Cass County

Knights Bluff School
Last Class 1947

Bobo, Mary
Bobo, Richard
Brown, Betty
Dupree, Edwin
Dupree, Tommy
Dupre, Waylon
Griffin, Wayne (Pug)
Keener, Clifford (Bud)
Keener, Clinton Monroe
Keener, Christine
Keener, Lydia
Keener, Pauline
Kirkland, Mamie Belle
Kirkland, Tommy
McCasland, Billy Carol
McCasland, Harold Lloyd
McCasland, Margarite
Upchurch, Jerry
Wilson, Mrs. Vernon (Fannie) - Teacher

This information was furnished by Jerry Upchurch. He was in the second and third grade. Due to a lack of students, he went through both grades in one year and the following year the school was combined with a school at Blalock.This information was taken from the Cass County Connections, Vol 25, Mar. 1999, pg. 18

As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass County Connections. Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas.
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