Cass County

First Grade Class

Teacher Mrs. Chad Nelson

Paper in packet reads:

(Not in picture Lottie Moulton, Maurine Ard, Pauline Williams, Charles Hatcher, Joe Bunch)

Front Row, left to right:

1. Bud Echols

2. Sam Ed Henderson

3. David Griffin

4. Victor "Diddle" Ives

5. James Simmons

6. Robert Harper

7. Weldon Hall

8. Morris Riddle


10. Leon Steel

Center Row, left to right:

1. Lillian Almond

2. Leon Jones

3. Willie Baker

4.Audrey Hamilton

5. Beulah Kay

6. Ruth Bridges

7. Alouise Ford

8. Ernestine Wommack

9. George Stanford

10. Russell Cameron

11. Pete Goodman

Back Row, left to right:

1. Hughlon Dear

2. Sue Allie Fant

3. Mildred Gammill

4. Sue Taylor

5. Donald Ray Silvey

6. Toby Littlejohn

7. James Silvey

8. Sam Kitchen


Maurine Ard, Willie Baker, Alvin B. Bennett, Olin Bennett, Frances Blackwell, Elmer Bowden, Ruth Bridges, Audrey Brown, Russell Cameron, Opal Faye Clark, Virginia Cowgill, Emmaline Dodd, Leroy Duck, Emma Lena Early, Mary Fant, Raymond Ford, Erma Beth Foster, Gladys Gainer, Wendell Glover, Pete Goodman, Melba Hall, Ruth Ham, Audrey Hamilton, Marie Hamilton, Morris Hamilton, Charles Hatcher, M.D. Heard, Sam Ed Henderson, Victor Ives, Marion Jones, Beulah Kay, Billy McDuffie, Wright McMichael, Verna Rhea Morgan, Garvin Morrow, Euraline Naron, C.R. Newland, Leonard O'Rear, Mary Jo Patman, Glenelle Penny, Henry Phelps, Vallie Ray, Louise Rivers, Madeline Robison, James Simmons, Travis Skelton, George Stanford, Annie Sue Tate, Nollie Viard, J.C. Vice, Isabelle Whitehurst, Ernestine Wommack, Willie Mae Wray, Cloyd Young, L.J. Young

On January 22, 2002 Sue Morris Lazara (daughter of Charline Morris) gave me copies of school photos to be scanned and added to these pages. I no longer have them. I am grateful for Sue's interest in this project and hope you will enjoy the photos. Please note that some of the photos have names of the school, teachers, students, dates, etc. BUT some do not. I have no further information than what is listed here. I have included here what was on the photos and Charline's notes. If you have any additions, corrections or other knowledge to share about these photos please contact me.

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