1917. Mrs. Murphy Morgan assisted by Miss Luta Warren in 1918. Prof. Mabern D. Humphrey assisted by Miss Mollie Manning in 1919. Mabern D. Humphrey and Mrs. H. C. Sheppard in 1920. Robert Gregory and Maggie Colley in 1921.

1921 Pupils:

1st Grade:
Modena Tolleson, Ora Weems, Mattie McDuff, Essie Weems, Myrtis McDuff, Bessie Weems, Juanita Wall, Ruby Lee Williams, Geneva Wall, Ella Williams, Oneta Tolleson, Maurine Lynch, Alva Wall, Lucille Hill, Irene Thomas, May Holloway, Ruella Yates, Omer Dunkin, Rmeta Yates, Ada Ruth Kerghin, Ellis Tollerson, Bernie Harkness, Brant Bickham, Sherell Clark, Woodrow Lynch, Archie Hobbs, Luvert Hobbs, Horace Daniels, Hershell Harkness, R.C. Williams, David Clark, Belton Lee, Kermit Lee, Paul Thomas, Travis Patterson, LeRoy Blanton, Ernest Brown, Beatrice Hogue, Eunice Brown, Susie Cook.

2nd Grade:
Pauline Hill, Gladys Daniels, Maggie Lee, Carnie Harkness, Beulah Blanton, Berry Blanton, Erwin McDuff, Lennis Dauphin, Clifford Casey, Hubert Hobbs, Robert Hobbs, Irwin Lynch, Fred Lynch, Alfred Williams, Ted Law, Colquit Bickham, Marvin Holloway, Dan Hogue, Floyd Patterson, Noble Waters, Odelia Little, Harve Little, O.C. Teel.

3rd Grade:
Hazel Wilcox, Annie Hill, Earline Lee, Minnie Weaver, Sybil Wall, Norma Wall, Icyfee Waits, James Thomas, Lillie Wall, Reuben Wall, Tommye Teel, Addine Law, Martin Wall, R.D. Dees.

4th Grade:
Lewis Hogue, Modine Daniel, Flossy Cook, Reggie Harkness, Myrtis Hill, Claude Law, Vernon Hogue, Raymond Thomas, Golden Yates, Gordon Yates, Hardy Hill, Clifford Hill, Magnolia McDuff, Jim McDuff, Robert McDuff, Robert Varnell, Cloree Waites, Jessie weaver, Alice Hobbs, May Hobbs.

5th Grade:
Lee Adams, Morris Adams, Lyda Casey, Pauline Casey, Floyd Wilcox, Tom Wall, Luree Waites, Lizzie weaver, Leola Hogue, Frank Fedd, Albert Teel, Alvis Teel, Ethel Daniel, Susie Clark, Clara Lynch.

6th Grade:
Davie Hill, Eunice Hogue, Gladys wall, Linnie Wall, Opal Bickham, "Pat" Law, Jack Bickham.

7th Grade:
Annie Hogue, Lula Hill, Schley Daniel, Leonard Hill, Jim Wilcox, Una Adams, Alvin Casey, Chevis Long, Ethel Yates, Charles Walker, Mable Hill.

Mabren Humphrey and Annie Hammock were teachers in 1922; H.W. Powell, Oradelle Wommack and Merle Wommack in 1923; Orilla Betts, Mary Berry and Bessie Kate Berry in 1924; Orilla Betts, Florence Teague, Wilma Teague and Grace Ford in 1925; Mabren D. Humphrey, Miss Annie Lou Shine and Miss Cleo Bailey in 1926; Mabren D. Humphrey, Mrs. M.D. Humphrey, Miss Annie Lou Shine and Miss Genia Viard and Mrs. Allie Dudley in 1927; M.D. Humphrey, Mrs. M.D. Humphrey, Miss Iris Spikes, Mrs. Allie Mae Dudley, Eugenia Viard, and Miss Annie Lou Shine in 1928; Mr. M.D. Humphrey, Mrs. Allie Mae Dudley, Miss Lorene Cates, Miss Eugenia Viard, Miss Marie Hanner, Miss Ruth Walker and Miss Lucille Beasley in 1929; W.D. Butler, Alvie D. Cates, Lucille Beasley, Opal Seay, Christine Lovelandy, Onedia Scott in 1930; W.H. Butler, Oneita Scott, Opal Seay, Annie Lou Shine, Russell Cash and Mrs. R.C. McCord in 1932; W. H. Butler, Russell N. Cash, Faye Gunn, Oneita Scott, Annie Lou Shine, and Elizabeth Murph in 1933; Russell N. Cash, A.D. Cates, Mrs. A.D. Cates, Faye Gunn, Joe Bentley and Loure Reeder in 1934; A.D. Cates, Mrs. A.D. Cates, Faye Gunn, Joe Bentley, Harmon Portor and Elizabeth Murph in 1935; A.D. Cates, Mrs. A.D. Cates, Joe Bentley, Harmon Porter, Bernie Betts and Era Lou Fuller in 1936; A.D. Cates, Era Lou Fuller, Joe L. Bentley, Bennie Betts, Opal Cates, Harmon Porter in 1937; Joe Bentley, Era Lou Fuller, D.Y. McKinney, Stringer Wommack, Clifford Rainey, Myrtle Bowman, Lavonia Allard and Mary E. Johnson in 1938;
Joe L. Bentley, D.Y. McKinney, Stringer Wommack, Mary D. Wommack, Era Lou Fuller, Mary A. Kennedy, Clifford Rainey, Myrtle Bowman and Melba McKinney in 1939; Joe Bentley, Marion Betts, Era Lou Fuller, Clifford Rainey, Stringer Wommack, Mary E. Wommack, Louise Hobble and Myrtle Bowman in 1940-41; Joe Bentley, J.M. Lyles, Mary E. Wommack, Era Lou Daniels, M.J. Bullard, Louise Taylor, Kathryn French, Dorothy Shaw, and Mrs. H.H. Ramsey in 1941-42; Joe Bentley, Stringer Wommack, J.M. Lyles, Era Lou Daniels, Mary Lou Westbrooks, Corine Hayes, Kathryn Hess, Louise Taylor, Mildred Monday in 1942-43; W.R. Wommack, Lavelle Wommack, Era Lou Daniels, Louise Taylor, Mrs. Nora Peurifoy, Hazel Smith and Leona F. Wall in 1943-44; W.R. Wommack, Jeff O. Scott, Louise Harper, Kate Stewart, Elizabeth Thurber and Era Lou Dainies in 1944; A.J. Halbrook, Louise Harper, Era Lou Daniels, Iva Joyce Fuller, and Jeff O. Scott in 1945-46; A.J. Holbrook, Louise Harper, Lucille Lloyd, Louise Harper, Lena F. Wall in 1947-48; Leon Hatcher, Lillian Parker, Louise Harper, Kathryn Martin in 1948-49; A.L. Crowley, Ruby Crowley, Lillian Parker, Louise Harper in 1949-50; Warner Fite, Ruby Fite, Lillian Parker, Louise Porter in 1950-51; Warner Fite, Ruby Fite, Lillian Parker and Louise Porter in 1951-55; Alvin Hood, Grace Hood, Lillian Parker and Louise Porter in 1955-56; Cecil Peck, Carl Panter, Homer Nowell, Louise Porter, Lillian Parker and Maxine Newby in 1956-57.

The passing of 81 years of service for the children of that community, the Huffines School was annexed to the Atlanta Public Schools in the year 1957.

The following names are the first trustees to be appointed for the Huffines School: L.J. Huff, R.H. King and J.W. Waites. Trustees who served the Huffines School in the different years of its history: J.B. Huff, J.M. Francis, W. McDonald, J.E. Grant, D.G. Moore, R.M. Huffines, William Blanchard, James Huff, C.M. Boyter, W.W. Mathis, F.B. Harrison, E.M. Boyter, G.H. Daniel, J.S. McDonald, L.B. Willis, A.B. Hill, C. Brown, George Ponder, E.Long, Henry Caver, A.F. Vosier, D. Lynch, W.B. Cloninger, A.J. Daniels, H.D. Caver, J.L. Bryant, J.C. Sheppard, S.Long, D.R. Moore, John Hays, D. Dauphin, B.D. Long, W.H. Adams, J.S. McLeod, J.C. Williams, J.R. McDuff, W.N. Dees, R.R. Cobb, C.J. McDoanld, C.R. Parker, Dr. C.C. Connant, J.M. Davis, I.J. Daniels, M.P. Waters, W.W. Thomas, D.V. Taylor, L.C. Daniels, J.H. Herring, T.L Wall, T.E. Hogue, S.M. Hill, L.C. Daniels, W.C. Williams, B.C. Lynch, E.Ballard, J.A. Dees, U.D. Tollerson, Verdie Law. D.M. Harden, Burl Hardin, George Parker, R.N. Cash, Earl Collins, J.B. Little, A.J. Squyres, Jim Moore, Oliver Adams, Jim McDuff, Hardy Hill, Gordon Yates, Burton Cannon, L.E. Roberts, Max E. Lynch, Lloyd Wall, Jake Holland, Dump Holland, Will Tolleson, Udell Alexander, and Floyd Patterson.

This concludes the history of the Huffines School, according to the members of the community. On this day, 2 December 1976, we wish to homor the Huffines School on the 100th year after its founding. Although it is no longer active, the Huffines School is still well remembered by the members of this community.

The community uses the building for lots of reunions, musicals and lots of community affairs that unite this community together. Clubs are able to draw the women together in the different things they are interested in and it helps them progress faster. The Genealogical Society thanks Mrs. W.L. Cross for this article.

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