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As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass County Connections. Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas. Permission granted by Cass County Genealogical Society to Dana Thomas for publishing on The Cass County, TXGenWeb Project Pages.

Cass County Connections 61 September 2001

From the Courthouse
Cass County, Texas

(Additional information in parentheses inserted by Editor from miscellaneous Cass County sources including Cass County marriage records, census records, court records and cemetery records.)

Cass County District Court Minutes

Daniel Barcroft Vs R. C. Graham Case 116 17 Sept 1850

This day came the parties by their attorneys and presented themselves ready for trial. So upon came a jury of twelve good and lawful men to Wit: Charles Ames and eleven others who after hearing the pleadings and the testimony adduced by the plaintiff and defendant, the charge of the court given in open court the following verdict: So the jury finds for Daniel Barcroft in the amount of one hundred and ten dollars with interest from the 8 Feb 1848 until the 17 Sept 1850. Charles Ames, foreman.

(Daniel Barcroft died prior to Nov 7, 1850 ... his widow Elizabeth Henson Barcroft lived in Precinct 4, Cass County in 1850 with her children from a previous marriage. Charles Ames, later served as judge of Cass County - see article this issue of quarterly. R. C. Graham, b. @ 1809 NC, lived in Precinct 1, Cass County in 1850 with his wife Nancy H. and several children.)

Grand Jury Indictments 1851

The Grand Jury with W. B. Aikin as foreman, came into court and by their foreman returned the following indictments
For card playing:

Samuel Hudson Frederick Armington
Harbard Spencer Henry Jones
Claudius Soles Willis H. Childress (who was the District
Stephen H. Ellis court clerk at the time !!)
Clinton I Willard George W. Smith
John S. Poland William V. Hughes

For permitting card playing-
Thomas B. Goyne

Most were fined $10.00 and dismissed.

(Later that same year Harbard Spencer and Stephen H. Ellis, both indicted for card playing in the above case, were chosen as good and lawful men to serve on a grand jury) (William B. Aken, b 1805 NC, his wife Aramenta and their children are shown)

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