Cass County

Cass County School Children

The photo is affixed to paper and you can not see the back. Paper in packet reads:

Front row, left to right:

1. Wilks Swint, Jr.
2. Jack Preston Wiley
3. Alex Combs
4. Marie Burkhalter
5. Joe Brooke
6. Bob Smith
7. Clinton Carlow

Back row, left to right:

1. James Brooke
2. Betty Oliver
3. Mary Snipes, Teacher
4. Bill Rutland
5. Maggie Inez Carlow
6. Nellie Mae Combs
7. Jordan Baker
8. Faye Logwood

Thanks to Connie Draper for transcribing these names! 

On January 22, 2002 Sue Morris Lazara (daughter of Charline Morris) gave me copies of school photos to be scanned and added to these pages. I no longer have them. I am grateful for Sue's interest in this project and hope you will enjoy the photos. Please note that some of the photos have names of the school, teachers, students, dates, etc. BUT some do not. I have no further information than what is listed here. I have included here what was on the photos and Charline's notes. If you have any additions, corrections or other knowledge to share about these photos please contact me.

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