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NOTE: It is not known if this information below is very accurate. The email address given by the submitter is no longer any good. We do know that the first person listed, James Bartley Hulsey, is buried in Bryan's Mill, AKA Pleasant Hill, cemetery as his name is on their Veteran's monument. This would lead me to believe that his wife and kids were probably not buried here either. At any rate, we have added James Bartley Hulsey to the Bryan's Mill/Pleasant Hill listing and will continue to try and find information that can tell us about the other burials listed here.

partial reading submitted by: Jim Hulsey

James Bartley Hulsey (b. 8 June 1841 in Carroll Co. GA. -- d. about 1885 in Cass Co. TX). James served with Co. D, 3rd Confederate Cavalry, CSA, during the Civil War. His parents were Kenion Tarpley Hulsey (b.1816, Jasper Co. GA. -- d. 1872 Jefferson Co. AL) and Millie Sanders Hulsey (b. 1820 Carroll Co. GA..- d. 1868, Jefferson Co. AL)

Sarah Martin Hulsey (b. about 1847, d. before 1885 in TX). Sarah & James were married in AL. about 1863.

James and Sarah had two children, one of which was John Sims Hulsey who was buried at Pleasant View, and a daughter Julia Etta Hulsey (b. 1867 TX. -- d. 1892, AR)

John ("Jack") Sims Hulsey (b. 3 Aug, 1865, in AL. -- d. 25 December 1895 in Cass. Co. TX.). He was killed in a gunfight, shot through the neck, by Fayette Brock. We know that John was "buried next to his folks," at night, from testimony of a now deceased cemetery caretaker and former residences of the Bryan's Mill area. The elderly caretaker said the graves were "marked by small stones at one time, however the stones were later removed to make mowing easier." The actual grave sites have never been located, to my knowledge, and thus no effort has been made to place a memorial to these three family members, or even a veteran's head stone on behalf of James Bartley Hulsey.

The widow of John Sims Hulsey, Ida Eldonia Brister Hulsey (b. 3 July, 1875 in TX. -- d. 15 June 1952 in OK), had two children at the time her husband was killed; son John P. Hulsey -- my grandfather -- (b. 1893, TX. -- d. 1968, OK.) and daughter Arthula Frances Hulsey (b. 1895 TX. --d. 1976, OK). Ida left TX shortly after hr husband's death and return to her folks living in Oklahoma Indian Territory at the time, and later remarried. It wasn't until about the mid-1960s that my grandfather began his search for his father's burial place. Although he located the cemetery, and gathered what information he could obtain from older residents still living in the Bryan's Mill area, he never located the exact location of his father's or his grandparent's bodies.

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