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Cass County Cousins, By Charles Steger February 10, 1977

Between Linden and Douglassville and far up in the woods.

Springs School is the site of Warren Springs Church. The road is one of the few remaining "country roads" in Cass County and follows the original roadbed which was a spur off the old Old Linden and Boston Road. Only the cemetery remains.

In the cemetery are these graves: Joseph Warren (18O4-1858); Harriett Drake Warren (1809-1871); Joseph Warren, Jr. (1846-1873); B.F. Ball (1862-19O6); C.G. (wife) Ball (1854-1932); Nathan J. Barron (1855-1922); Addie Barron (1856-1935); A.C.Gholson (1841-1898); Meltry Gholson (1851-1940); W.A. Carter (1858-1909); Frank Carter (1865-1954); Louiser Carter (1865-1940); Robert E. Lee (1877-1934); and Naoma Eugenia Lee (1888-1955).

Nearby is a black cemetery which is believed to be the oldest in Cass County and was begun in slave times. There are no markers to attest to this fact for most of the graves are marked with rocks. This cemetery is overgrown with brush and flowering plants gone wild. It is guarded by giant oaks and cedars.

Among the marked graves are those of Joseph Warren (1821-1891); Hannah Warren (1825-1912); Erven Allen (1842-1917); and Nancy Carter (1785-1910). These are undoubtedly former slaves of the whites buried nearby. If you are a good mathematician you have discovered that Nancy Carter lived to be 125 years of age. This must be a Cass County record, if not a record for the entire region.

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