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As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass County Connections. Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas. Permission granted by Cass County Genealogical Society to Dana Thomas for publishing on The Cass County, TXGenWeb Project Pages.


Transcribed by Ruth Ann Ballard

Twelve individuals were granted citizenship (naturalized) in Cass County District Court from 1850 until 1939. They were from seven different countries. They are listed below along with the District Minutes volume and page number and some information stated in their declaration for citizenship. This at times includes date of birth and when they entered the country. All state their country of origin. Each has been researched for personal information and when it was found this has been added.

ALFRED R. LANDER: March 21, 1850; Vol. B, page 31; England; born May 27, 1816. No further information.

JOHN S. O'HARA: Sept. 26, 1855; Vol. C, page 235; Ireland. No further information.

JAMES O'NEILL: October 7, 1856; Vol. D, page 118; Ireland. No further information.

G. ANDREW ARNEMAN: October 1, 1858, Vol. D, page 117; Bremen, Germanic Confederacy. No further information.

JOHN C. KOLSTER: October 7, 1858; Vol. D, page 118; Bremen, Germanic Confederacy; John Kolster was born in 1823 and settled in Jefferson as a hardware dealer. He died in 1876 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery there along with his wife, Christine who died in 1880 and these children: John, Jr. (1858-1873) and Christiana. There were two other children in the family listed on the 1870 census for Ward 4 in Jefferson; Rosa born 1863 and Charles born 1868.

JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH: February 22, 1868; Vol. D, page 603. In his declaration he stated that he had dark complexion, eyes and hair. He had been a subject of Lincolnshire in Great Britain and had arrived in Jefferson in 1849. John Hollingsworth was born October 19, 1830 and died July 2, 1898. He is buried at Friendship Cemetery north of Hughes Springs. His family included wife, Nancy (1828-1901) and children, John N., Harriet, William H. and Alice. Cass County descendants include CCGS member Mary Ann Cook of Avinger.

WILLIAM HOLLINGSWORTH: August 1, 1871; Vol. E, page 274; England. In his declaration for citizenship Mr. Hollingsworth stated he had fair complexion and dark eyes and hair. He had been a subject of reigning Queen Victoria of Great Britain and that he was born in Leicester and had come to the US on April 15, 1849. Mr. Hollingsworth was a farmer and lived in the Friendship Community north of Hughes Springs. He was born in 1805 and died in 1872. His family included wife, Sarah Elizabeth COY (1806-1852).

LOUIS MAJORA: April 7, 1891; Case file 4441-4490; Italy. In his declaration Mr. Majora stated that he was man of fair complexion, brown eyes and hair. He also stated that he was 41 years of age and was born in Milan and arrived in Texas in 1882. He stated that he intended to live in Texas but he appears on no subsequent census record.

SAMUEL (SAM) KALESKI: September 12, 1894; File case 4069; Russia. In his sworn statement before District Judge John L. Sheppard, Mr. Kaleski stated that he was residing in Atlanta, State of Texas and was born in Kown (now Poland) Russia. He had settled in Jefferson in 1886 and removed to Atlanta in 1887. He was 31 years of age and a merchant with a wife and children. Future research has revealed that Sam Kaleski married Anna MOSS (1862-1933) and were parents of Harry Michael (1888-1970), Aaron Jay (1890-1970) and Josephine (1892-1895). The Kaleski's lived at 155 West Grand (now West Street) in Atlanta and stated on the census that they were 'Dry Goods Merchants'. The sons were employed as salesmen. After Sam died April 16, 1913 at age 52, Anna continued to operate the business with her brother, Jacob Moss as bookkeeper. When she died in 1933, the sons moved the business to Texarkana and located at 309 East Broad where it was known as A. J. KALESKI Department Store. The two sons died one month apart. All the family is buried at Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Jefferson.

JOHN CEPHUS (CEPHAS): February 19, 1904; Case file 5468; Turkey. Mr. Cephus in his declaration stated that he was a natural subject of Turkey, born in Assyria and was 24 years of age at this time. He had arrived at the Port of New York the 15th day of November 1897. He wished to renounce any allegiance to any prince, potentate or King of Turkey. Nothing further is known of Mr. Cephus.

I. P. BRAMM: September 21, 1911; Vol. M, page 149; Russia. In his declaration Mr. Bramm stated that it was his bonafide intention to become a citizen of the United States and renounced any allegiance to any foreign prince or sovereign and in particular the Czar of Russia. Further research reveals that L. (Louis or Lewis) P. Bramm was born June 20, 1863 and died April 12, 1937. He was a photographer in Atlanta an many early Cass County photographs bear his distinctive logo. His wife was Yelva Gertrude (June 24, 1875 - August 21, 1955). Their daughter, Emily (October 26, 1899 - July 5, 1993) married Odie Will McDonald. All are buried in Pine Crest Cemetery, Atlanta.

GEORGE A. HOOD: February 7, 1939; Vol. K, page 274; Case file 11901-11960; Scotland. In his declaration for citizenship Mr. Hood stated that he was born in Selby, Yorkshire, Scotland in the British Empire on July 23, 1862 and was not more than 75 years of age. He had immigrated to the United States from the Kingdom alone on February 21, 1882 and landed at the Port of New York. He further represented to the Court that he had married May Ella MICHIE, a native born American at Mt. Pleasant, Titus County, July 4, 1888 and that he was the father of eight children. George A. (Arundel) HOOD is a lateral ancestor of CCGS member Richard Taylor in Derby, England who submitted the following information. George Hood moved his family to Cass County in about 1907 to join the New Hope Seventh Day Adventist Church near Marietta.

He purchased 4.3 acres of land from O.T. & E.J. Hancock. His family included his wife, Mary Ellen (May Ella) born February 109, 1868; Susan who married Henry H. HOPKINS; Bernard; Sally who married Joe R. HOPKINS; Gertrude Ester who married Richard E. HAYES; Georgia who married Curtis CULPEPPER; Louetta who married W. A. BROWN, Willard YOKLEY and ______ JARRELL; Jimmie Lee who married Sidney CULPEPPER and C. L. who married Cecil COPE. The Hoods eventually removed to the Berea Seventh Day Adventist Community near Jefferson, Marion County. George Hood died there March 4, 1943 and Mary Ellen on April 2, 1952. Many other members of the family are buried there also.

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