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Baucus Cemetery

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Dr Benamin Franklin WILLIAMS received his medical degree from Augusta University, Augusta, Ga. and St. Louis (Missouri) Medical College.

This location was once near the Plantation of Bryant A. Baugus and "Baucus" is a misspelling of this last name. Baugus was born in 1812 in Maury, Tennessee the son of Bryant Bauguess (1780 Loudoun, Va. – 1835 Shelby, Tn.). He married on 13 Mar 1844 in Hardin, Tn. to Lyden Ann Minter (1828 – 1860) and their children were Peter M. Baugus (1845 – 1914), James A. Baugus (1846 – 1929), F. A. Baugus (1849 – ), John Baugus (1850 – ), and Hettie A. Baugus (1852 - ). Their son James A. Baugus is buried in this cemetery and others of the family are probably buried in the cemetery as well but their markers have probably sunk into the ground or faded or disappeared through the past century. It is known that the cemetery is also located next to the site of an old church where the family may have attended including the Williams and Black families whom were related to each other but apparently not to the Baugus family. In 1860 Bryant Baugus owned 29 Slaves on the Texas Slaves Census age 4 mos. to 36 years old and many slaves are believed buried in this cemetery as well.

Some internments listed here are from the 1930's C.C.C. inventory and their headstones are no longer readable or missing completely.

Name Birth Death Comments
Baucus/Baugus, James A "Jim" Aug 1846 1929 McLeod, Cass Co. Tx Same name as cemetery. The date 1928 and 1929 is suspicious as this is probably James A. Baugus, son of the owner of the land of the original cememetery land. He was born in 1846 in Tennessee. This date comes from a Civilian Conservation Corps book dated 1936 listings for the cemetery but all other burials are much older and this tombstone is no longer visible as of 2009. The name "Baucus" probably is a misspelling of "Baugus," which is the name of the family that owned much of this area in the 1850-1880 time period. 
Black, Charles William 1794 1874 Marker visible in 1935 but is no longer visible
Black, Rebecca 1825 1865 Marker visible in 1935 but is no longer visible
Black, Sarah 1810 Aug11, 1876 Sarah G. Pouncey Williams Black, born 28 May 1809 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama, was born the daughter of Samuel Pouncey (1758-1832) and Sarah Jones Pouncey (1773-1848) and the mother of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Williams and Samuel Luke Williams also buried in this cemetery.   She married 19 Aug 1824 to Butler Williams (1799 – 1854) on 26 January 1828 and they helped organize the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Montgomery Co., Alabama and church minutes show they were active in the church. They moved their letter from the church 13 Feb 1836 to another church according to church minutes. They lived in Montgomery County but had a plantation in Tallapoosa County with 24 Slaves per the 1850 Slave Census in Talladega. Their children were Butler Jr. Williams ( – 1849), Lydia Williams ( – 1831), Martha A. Williams ( – 1846), Samuel L. Williams (1828 – 1880), Dr. Benjamin Franklin Williams (1829 – 1893), and Luticia Williams (1833 – 1851). After Butler Williams death she married Nathaniel L. Black (1789 – 1871) and they lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama per the 1860 Federal Census and by the 1870 census were in living in Loachapoka, Lee County, Alabama. Nathaniel died Feb. 14, 1871 and Sarah moved with other Black family members to Cass County, Texas where nearby her two sons, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Williams and Samuel L. Williams.
Williams, Dr Benjamin Franklin 1829 Montgomery, Talapoosa, AL 1893 Mooringsport, Caddo, LA born 1829 Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama, died 1893.  The son of Butler Williams and Sarah G. Pouncey Williams, he fought in the Alabama 1st Cavalry Regiment of the Confederate Army in the Civil War along with his brother, Samuel Luke Williams.
Williams, Charles "Charlie" 1867 Nov 2, 1874 born Montgomery Co., Alabama; S/o Rebecca & Samuel Luke Williams
Williams, Rebecca J Haden 1825 Sep 9, 1876 born Tennessee; W/o Samuel Luke Williams
Williams, Samuel Luke 1828 1881 born Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama.  The S/o Butler Williams and Sarah G. Pouncey Williams, he fought in the Alabama 1st Cavalry Regiment of the Confederate Army in the Civil War along with his brother, Dr. Benjamin F. Williams.   Marker visible in 1935 but no longer visible or readable. H/o Rebecca J Haden
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