Cass County

Cass County WPA Sewing Room Work

Trying Times In Cass County

Appeared in the Sixtieth Anniversary Issue of Citizens Journal, 1939.

The Cass County Sewing Projects which employs approximately one hundred and twenty-five women is sponsored by the commissioners
Court. There are four units in the country with the headquarters in Atlanta.

The Linden Room which is under the supervision of Mrs. Katie Bell Barker is situated on the basement floor of the new Cass County
Office Building. The room is quite adequate and the working conditions make for a cooperative spirit among the women.

In the Marietta Room, twenty seven women are employed under the supervision of Mrs. Mart Ella Burkhalter. The merchants of Marietta
furnish the building, lights, fuel and water for this unit.

A third unit is located at Hughes Springs. Miss Leona Stiles is supervisor of forty-two women. The unit is made possible by the
Chamber of Commerce.

In Atlanta, the forty women and one man under the direction of Miss Bertha Teague. She is of the headquarters unit.

All materials and wages are paid by the Works Progress Administration. an average of 2500 garments are made each month. This work is transferred to the commodity department of the Texas Relief Commission located in Linden, Texas. Upon receipt, the clothing is
distributed to the needy persons of Cass County.

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