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Short History of the Location of Cass County, Texas

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A Short History of the Location of Cass County, Texas

The location of Cass County by an Act of the Legislature, was made in 1846, which at that time included Cass and Marion counties, and Bowie District of Cass County, but Bowie had some kind of Judicial Authority, but was included in Cass County until 1861, when Bowie and Marrion counties were definitely cut off as independent counties by Act of the Legislature, leaving Cass County as it is now.

Prior to the location and separation of Cass, Marrion and Bowie Counties, District Court was held at Jefferson, until Linden was accepted as the location of the County Site, and a suitable building could be erected to take care of the Court. This Court was moved from Jefferson to Linden in about the year of 1854.

At that time all the County Records which had been made at Jefferson were moved to Linden, and all records that affected Marion County lands were transcribed for use in Marion County, after 1861, when this county was cut off as a separate county; thus a number of the old records that now form a part of the Cass County Records, were made of Marion County lands.


After the act of the Legislature authorizing the location of Cass County, as a separate county, on June 29, 1848, the Commissioner's Court of Cass County accepted the donation of E.W. Story of 50 acres, part of the Mathew Powell survey in Cass County, as a location for the County Site for Cass County, as by popular vote of the citizens of Cass County, as it existed at that time, was to locate the County Site at Linden, and this is the location of the County Site at this time.

The donation was accepted by the Commissioner's Court of Cass County, of the 50 acres, from E.W. Story, on June 29, 1848, and on June 30, 1848 E.W. Story gave the Commissioner's Court of Cass County a bond for title to the 50 acres, donated as mentioned above, and on February 10, 1849, pursuant to the making of said bond, E.W. Story gave Cass County a deed to the said 50 acres of land.

The first Court House was built out of lumber and placed on the location where the Court House now stands, the lumber being sawed by T.J. Foster, Sr. The lumber was sawed by hand, by means of a saw pit, the logs being brought to the mill by oxen. A two-story building was constructed from this lumber, and the first court was held in the new Court House in about 1852, as up to that time the courts had been held in Jefferson. After this building had been used for some time it was sold to the Baptist Church at Linden, and in about May of 1858 contract was let to T.J. Foster, Sr. to build a brick Court House. He burned his brick on the road south of the Court House, on the James Bateman survey, and built the Court House. The building was erected in May 1859 as shown by the records of the Commissioner's Court.

The County Records of Cass County were moved to Linden in about the year 1854, as prior to that time they had been located in Jefferson, in what is now Marion County.

Shortly after the location of the county Court House at Linden, on its present location, the 50 acres donated to the county by E.W. Story was divided into lots and blocks for sale to those who wished to buy. These lots were rapidly sold to purchasers, and businesses were established on them.

Later, about the year 1900, an addition to the old building of 15 feet on the east side was constructed. B.H. Singletery of Atlanta secured the contract for the addition which was constructed in a good workmanlike manner.

Then in 1917 a contract was made between the Commissioners Court and a contractor from Texarkana to remodel the Court House. Two wings were added, one on the east end and one of the west. When this was completed the Court House stood as it stands today.

On August 19, 1934, fire destroyed the upper story of the Court House, but no records were destroyed except the District Court papers from about No. 4000 back to No. 1. After the fire, the rebuilding of the portion of the Court House destroyed was quickly carried out. This it the court house that stands today.

Transcribers note: The Cass County Court House, in the year 2001, is the oldest working Texas Court House. This means that it is the oldest Court House still being used for a Court House. Every other county's Court House has either been torn down or is now used for another purpose (such as a museum).

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