Cass County

Port Caddo Was Port of Entry

Port Caddo was designated, in an act of the Texas Congress adopted on 29 Jan 1845, the port of entry for a new customs district comprising most of the area of Northeast Texas.

This district included "all that portion of Red River and Bowie counties, lying south of the Sulphur Fork, Together with the counties of Harrison and Rusk, and all that portion of Nacogdoches lying West and North of the county of Rusk."

The newly-created customs district was titled - "District of Soda Lake." The act required "His Excellency, the President," to appoint a Collector of Customs for the District of Soda Lake.

Soda Lake was another name for Caddo Lake. Cass County would have been included in this district as well as Marion County.

As published (expect where formatting was web prohibitive) in Cass Cass County Connections 20 March 1994. Cass County Connections is a quarterly publication put out by the Cass County Genealogical Society of Cass County, Texas.

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