Cass County

Book 1A of the 1887 - 1890
Cass County Commissioners Minutes

As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass County Connections Volume 26 September 2000 Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas. Permission granted by Cass County Genealogical Society to Dana Thomas for publishing on The Cass County, TXGenWeb Project Pages.

1877 - August - It was ordered that the Flat Creek and Elisha Carter road be established. There was an application by M. Powell to have the Alamo and Queen City road changed, leaving the road on the Baker line at Tom Bell's house, then running the said Baker's east line to his S.E. corner again intersecting the Alamo and Queen City road. The petition was granted.

The petition of 13 Cass County citizens asking that the road leading from Kildare to Baugus bridge, which runs by Robert Lewis, be made a public road. The petition was granted and J.P. Snelgrove, Robert Lewis and D.A. Smith were appointed commissioners of said road.

1888 - August - A petition for a new road to be known as the Watson-Atlanta road, beginning at or near the St. Paul's Church, thence running by Mrs. Ivy Hill's, thence to the Watson's graveyard, thence west of Johnson's and Milfords's running near Ray, McDuffie and Carlisle homes crossing the T&P Railroad near Bethsaida Church, thence in a north westerly direction intersecting the Line Ferry Road near the Law Branch at its crossing on said road. The petition was granted with T.H. Bolt, James Putman, M.Y. McDuffie, T.J. Milford, C.Z. Paul, Harris Daniel and W.B. Cobb appointed the commissioners.

A petition to make a new road to leave the old Linden-Daingerfield road about 1 mile west from Linden turning to the left and striking through John McKerly survey of land at the S.E. corner of G.T. Stoval's land and run the line between said Stoval and Howard O'Neal and the Beatie heir's land, thence intersect the old Linden-Daingerfield road about 200 yards east of the J.F. Floyd place. The petition was granted with William S. Latham, John Boon, Ed Murray, Ed Logwood and Forest Upshaw as overseers.

1888 - December - It is ordered by the court that a 3rd class public road be granted to un from Sol Taylor's place to intersect the Linden and Atlanta road at John Smith's.

It is ordered that a 3rd class public road be granted from Baughman's field 5 miles north of Linden to the Pearl Hill Church to intersect the Linden and Line Ferry Road.

1899 - November - It is ordered that Bettie Fortune be placed on the pauper roll at $3.00 per month. (She was later stricken off the roll in 1890)

It is ordered that W.B. Jackson be appropriated $25.00 for having no arms.

1890 - February 11 - A petition to change the Atlanta and Blackwell road. E. Echols asked that the Atlanta and Blackwell road be changed so as to run around E.P. Echol's clearing. The petition was granted.

The following paupers were added:
Henry Patterson
Charles Fowler - $5.00 payable to Alex Haynes
Mrs. Anthony - $5.00 for herself and Mamie Randall
Martha Carlisle - $5.00 payable to Lindsey Johnson
Andrew Campbell - $5.00 payable to A.G. Harrell
Mrs. R.A. McGullion - payabel to Mr. Lane

It is ordered that the Alamo Road precinct be extended from where it intersects the Line Ferry road at Brown's to Slocum's Gin.

1890 - May - It is ordered to add Rachael Collier to the pauper list. The payment is to go to F.P. Amox. It is also ordered to add Nancy Logwood at $3.00 per month.

On this day, J.B. Nelson and 23 others asked that a 3rd class road be granted commencing at Wayne and running by A.Frank's #2 Mill and thence through the old Cole field and to intersect the Baugus Springs Road near James McDuff's place. It was granted with J.B. Nelson, B.L. Parker, Harris Daniels, R. Graham and Taylor Boazman as overseers.

Harriet Whiting was added to the paupers list. She was later stricken from the list in Sept. 1890.

1890 - September - Payments by the Commissioner's court were made to the following:
John S. Morris - Merchandise for the county
R.C. Ballauf - Pump materials
S.G. Echols - Lumber for Sewer - $8.00
A.G. Strickland - Lumber for bridge-

1890 - November - The claim of Jim Allen for making the coffin for Jesse Denson killed on the railway was rejected.

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