Cass County

Pammy Norris Daniel & The Moore Farm

submitted by: Asa Daniel

My Grandfather Pammy Norris Daniel Came to Kildare, Cass County Texas amd took control (over seer) of the "Moore Farm" in 1922, (I think).

Anyway the following article appeared in a Farmers Magazine in March 1930. He died in April 1930.

*******************FROM AN OLD TIME FARMER*****************
PAMMY NORRIS DANIEL, Route 5, Talbotton Georgia ( March 1930 Farmers Journal Magazine. )

I was born in Lownesville District, South Carolina in 1866. "I have had many ups and downs in this world. Been riding a see - saw all my life. Never moved until I was twenty - one. Since then I have made up for lost time. I have been searching for the HONEY POND and FLITTER TREE, but it has always been just a little ahead, around the next corner. So my advice to the young man is to find him a good place and stay with it.

I am sixty - three years old. Have a wife and ten children and forty - two grandchildren.

I moved to Georgia and stayed nineteen years. Bought six different places in 1920. I went into the hole so bad that it would have taken a Philadelphia lawyer to get me out.

So I moved to East Texas and rode on Texas money. I always did make good crops, but always risked too much. Never would let well enough be good enough. I took charge of a farm in Cass County and broke the record for making cotton since the Civil War. When I took charge of the Farm it made eight bales. I brought my own labor from Georgia and the first year we made forty bales and the second we made sixty - five. In 1925 we made 153 bales.

Then I heard of the Red River bottoms where you could make cotton without fertilizer. So there I must go. First I tried Arkansas. Made twenty six bales and 500 bushels of corn. That was 1926. Cotton went cheap and my landlord got restless. So I moved to Louisiana, where I knew that I would find all the coons up one tree.

Got all our cotton planted by march and had a good stand by April. It was the prettiest corn that I had ever seen for that time of the year. Then came the flood, and we had to go out in boats and stay out until the water fell. So my wife and I got full of Malaria and had to break up on account of our health.

I like the West and would like to settle all my children in Texas, for that is the home of the cotton plant.

I believe the time is coming and not too far off that they will not plant cotton in the Eastern states. The time is coming when they are going to control the waters of the Mississippi and its tributaries. When they do they will make enough cotton to supply the world, and the Eastern States will go into Cow, Sheep and Goat Ranches and Dairying.

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