Cass County


This information was copied from The Cass County Genealogical Society, 1976, Vol III, No. 2, pg 9.


WEBMASTER NOTE: Please note first paragraph: Dweitt Turner.....probably should be DeWitt....but I left it as it was printed. Also please note that in the 3rd paragraph, John DaveMport.....I changed to John DaveNport.

Appointed for three months.

Willis Cheser, captain patrol company for beat 4, for term of three months and have the following privates in his charge: F.J. Cole, John Webb, Jno Bass, Dweitt Turner and B.F. Hill.

Also James Jackson, captain; John Culpepper, captain of other patrol companies.

Patrick Mathews, captain of patrol in beat 1; Q.C. Conner, captain beat 2; Wesley, Hall, John Shelton, Wm. Leftwich, Donaldson, Coleman Moore, privates. Beat 3, A.J. Blankenship, captain; Geo. Hop, West Jones, Jas. Elliott, Wiley Carolton, Richard Hop, privates Beat 2, William Sumlin, captain; J.M. Cochran, John Davenport, B.Reed and H.W. Cochran, privates. Beat 4. Thomas Licketts, captain; Robert Steward, James McCoy, John Reveer, Charley Powell and A. Rieves, privates.


Isaac Lemmon, captain east half of beat 1, east of Jefferson and Boston Road with the following privates: J.W. Ship, L.G. Kirk, E.H. Ferrel, Sam Dunn, G.B. Allday, I.B. Kinkead, Jennus Campbell, T.J. Jackson, Jas. Hughes, W.F. Ran, Jas. Lockett, Thornton, W.C. Walker, L.D. Alsbrook, A. Pace, Isaac Whitworth, Willis T Whitaker, Allday, L. Stone and W.F. Hogan; said captain to have the right to divide his men up into detachments of not less than 3 men each to patrol his entire beat at least once a week.

M.M. Mitchell was captain beat 1, west of Jefferson and Boston Rd. **Presently, Mr. Gay Lemmon lives in Lodi and is a ???descendant of Isaac Lemmon.

J.M. Clements, Sr., was among the very first white settlers in what is known as Queen City, Cass County, Tx. Mr. Clements moved from Ga. to this area in 1841.

In 1841 Texas was a young Republic and L.B. Lamar was its President. Lamar offered a headright of 640 acres of land to immigrants with a family who would live on the property and make it their home.

Many Americans from various states poured into Texas to take advantage.

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